6) When Sinamoi tells you to go to the motel, go to the hotel kill the two thugs out side and take the card to enter the motel. Weapon Duplicate. Note: Your stamina will not go down while you kick and this will not work if you have done an update. Copy. Go ahead and equip a stackable item that is not already in your toolbelt, you can duplicate alcohol, and utilized the Molotov blueprint to do this repeatedly. Rescue 20 NPCs that have been grabbed by monsters The Hurt Mine Locker (15/Bronze) 7) After you have reached the city of Moursby and you have unlocked the church and the warehouse, go to the war house and take the weapons that are in the box, the weapons should be two hammers. Complete the side quest for the Will in the laboratory and you will get ammo from the table in the same room. Kill 100 monsters with thrown melee weapons Dead Island Glitches. After you have killed the mayor, open up his safe and there will be one diamond in there. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for Dead Island for Xbox 360. Chaos erupts on a tropical island after a zombie outbreak in “Dead Island: Riptide,” a sequel to 2011’s “Dead Island You need to be at a check point with ready access to a store and you should be in possession of. If you need help, you can read our Walkthrough and if that wasn’t enough, these cheats, glitches and unusual exploits will come in handy. When you enter the motel follow your map and you will come across a kitchen on your way, on the shelfs are about 10 bottles of alchole. As Dead Island's mixed reviews keep coming like a hungry undead horde, Kapow Games explains the contempt its creators are implicitly showing for its audience. Go forward to the sewers and then turn around to back to the mayor’s room. Then when you have it equipped hold LT then press RT to through the weapon. Trick #2 If you are still struggling, we have crafted a guide for you that includes a number of handy cheats and glitches you can exploit in Dead Island. Visit our corporate site. You can sell these for $1500. Be it Weapon Mods Blueprints, or Crafting Weapons of your choice, or choosing your own game style with complex Class Skill Tree system, Dead Island provides you with the freedom to play the way you like. Juggernaut (15/Bronze) Kill 25 monsters with a chainsaw This bug was patched for PC’s on 2011 Sept 6, and for PS3/Xbox 360 consoles on 2011 Sept 14, so if you still haven’t updated your game, and if you don’t log into XBL or PSN, you may be able to exploit this bug. In a two-player game or more, take a pick up truck and let the other player load a propane tank at the back of the truck. These steps will allow you to have a stack of items in your toolbelt, while the stack that you had before will have moved to your paused inventory. BrainLess (15/Bronze) Complete all the main quests cooperatively with any number of partners Learn more. The game will reward you with more experience if you’re breaking down some zombie limbs. The game does not saves automatically sometimes when you require the most. Kill 100 monsters with a kick Go to that weapon and press Y to drop it, then when it is dropped. Kill 50 monsters by smashing, decapitating or shooting them in the head In Dead Island Riptide: Definitive Edition, boats will sometimes refuse to start, requiring the player to reload their last save. 1) When you pick up a melee weapon (Paddle,Knife,Hammer and Axe ect) Press RB and choose one of the melees you have. The tank will slide and drop outside the car and eventually start following you. Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. The diamond will re-appear back in the safe. The story of Dead Island continues as a group of survivors defend themselves in swampy locales. Find and kill all named champion monsters located in dead zones Please refresh the page and try again. Obtain level 70 (90/Gold) You will need to assert that you have some empty slot(s) in your inventory. Deep Silver told them to basically scrap that and work on a more "casual and less scary" version (basically remove parkour and make it just a copy of dead island but in a town). Take the bottles and leave the motel, after you left the motel walk back into the motel, go back to the kitchen and there will be about 10 more bottles of alchole. Find all the secret files Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? © If that wasn’t enough, there are a plethora of Collectibles that you can spend time collecting and unlocking achievements for your perfect 1000 gamerscore points. A bottle of champagne will be there in one of the refrigerators so take the bottle to the resort for the Time For Brooze continuous quest and if you use the quick travel back to the place the bottle will be back again in the refrigerator. You shouldn't have to crouch to enter an RV in Dead Island Riptide: Definitive Edition. Dead Island Riptide Glitches. Finish all quests in the game Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Dead Island Riptide weapons guide and blueprint locations, Dead Island Riptide duplicate weapon glitch, Dead Island Riptide achievement and trophy list. 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