It uses it to captivate all those around it.

It is armed with its sword "Blutgang" and spear "Gungnir.". A Digimon whose purpose is to convey the will of the gods. The data varies, depending on the location and conditions of where it emerged. Digimon World Dawn and Dusk! It lost its emotions.
An Insect Digimon which looks like a dragonfly. Technique: Metal Star, Gashing Breeze, Sonic Counter, Mega Metal Star, Base Stats: 157 HP, 186 MP, 92 Attack, 98 Defense, 80 Spirit, 88 Speed, 46 Aptitude. A mutant Digimon which is either Mamemon's boss or Mamemon's aggregate. The player takes the role of a Night Crow tamer (in Dusk), or a Light Fang tamer (in Dawn) to uncover the mystery behind the tremors. Square, Demon Slash, Traits: Heroic Move, Dark Veil, Mist Coat, Dodge Dance, Base Stats: 332 HP, 350 MP, 187 Attack, 160 Defense, 162 Spirit, 142 Speed, 85 Aptitude. It gets energized when it is in the sunlight. Technique: Air Gun, Holy Bolt, Middle Tackle, Top Gun, Base Stats: 148 HP, 190 MP, 93 Attack, 86 Defense, 99 Spirit, 83 Speed, 47 Aptitude. Technique: Energy Bolt, Sharp Claw, Junk Attack, Random Poop, Base Stats: 159 HP, 185 MP, 101 Attack, 76 Defense, 82 Spirit, 80 Speed, 44 Aptitude. It lives dep in the woods and is only active at night, leading it to be called the "Demon of the Deep Forest.". Technique: Heavy Tackle, Battle Stamp, Flash Punch, Glory Thunder, Traits: Heroic Power, Heroic Guard, Gladiator, Status Barrier, Base Stats: 323 HP, 360 MP, 186 Attack, 176 Defense, 156 Spirit, 143 Speed, 85 Aptitude.

It defeats enemies at close to the speed of light. It catches prey with the antennas on its head, and defeats enemies with the blade on its tail. The eyes on its head are always closed. Technique: Boost On, Megaton Hydro, Power Cutter, Winning Punch, Base Stats: 236 HP, 253 MP, 148 Attack, 129 Defense, 67 Spirit, 111 Speed, 55 Aptitude. It's very dangerous.

It settles wherever its body can fit in. A lilac-shaped Digimon.

A Digimon that is the ruler of all water type Digimon. Technique: Normal Blade, Cross Cutter, Cure Poison, Blazing Power, Base Stats: 162 HP, 173 MP, 107 Attack, 93 Defense, 74 Spirit, 72 Speed, 46 Aptitude. Its wings have completely disappeared, making it unable to fly. For example, Kimeramon and SkullGreymon. Its horn can be used to stab its enemies. Since it kept living after its body rotted, it came back as an undead Digimon made of bones. Technique: Small Breath, Holy Bolt, Gatling Punch, Grand Cross, Base Stats: 106 HP, 136 MP, 74 Attack, 65 Defense, 71 Spirit, 75 Speed, 32 Aptitude.

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