This is a refreshing change from many of the egomaniacal owners of competing online betting sites. Regrettably, for all too many of the punters who line her coffers, it has led only to the depths of despair. As of 2016, Bet365 is one of the world's largest online gambling companies, with $2 billion in revenues and facilitating $45 billion in yearly bets. The Foundation pledged £230,000[16] to St Joseph's College, in Trent Vale, for the school's work to help support vulnerable young people in Bo, Sierra Leone. In October 2019, Forbes magazine estimated her net worth at $12.2 billion. The resulting article was truly harrowing. In the case of the Coates family, only the first part of that statement is true; this family is tight-knit and has built a sports and gambling empire despite being related. So far, the duo has not revealed any information about their wedding place and date. She lives in a large £1.3million farmhouse in Stoke with her husband, Richard Smith, who also has a stake in Bet365 and serves as a director for Stoke City, which Bet365 owns. She earned a first class degree in econometrics from the University of Sheffield. Denise Coates, above, a 51-year-old mother of four adopted children who was awarded a CBE in 2012. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Election fever! This small town was all about their football, with their own Stoke City FC at the top of everyone’s minds. It is confirmed by Denise herself in a rare interview (she likes to keep a low profile). Ms Coates, pictured with her father Peter, who is also a director of her betting company. University scholarships and theatre donations have also been offered.[14][15]. Since committing to the project we have shared the joy of seeing ideas become plans and plans become a building.“Now we can celebrate the most thrilling stage of all. After some time from their marriage, the couple welcomed a baby child in their house. Denise Coates CBE commented: “In 2016 The Donna Louise approached the Foundation and asked us to be a part of its plans to extend the reach of its services to people in its care beyond the age of 18. The new building and service presents us with a wonderful opportunity to continue transforming the lives of the young adults who rely on The Donna Louise.”, Speaking about the urgent need for this service, Simon said: “Rather than a milestone to look forward to, approaching adulthood has historically been a time of great stress and uncertainty for the families who rely on our services, as much of the support they have counted on, often since early childhood, is no longer available to them. On Wednesday 1st May, The Donna Louise Hospice for Children & Young People welcomed Denise Coates CBE to formally open the Denise Coates Foundation Building. Ryan Myers, a 27-year-old carpenter who was about to be married when he killed himself, apparently because he felt inextricably mired in gambling debt. She earned a first class degree in econometrics from the University of Sheffield. [21] In 2012, she received an honorary doctorate from Staffordshire University. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; Denise Coates is a British billionaire businesswoman, the founder and joint chief executive of online gambling company Bet365. They were one of the first companies to add casino, bingo, and poker to their site; Denise believed in the one-stop-shop mentality long before many of her competitors. We ought to admire the fact that Miss Coates conquered a traditionally male-dominated business by spotting the potential fortune to be made from internet gambling before far bigger players, such as Ladbroke and William Hill. Denise Coates has spent a staggering £5.5m buying up hundreds of acres of farmland which surround her country estate to turn her new space age £90m home in Cheshire into an impenetrable fortress The new service will provide specialist palliative and end of life care and support, as well as day care and overnight respite. In fact, Denise owns up to the fact that she is the “bossy” one in the family, and this drive led her to bring on a rival group of betting shops into the fold. He had been teaching English there but took his life in despair after losing thousands on online gambling sites. It is a registered charity under English law[12] and it donated £100 million[13] to twenty UK charities as of 2014. It’s so good that I just haven’t got any words to describe how it feels - like all my Christmas’ and birthdays have come at once. ‘It seems that Denise Coates wants to be the lady of the manor around here, and with all that money she’s got, she must think she can buy anything,’ she said. She tied the knot with her boyfriend turned spouse, Richard Smith. Why indeed. Her competition in the land-based space, Ladbrokes, William Hill and Victor Chandler, were all plotting their own foray into the market. The business said it had 'increased remuneration for individuals that have been key to the development of the overarching corporate strategy'. The couple adopted four girls from the same family a few years ago and they also have a child of their own, but she had been described as 'reclusive' after keeping her home life well away from the limelight. She is married to Richard Smith, a director at Stoke City F.C and they have five children. In the throes of despair, he closed down his last account. I don’t know what I would do if The Donna Louise wasn’t there any more – there’s always someone there and now I know that they’ll always be there too; that’s such a wonderful feeling!". Having the name Bet365 made sense; her idea was not to have the book be an extension of the land-based business but to change the thinking about gambling. Coates is the highest paid chief executive of any UK company. The couple would go on to adopt four of their five children… [17][18], In April 2020, Coates donated £10 million through her foundation to University Hospitals of North Midlands to support staff fighting coronavirus. Also, the company was far ahead of the curve when it came to both mobile compatibility and in-game betting. There are many more such stories. In March 2020 the foundation granted £235,000 to The New Vic Theatre in Newcastle-under-Lyme for essential refurbishment and redevelopment. The family then mortgaged the betting shops to the tune of 15 Million GBP, and bet365 was born. [19], Coates is married to Richard Smith, and they live in Betchton near Sandbach, Cheshire. If Denise Coates’s record-breaking £265m pay packet was stacked up in new £50 notes it would form a tower almost twice as high as the Shard skyscraper in … Denise Coates bought the domain name bet365 on eBay in 2001 for £20,000 and began operating a betting business from a portable cabin in Stoke. That kind of accountability allowed the company to get a foothold in the market and start generating revenue. [7][1][20], In January 2012, Coates was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for services to the community and business. [6], While at school, Coates started work in the cashiers' department of Provincial Racing, a bookmaking firm owned by her family. To put this sum – paid from bet365’s £682.4m annual profit – into perspective, it is 1,300 times more than the amount earned by Theresa May, 9,500 times the average UK salary, and four times more than the FTSE 100’s top earner, housebuilding boss Jeff Fairburn, received. She also splashed out hundreds of thousands on two adjacent plots. There are many success stories out there about families who come from nothing to build a valuable, profitable business. 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Luke Hildyard, director of the High Pay Centre, spoke for many when he said: ‘Why does someone who is already a billionaire need to take such an obscene amount of money out of their company?’. Peter’s family were not in the bookmaking business; in fact, it wasn’t until he was into his thirties that he started to make his move into the business. There have been a lot of stories written that explain that the family business of Bet365 was started by Peter Coates. and a director of Bet365. [1], In 2017, Coates was criticised for paying herself £217 million, with Mike Dixon, CEO of Addaction, saying "It cannot be right that the CEO of a betting company is paid 22 times more than the whole industry ‘donates’ to treatment. [8], They have five children, including four that in March 2014 were reported as being "recently adopted from the same family". addy302ff765deebf4a8b31fd5c92705cc27 = addy302ff765deebf4a8b31fd5c92705cc27 + 'thedonnalouise' + '.' + 'org'; After leaving university, she continued to work at Provincial Racing, as an accountant. She then took a large share of the £90m paid out in dividends, £80m of which went to four directors of the company, which include Ms Coates. The Coates family is fiercely private; even though Peter and Denise are billionaire owners of an English soccer team, they never flaunt it; in fact, you would be hard-pressed to notice Denise at any of the Stoke City games even if you had her picture. Coates is married to Richard Smith, and they live in Betchton near Sandbach, Cheshire. [6][10] She drives an Aston Martin with personalised number plates bearing her initials. I could understand her sentiments. [2], In October 2019, Forbes magazine estimated Coates's net worth at $12.2 billion. Their wealth makes them the 44 th richest family in Britain. [3] In 2018, Coates was paid a £323 million, which included a 50 per cent share of a £92.5m company dividend. The company also owns a majority stake in Stoke City Football Club. Are infections ALREADY flattening? "Coates has expressed herself in such a user-friendly way -- with humor and with the spirit of the innocent child within each of us. 3701610 and also registered with The Charity Commission No.1075597, Designed by So Marketing Built by ExtraMile Communications. > Meet the Headteachers – Denise Coates – ISBerne. Denise and John, along with their father Peter, have built one of the biggest online gaming brands in the world. After leaving university, she continued to work at Provincial Racing, as an accountant. Many of our students move often, so they perhaps find it less daunting than we think they would. Nor can she have envisaged that a sizeable number of her company’s 22 million clients would become so hopelessly hooked on the product she developed that they would lose everything – their homes, jobs, marriages, and even their lives. Peter Coates relinquished his seat as Chairman of Stoke City Fc in 1999 when he sold his shares for a few million pounds. It is also £47m more than Miss Coates pocketed in the previous financial year. In January 2000, Coates purchased the domain name While Stoke City were beating Arsenal at the Britannia Stadium on Saturday, there was one person missing from the jubilant home crowd – one of the club’s billionaire owners, Denise Coates.

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