Starting from just $7.49 per month, Enterprise grade Discord bot hosting. I seem to be having troubles hosting a discord bot on ec2, and there is not a lot of help online, could you please help me set up the bot, thanks. Since it's a music bot it'll use a lot of Ur bandwidth so if it's only for Ur server then it'll work great, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. All services come with a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your Nodex product. Bouncing off of the idea of that, maybe getting a raspberry Pi? FatCat Hosting; FatCat Hosting. somehow it is still working for some people? We are creating a Discord Bot with a large array of games in development, which you can play and enjoy! I think I got charged $0.03 once when I left it playing a YouTube Playlist on repeat for a few weeks, but other than that, it's been completely free. Quick and easy access to your files Our Features. Premium Discord Bot Hosting. Affordable Discord Bot and Gaming Server Hosting Platform! Responsive Discord bot hosting powered by our signature, high performance hardware. NodexHost web hosting is powerful hosting you can trust. Just use Heroku or some paid discord bor hosting.. heh.. why would you need to use free hosting when you just want to bad mouth them.. no point in badmouthing and also, im not siding to anyone.. but if you dont want anything bad happened to you and your bot, just use paid hosting.. It's capable of developing nearly all types of bots - from simple "echo" bots, to advanced multi-purpose administration ones. NodexHost has been supporting individuals, businesses & communities with our premium cloud-based services since 2018. store and press add to your bot. I started off on a google instance, because they offer a trial. Works perfectly. Starting from just $1/month, High performance reseller hosting with WHM® & WHMCS®. Control Panel. With this product line you will have the same benefits that PloxHost offers! Here's what they have got to say about NodexHost. Enjoy rapid fast speeds to our Australian & Canadian based dedicated servers. Michael Hamilton. Vouch for Nodex, they reached out for a partnership a few weeks ago and we've have had nothing but a positive experience with them. Discord is a voice, video and text communication service to talk and hang out with your friends and communities. (Credit card-sized mini computer, that you can leave on 24/7 and only draws 5 watts.). I think I got charged $0.03 once when I left it playing a YouTube Playlist on repeat for a few weeks, but other than that, it's been completely free A premium experience that you won't get with other providers with their prices. Web Hosting. What our clients say. Bot Designer For Discord is a free-to-use bot maker available for Android, iOS and web. Premium Australian located virtual private servers. Discord Bot Hosting. idk anymore. Unless you have it on tons of servers it'll be fine. View Plans Join Our Discord We are working to make sure you have fun playing these games via the bot. Easily the best hosting service I have paid for. I'm also running Red on a free EC2 instance. Premium & affordable cPanel® shared web hosting. The bot is made by a bunch of Python files. I'm running a micro off of them, and it's $4 a month. With 99.99% uptime guaranteed our Discord bot hosting will not let you down. Want to go fast? Talked with the owner many times seems very nice and understands what he is doing. Do you know like how much is that device and where I can buy it from, I've seen the pi mentioned and that's a great way to host the bot. Hi guys, I just created a Music Bot for my Discord server (I used this one: And now I want to host it somewhere for free because I don't want to keep my PC open 24/7... Do you guys know any FREE solutions? In the event of a DDoS attack you will have peace of mind that you are protected. NodexHost offers enterprise grade DDoS mitigation to product your website or server. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They offer great paid plans for hosting Minecraft servers! Run your discord bot seamlessly with our top-tier Discord Bot Hosting plans! Bot Designer For Discord is a free-to-use bot maker available for Android, iOS and web. What i'd truly recommend is to buy a Raspberry Pi 3 and use that. Premium & affordable shared web hosting powered by high performance dedicated hardware. The trial is 60 days free, or $300 worth of credit. Use JavaScript! “I'm extremely glad that I found Hostbend. View Plans. Very nice and professional guy to work with. No issues whatsoever. Just code your bot, we will take care about rest! Vouch! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Within hours of paying, the server was set up with no issues and the issues I encountered afterwards were solved by very speedy and reliable support on their Discord server. administration ones. Start with easy command creator, and end with advanced javascript commands. Easy setup, easy maintenance. Your place to talk. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. join now and get free discord bot hosting Create your own awesome Discord bot without programming knowledge. features? Want to add this popular command to your bot?Just open command Ok man, thanks.. Do you know any tutotial on how to do that because I'm quite new with these things.. Or, if u could explain me this yourself would be a way better ;))), most of them are, but not all? NodexHost offers premium services at affordable prices while not compromising on performance. We have secondary servers that ensures your server runs flawlessly 24/7. I've been hosting my Red Discord bot on a free Amazon EC2 server for months. Press J to jump to the feed. Enjoy free WHM, unlimited cPanels & WHMCS installation. Kick off your web hosting business with NodexHost's enterprise grade reseller web hosting. Starting from just $1 per month. Supports multiple languages including Java, Node.js & Python. For more details just take a look at the link listed above. Thanks, I've been hosting my Red Discord bot on a free Amazon EC2 server for months. Fast & affordable web hosting, reseller hosting & Discord bot hosting solutions starting from just $1 and Powered by blazingly fast Australian-based hardware. It's capable of developing nearly all types of bots - from simple "echo" bots, to advanced multi-purpose Vouch. PS. Use BDScript!Want more advanced If you do experience an outage you will be credited with one month free web hosting. View Plans. If you have a spare computer or laptop, you could run it off there. Start Hosting Today! Deploy your service on our fully redundant, high performance infrastructure and benefit from its reliability, security, resilience and enterprise feature set.

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