Usually, under normal circumstances, they would just brush it off as if it were no big deal. She had failed them and she couldn't clear her mind of this fact. He wished he could apologize. "I'm a terrible person..." Rodger mumbled, somewhat louder than what he was saying before. Look if you're still mad at me, I'm sorry! Fiona suggested, hoping to lighten the mood up a little. Rodger looked up at Max, his eyes somewhat puffy and red, suggesting he'd been crying. She didn't want them to get their hopes up. Suddenly they heard the sound of a door opening. And inside this room, with only one exit, they would be as good as caught. Anyway, one day we started to move to another location. If it had been her choice, she never would have bothered to get to know him. Her recently healed paw was still tender at times, and deep breaths were difficult since her stomach had healed. "I-I..should have told you this before." From where they were positioned, Caruso had his back turned to them. ", "People have been seeing you," Max said. When she opened them up again, she saw Max standing in front of her, staring at her in the face. Some where along the line she got out and her DNA changed so she was able to change from human form to dinosaur form. Kista slowly nodded, pushing away her blond hair from her face. You see, we have to live life like everyday was our last day. He had followed Max over and heard what he told Buzz. But after the tide pool incident, and they gained dinosaur forms, she was suddenly thrown onto a team with him, along with three other people she didn't think highly of at the time. She silently wished she hadn't said anything, and yet at the same time, she felt a little morbidly happy, for if she had kept quiet, she would have had to endure the pain of seeing their hopes crushed. Riley snarled, and the Spinosaurus shifted away. Buzz looked down at his feet, shuffling them nervously. She knew they only wanted to protect her. I'll only go out at night! Kista repeated herself, slowly shaking her head. "I can't imagine...the pain he must have been through.." Max had managed to say, his voice choking as he fought back a sob. He was only doing it so that he would please his parents. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. It was too early to declare Caruso to be gone. Buzz took a few steps forward, standing right next to Caruso's head. But Caruso's position wasn't that extreme. She slowly smiled and wrapped her arms around her. Max asked her bitterly, teeth gritted a little. She couldn't see where the thing hooked together. This was either a very surreal dream or this was reality. When they proposed the idea of going to Boston, why didn't she just let them go to begin with? For the first time, she actually felt afraid by his presence. It wasn't supposed to take her this long to lure the Dino Squad there. Max's eyes narrowed a little. Very carefully, she pulled on it, sliding it off of Caruso's head. She grinned, looking almost mischievous. Max just looked at the large body in disbelief. When he finally found the words to say, he opened up his mouth slowly, but even then hesitated a little. Rodger clenched a fist tightly, shaking it a little as he thought back to when Caruso was taken, wishing he could have stopped it somehow. It just had to! It still scared her that Moynihan, usually always so unflappable, would break down like this. She didn't think too much of him at first, before the tide pool incident. The mention of Victor caught his attention and it made him reconsider what he was about to tell this woman. "No...I refuse to believe he's dead." "Caruso..." She whispered, a slight crack to it as she tried not to cry. As the teenagers drew closer to the cage, they tried their best to ignore the horrible smell. "He and his cameraman are really good with camera's..." Zoom started to say. Will they tell each other that they love each other? She didn't know who else to blame. To confirm their worst fears, the two bowed their heads and slowly shook them. But then again, when he had gotten caught in the tree, he didn't try to pin it on Caruso. 2K Views. "Let it all out..." She whispered to him and she could feel her shirt start to dampen from the boy's tears. People will question a minor traveling alone. He continued to pin Moynihan against the wall, eyes filled with mixed emotions. Moynihan shook her head. And what if he was far more capable than they initially thought? Buzz didn't pay attention to them. Could she really break this terrible information to them and completely demolish all hope? ", "There is no other smell like it." But as she reached for the door handle, something stopped her. Thinking fast, Riley jumped and rammed into the Spinosaurus, who stumbled back. "I'll..tell you about it later... Now please let me go.". Why wasn't he running? Zoom's frown slowly faded. Fiona got quiet after Moynihan said that. Or that I've had a hard time relaxing when I'm practically a prisoner!". He just couldn't think of a way to word it without it sounding stupid or silly. Great idea, Max! Her dino form is an unusually large Velociraptor that is green in color, with jagged purple stripes going down the back, with the tip of the tail being solid purple and a creamy white underbelly. His eyes widened and he slowly shook his head. The cool grass was wet with dew, wetting her rough skin. Now before you say anything, that was the way things were dealt with back then. As Michelle turned a corner, near where one of the exits was, she saw a flash of red. "It's okay..." Max spoke softly, kneeling down next to Moynihan. "I had told myself I wouldn't let anyone else I care about suffer that fate. I never knew my father...which didn't bother me too much at the time.. Velociraptors don't have the same level of compassion as you humans do. He said in disbelief. She wasn't the type to just give up like that. Buzz dropped onto his knees, shaking in anger. He started to feel a little panicked, but didn't jump to conclusions just yet. But she feared it wouldn't be good enough. Trying to sound innocent, she grinned a bit and asked, "What are you talking about?" He needs help!" "And how could that benefit Victor?" Her voice was loud and yet at the same time a little quiet. He couldn't bear to see Caruso like this, a shadow of his former self. So he pressed his ear further against the ribcage, struggling to hear even the faintest of heart beats. They could see it plain as day, but shared Buzz's fear of hurting Caruso more if they tried to take it off. They didn't want to believe that there was no hope left. A picture depicting a possible scene from "The Sleeping Sickness". Then she felt the other kids hug her as well. He had outright said that he was sick of the teen, especially his fame-seeking habits. And, even though it was no longer necessary, Victor had left the war bridle on Caruso. He was fighting the urge to wretch himself away from him. She admired them for their unwillingness to give up. Max swallowed hard as he remembered just how hard Caruso had taken that insult. She knew where it was coming from. Why did he have to do this?! Riley blinked innocently. She stared into his face as she gently cradled him. When she got it off, she tossed it away in disgust, angry with what it had done to Caruso. Max said, heading towards Caruso. She lowered her body aggressively and roared a challenge at the larger dino blocking her path. "Warn us the next time you're going to do that, okay?". He would have made a caring fatherly figure if that meteorite hadn't struck the planet only a couple years later. But what would happen if he did find out? ", "And then Veloci will be coming after you," Caruso said. If she could just get back to Raptor Dyne, she might be in the clear. She shrugged innocently, grinning towards Zoom, who was rubbing his forehead with frustration. It would just make them feel worse. Moynihan took in a deep breath before continuing, "However I wasn't driven away. She did care about him and regarded him as one of her closest friends. And the way the others were acting wasn't making herself feel any better. "I'll kill him...", "Make him suffer the pain that we did when we lost Caruso." "She went in there!" Something could still go very wrong and they would have to be prepared. Caruso was still in dino mode and was still not awake from the attack from Victor. Rodger felt his own desire for revenge rise up inside of him. She ran at the Spinosuarus, mouth gaping. Moynihan worked up the courage to look back at her remaining students. His head and neck were curved backwards in a pose very similar to many dinosaur fossils discovered. "I take it you are interested, right? She quickly released Buzz, not realizing just how hard she was holding him and Rodger. The others had joined in, except Moynihan, Buzz, and Rump that is. 1000x775px 670.81 KB. Zoom snapped his head back, stunned. I don't know how much time we have left to get you out!" Even in human form, this scent was unbearable. Moynihan tried to pull Fiona back, tried to stop her. ", "Oh man..." Rodger said, looking to the ground as he listened to what the woman was saying. She tried again, hoping that he might hear her this time. She glanced over at Moynihan and then over towards Max. "Why thank you, ma'am. "What do you mean...?". Please don't cry...", Realizing what he had just done, Max started to shake uncontrollably. His face was still red where the tears stained him and it stung a little. Not wanting to keep Victor waiting, she quickly thought of an excuse to tell him to explain why she did what she did. Instead he stood there frozen, glaring at Rodger. And the more she breathed in, the worse she felt. Caruso's death had been hard on them all, and Moynihan's dark story didn't make them feel any better either.

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