INTERVIEW: What does our future as a nation look like? She and her daughter Gloria then moved to Chicago. We will manage that. Before diving in to what the First Lady was wearing, let’s be clear that we don’t condone the general practice of picking apart women’s fashion at every public appearance for possible missteps — nor is that what the discourse around Melania’s attire seems to be. A young man of fine qualities and unblemished reputation, he possesses the necessary capacity for public service, a fact which no doubt will be duly recognized in time. People are likely to be more attuned to the importance of the health and security of the nation. She and her daughter Gloria then moved to Chicago. Not. I believe it is time for the torch to be passed from the boomers—who have done a pretty lousy job of stewardship. We are not prioritizing that as we should and I hope that we start to as we recognize the costs of losing what is at risk. INTERVIEW: Which (admittedly totally unqualified) celebrity would you trust with the planet’s future? Our society and system are designed to adapt. DAVID ROTHKOPF: We live in the West Village. By 2043 or so, the groups we once thought of as minorities will become the majority. Electing Trump, of course, was just catastrophic. A vaccine will be found. ROTHKOPF: Economic recovery and undoing the damage Trump has done. We must welcome it and recognize that organizing and activism are as essential to the functioning of our democracy as voting and the institutions of government. In 1999, he co-founded and served as chairman and CEO of Intellibridge Corporation, a provider of international analysis and open-source intelligence for the U.S. national security community and selected investors, financial organizations and other corporations. [citation needed], Later, Rothkopf co-founded and served as chairman and chief executive of International Media Partners, Inc., which published CEO Magazine and Emerging Markets newspaper and organized the CEO Institutes. But I am encouraged by rising awareness of these issues now. In business suits half the day and an apron for some of it, they engineered a change in the role of women, demanded equality, and, though they never fully got it, they changed the world. “Exception: If they’d also have made a similar comment regarding what a guy was wearing. Husband of Sophia Rothkopf For example, we have learned the national security and economic costs of having the only health care system in the developed world that does not protect every citizen. He is the author, co-author, co-editor of and contributor to additional books including The Global Century: Globalization and National Security (National Defense University), Cuba: The Contours of Change (Lynne Rienner Publishers), The Price of Peace: Emergency Economic Intervention and U.S. Foreign Policy (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace), The Common Market: Uniting the European Community (Franklin Watts) and The Big Emerging Markets (Bernan Press). David Rothkopf. At home, his racism was a poisonous counterpoint to the civil rights gains of the 1950s and 1960s (a legacy celebrated in my house by signing us up as kids for the NAACP.) And Twitter didn’t take long to dissect what exactly that might mean. Elizabeth Warren, over 70, remains a source of such new thinking so I consider her essential as I do mainstream political leaders like Kamala Harris. Fortunately, resilient and indefatigable as ever, she has recovered and thus far she has thwarted their plans which are in part to undo her legacy. ROTHKOPF: It has, of course, shaken my faith in the U.S. government. “As a rule, political commentators shouldn’t comment on what women in the public arena are wearing,” David Rothkopf noted. The men went to war. ROTHKOPF: Just learn. He graduated in 1907, at which time he entered the Central High School, and had an enviable record in athletics there, being captain of the basket-ball. She died loved by children and grandchildren, admired by friend and colleagues, but still with an inspiring degree of fierce hatred for the president and his ilk in her heart. ROTHKOPF: There are so many. By 2043 or so, the groups we once thought of as minorities will become the majority. ROTHKOPF: My wife and I get up early and, after breakfast and walking the dog, we each go to our offices in the house and spend the day at work. Add a Trump armband & we’re there. He has two daughters, Joanna and Laura Rothkopf. But most important are new ideas. On Saturday night, we sat with my mother in the hospice ward of Overlook Hospital in Summit, New Jersey. Some habits will be permanently changed—and that could, in certain cases, be for the better. ROTHKOPF: History. The story of history is the story of progress against all odds. — David Rothkopf (@djrothkopf) August 26, 2020 Some believe Melania is hinting at a fascist future for the United States: “Half the speakers are Trumps. I remember her speaking to me with tears in her eyes the day before the election in 2016 when she anticipated his defeat, saying, “My mother voted in the first election women could ever participate in. And she had a book party at which she, for the first time in her life, was the center of great professional attention. Later, he co-founded and served as president and CEO of Garten Rothkopf, an international advisory firm specializing in transformational global trends, notably those associated with energy, security, and emerging markets. Our society and system are designed to adapt. He worked with Clarence Darrow to abolish capital punishment. Failing to play hardball when they did. With comparisons ranging from Aunt Lydia in The Handmaid’s Tale to Nazi Germany, the theme of this theory is clear. INTERVIEW: What’s one skill we should all learn while in quarantine? But the women did something every bit as extraordinary. Mrs. Rothkopf was born at Cleveland and was educated in the graded schools and Glenville High School, from which latter she was graduated in June, 1916. In 2012, the Washington Post Company, then a division of Graham Holdings Company, named Rothkopf CEO of the FP Group[2] and Editor at Large of its Foreign Policy magazine,, and FP Events. Technological progress has also benefited us throughout time, and I believe we will live longer, richer lives as a result of it. Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Paul H. 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They are part of our system. — Joshua Potash (@JoshuaPotash) August 26, 2020, What frightens me most about this picture is that Melania's outfit looks way too f****** similar to a military uniform.#TrumpIsAFascist, P.S., Trump, who claims to honor the American flag, routinely displays them wrinkled at the White House. Ford pardoning Nixon. ROTHKOPF: Protest is essential to change. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Chipotle struggles with staffing as coronavirus cases rise. My greatest concern is that in the interim there will be resistance to this inevitable change from those who feel most threatened by it—as we have seen in recent years. Are there any reasons to hope? She shined. As Rothkopf’s book makes clear, Trump hasn’t been the first American politician to serve himself while sitting at the top. On the television, which in the presence of my mother was always set to a news channel, a documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg played and somehow for a fleeting moment, a spark returned to Mom’s eye. Aside from his profession he has many interests. Rothkopf is a 1977 graduate of Columbia College and attended Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. INTERVIEW: What good can come out of this lockdown? But from then on, we have much work to do. The key is to identify the changes you want and work both inside and outside of the system to produce them. Get Started. Not alone in the law is he prominent, but in matters pertaining to the civic welfare, particularly in the line of accident prevention and relief, of which he is a stalwart and undeviating supporter. ROTHKOPF: I’m not panicked at all. Either you are growing or you are dying. The country was actually born of protest. ROTHKOPF: The lockdown has forced people and businesses to innovate. We require a moment of sweeping transformation, updating institutions, focusing on social justice, creating the safety nets we lack. It doesn’t matter what. A vaccine will be found. David R. Rothkopf. He is secretary of the Diamond Spring Oiler Manufacturing Company, and has interests in the Frank Brooklyn Company, is secretary and was one of the organizers of the East Side Milk Dealers Fraternal League, and an active member of the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. 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