The Meg | N' Goo Tuana | Good news I hope?". Ben Ravencroft |
Shang Tsung |

Dusty | Nolan Sorrento | Joker's Thugs | "And you.""Me?

Joker (Batman vs. TMNT) |

Stone Generals (Gato & Mono) | Brute strengthWrestling skills Her eyes sparkled like glass in the sun. Innovative Online Industries (I-R0k, F’Nale Zandor & Sixers) | Zarkos gained the upper hand and threw Daphne on his back in an Argentine back breaker, with one arm around the neck and the other around the near leg, but she escaped when she bit his hand and defeated him.

Near the end of their fight, he caught her off guard and threw her onto his back in an argentine backbreaker. Xiaolin Showdown Villains | Spice | Two-Face (Lego) | Gossamer | He also participated in the final battle with Scrappy-Doo fighting Scooby-Doo where Zarkos confronted Daphne. Dracula | Bob Smith | "Don't worry Shaggy, there's always breakfast." Ye Phantom Parrot | Scooby Doo was concealed within the dragon knight armour. : Elias Kingston | Zatari Warrior Spirit | Sea Creatures | Gargoyle | Ghost of Chip Braverton | Sobek | Crystal Crawler | Headless Count | Ghost of Prima Donna | Yeti | Butler 3000 | Alien | Phantoms | Pterodactyl | Stealin' Stan | Gremlin | Sorcerer | Swamp Beast | Mr. Roundy | Cyclops | Scarecrows | Cliff Bride | El Bandito | Madcap | Viking Ghosts | Toxic Mutant | Baba Yaga | Dorsalfoot | Werewolf | Evil Jester | Houndbeast | Disorient Express Monsters | Kaniaku | Ghost of Amos Littlefield | Skull Alien | Ghost of Mother | Ghost of Archie Barnes | Mutant Rabbit | Arachne | Vampire | Plant Monster | Minus | Bubby | Iceman | Ape Man | Garbage Monster | Ghost Chef | Demon of Salem | Professor Huh | Rose TMNT Villains | Socs (Bob Sheldon, Randy Adderson, Paul Hoden & David) | Amelia von Butch | He was last seen with N'Goo and Scrappy, being arrested for their crimes. Adam Sutler | Brett Wyden |

Lorraine Massey | I'll interview employees to see if they've noticed anything odd. Scooby-Doo Villains | It's mostly just because you creep me out" reassured the blonde leader. Baraka | Muttley (2020) | Velma was impressed, Daphne had played an important part in their search.

Karl | Velma patted Shaggy on the back. Victoria Vinciguerra | Randall |

IT | Alvin Marsh | Lenny | Wild Wild West Villains | Kludd | Poison Ivy (Lego) | Wiki-Tiki | The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show: Olaf the Terrible | Viking Pirates | Seaweed Monster | Great White Shark | Mud Monster | Hound of Bakervilles | Dinosaur | Creature from the Chem Lab | Masked Manx | Mr. Cyclops | Ivan | Randar the Ape-Man | Neanderthal Monster | Chameleon | Phantom of the Soaps | Clown | The Minotaur | Casey O'Reily | Gremlin | Specter of Sports Cars | Chef Maras | Mummy | McBaggy Roger Hunter | Lord Business | Daphne watched Fred emerge from the armour, realising the metaphor included. Male

Two-Face | "Sir, they found the Daemon Ritus." Krudsky | Selena Drake | Orin Scrivello | Meowrice's Henchmen | Clowns (Joker) (Clown & Ambulance Clown) | Carl Grissom | Benson Dunwoody |

Ditto | Agent Smith | Catwoman Villains | Ricky LaRue | Talia al Ghul | Joe Chill | Storming off, the gang let themselves fall out of character. Bowers Gang (Henry Bowers, Patrick Hockstetter, Belch Huggins & Vic Criss) | Ra's al Ghul | Decoy Queen | Daisy Buchanan | Walter Peabody |

Robot Ninjas | "I'll go research cults on the net." Scrappy-Doo Rafe & Kyle | Assist in the goals of his superiors (failed). Ezekial Gallows |

Lake Monster | Precursors | He lifted the dwarfed warrior to his level, breathing spit on his face. Human Count Grisham | Near the end of their fight, he caught her off guard and threw her onto his back in an argentine backbreaker. Tom | "For your sake they better not have gone far!" Yowie Yahoo | George, Ralph and Lizzie | His face lit up and he and Scooby proceeded to fantasize about a buffet breakfast. After an acrimonious break up, the Mystery Inc. gang are individually brought to an island resort to investigate strange goings on. Seto Kaiba | Cry Baby | Mokuba Kaiba |

Zarkos gained the upper hand and threw Daphne on his back in an Argentine back breaker, with one arm around the neck and the other around the near leg, but she escaped when she bit his hand and defeated him. Cartoon Network Villains |

"Reminds me of the time when we tried to eat that guy in the hot dog costume" laughed Shaggy. The gang cheerfully ran to the door, laughing about the danger they had faced. NygmaTech (Frogmen) | Mrs. Cade | Jim Whitlock | Grundel Toad | BrainwashingUsage of black magicKidnappingPhysical assaultConspiracy Babyface Boretti | Wolf Pack |

"For your sake they better not have gone far!" His mind alternated between the mystery and Daphne, and suddenly Fred felt like the biggest mystery would be whether or not he would ever win the girl. Harry Potter Villains | Léon Rom | ""We have hit a clue smorgasbord" Fred said, proudly pointing at the golden pyramid in Velma's hands. T-Rex | Goals Red Triangle Circus Gang | Two-Face |

One of that statue knights stood straighter, lucky not to be caught moving. Slade (Teen Titans Go!) Zarkos can be cocky about his physical strength and dominance over most people at times. Shere Khan | Nyra | Zarkos was one of Scrappy-Doo's henchmen, although he may not have realized it at the time. Gangreen Gang | Agent 23 | questioned Zarkos.

Carmine Falcone | Island Tribe |

Affiliation Fred immediately took charge. Cheswick | Salvatore Maroni | The gang was tired from running so they slumped down in the golden sand on the beach. Evil-doer Colonel Calloway | Hexagon (Trigon (TTG) & Trigon (Original)) | Penguins | She turned around and returned a smile while Scooby had ran ahead and found a staff entrance door. George | Bladebeak | Penguin (Batman vs. TMNT) | During the final battle, he fought Daphne. Fred's eyes followed Daphne, longing for some alone time with her. Mr. Tinkles | During the final battle, he fought Daphne. Lex Luthor (Teen Titans Go!) Foot Clan | Rick and Morty Villains | Jack Torrance | Sam Greco. Velma sat as the orange robed wizard at the left end, Daphne as the pretty in pink princess to the right end near Fred.

Zarkos eventually captured Daphne and removed her protoplasm from her body, and a let a demon posses her body. Catwoman |

V | The evil men strode in from either side, disappointed they didn't trap Mystery Inc. in the middle. Bob the Goon | Ruffshodd | Rodan | "It is time to summon the big muchachos" declared Zarkos. Preston Packard |

Dusty | The Scooby-Doo Show: Ebenezer Crabbe | Netty Crabbe | Ghost of King Katazuma | Aztec Statue Monster | Gator Ghoul | 10,000 Volt Ghost | Headless Horseman | Ghost of Merlin | Black Knight | Dr. Coffin | Ambulance Guys | No-Face Zombie | Gorilla | Mamba Wamba | Zombie Lila | Mamba Zombie | Demon | Tamuka | Medicine Man Ghost | Demon Shark | Octopus Monster | Kelp Monster | Captain Pescado | Rambling Ghost | Technicolored Phantoms | Spirits of '76 | Viking Ghosts | Gramps the Vamp | Pterodactyl Ghost | Phantom of Milo Booth | Phantom Racer | Witch McCoy | Zombie | Futuristic Monster | Sea Creature | Captain Clements | Willawaw | Owlmen | Skeleton Men | Snow Beast | Ghost Witch of Salem | Tar Monster | Ghost of Finnyan McDuff | Old Iron Face | Jaguaro | Cat Creature | Mantis Creature | Disc Demon | Moon Monster | Ghostly Gondolier | Ghost of Juan Carlos | Anthos | Beast of Bottomless Lake

Scooby-Doo: The Movie Brain Gremlin | "Fred pointed an accusing finger at Mr. Mondavarious. Mr. Smiley |

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