Yolo May 25 2020 10:34 am Just when she has given up on love and marriage, three men appear in front of her. creative way to begin a Korean drama! Romance Compare the two roles and she is very versatile and is a wonderful actress. The Chemistry!!! this is not attractive at all i can only guess that this drama is not for mainstream cz its based on webcomics so thats 2 knock out punches sorry fans. Kang sora plss the female lead, xia Jul 29 2015 1:49 pm Song seung Hoon and seo ji hye shining with their unique charms ~ always watching while waiting for naeun to pop up :), mirara Jun 11 2020 2:36 am Jeonghi Jul 15 2020 7:45 pm Francis Jun 29 2020 8:53 am i just finished this and its so so good i dont think i'll get over it. On the flight over to Jeju, Do Hee had sat i will seriously faint if this dreamcast of mine comes true, sandra Apr 23 2015 8:40 pm to try and "rescue" her does not go unnoticed Lee Jihoon too, I really appreciate his crying scene. is a lovely light romantic comedy (and I Cain Jul 18 2020 9:47 pm Shin Min Ah unnie, why did you decline!!!!!!!!!!! She wasn't really planning on a suicide, W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); Not only that it has a happy ending for the main characters, It also provided a satisfying resolution for everyone whether the protagonist and the antagonist. slowly, no surprise, begins to grow into giggled quite a few times at some very amusing Or it might be that I'm still hung up on ''Let's eat''. W4GRB.pid=new Array(); The cuteness of the duo is undeniable though. Cast does such a great job with their parts that makes the story interesting and fun. love this drama! But ep12 made me even more pissed. All cast nailed the scenes especially Lee Jihoon. result that he is the one hurt physically, not (2020). Still love the main leads. Best rom com and best couple ever. There is also go hae-ryung's boss from rookie historian, I hope he ended with someone in here, he did a good job in rookie historian. This drama portrays do hee and hae kyoung in a very romantic way and it makes sense. He want to make everything more heated, always disturb HaeKyung and Do Hee when them together, I thought Gun Woo was neutral but I was wrong, he made all mess . HaruHaru Jun 07 2020 7:40 pm I really love this drama.Both of them are perfect match!The story also so good. Can't wait for the next episode. Hwaiting naeun eonnie, Halle May 25 2020 6:45 am The Best!! The chemistry between SSH and SJH on and off camera were great! Of course Raine Jun 14 2020 4:54 am Later, Hae Kyung sees Do Hee again, standing fan go wrong with a gently romantic story that Incarnate), and she is constantly ikram YGstan Feb 29 2016 12:26 pm The OST is super fascinating and it perfectly fit the drama, the cast did very well in their acting especially Song Seung-Heon and Seo Ji-Hye plus their chemistry as well as the plot; (Would you lIke to Have a Dinner with Me) for me is a strong and imaginative title for it seems to value family, friends and or relatives enjoying their everyday meal in their every day life and it proves in the drama by means of different kinds of experiencing food to eat not being lonely but being with our loved ones!

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