Here are a few suggestions to try! "Drôle" is singular, masculine or feminine. As any blog post about colors should, I’ll list the most common colors name in French and then I’ll give additional examples for every color. You’ll learn how to say the principal colors along with the clothes vocabulary in French. In most situations, pink has strong associations with niceness, innocence, and sensitivity. The illustration below depicts the most common colors in French along with the corresponding English/French translation. Purple is a popular color in nature. Le rose is the pink color while la rose refers to the flower (la fleur). La jeune fille détacha ses lèvres de celles de Ferrand, trouvant tout ça finalement assez drôle. Gray in French is gris. Besides the red color in France’s flag, French children know very well the red color with the story of “chaperon rouge” which refers to the story of the Little Red Riding Hood. 1. Orange color can be seen in nature. C'est drôle, plus encore inquiétant, surtout dès que le troisième homme entre, en costume blanc. White is the next color that we’ll study. And, of course, be aware that rose (pink) takes an s when the word it is modifying is in plural. For example, while bleu ciel is a light color, bleu marine is a dark one. If it helps, remember that whenever a color is derived from an object (fruit, stone, etc.) Below are examples of green/vert in the context of masculine/feminine and singular/plural. In plural, a silent s is added as in bleus (masculine+plural) and as in bleues (feminine+plural). Singular adjectives that end in a silent e do not change in the feminine. Brown in French is marron. When an adverb is used with a French color, the color no longer has to agree with the noun that it describes. 2. If so, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so that you won’t miss any lesson from Master Your French. Below are examples of black/noir in the context of masculine/feminine and singular/plural. Tel est le propos du dernier roman de Van Cauwelaert, gracieux, drôle, attendrissant de bout en bout. This is the exception to keep in mind when using blanc as an adjective to describe a feminine noun. While gray is present in many office settings, it is also found in nature, and in clothing. Les poussins sont jaunes quand ils sortent de l’oeuf (Chicks are yellow when they hatch from the egg). Here is, As for the black color, this article covers, And one last thing, remember the never-ending saga in the. Read our series of blogs to find out more. To follow more updates, subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram. Blue color can be light (clair) or dark (foncé). drôle ( plural drôles ) funny, amusing. Blue in French is bleu. Blue and red are the two other colors. This lesson will teach you the most important French colors that language learners should equip their vocabulary with. Black in French is noir. Last 50 years Log in to reply to the answers. French language coach, Expert in Pronunciation. People who usually like bright sunny colors also love the yellow color. So one time the colors is used with a feminine noun and another time with the color is used with a feminine noun. … Purple in French is violet. View usage for: By describing yellow objects this way, you can speak about “jaune canari” which means literally “yellow canari”. 5 years ago. In the video below, I give an example how each color is used to describe clothes. ). All Years All rights reserved. un drôle de ... a strange ... ⧫ a funny ... un drôle de temps funny weather. 5 years ago. Also about “jaune citron” and it translates to “yellow lemon”. Multicolor in French is multicolore. ), La voiture du président est noire (The president’s car is black), Je cuisine une aubergine violette (I’m cooking a purple eggplant), Le violet est le mélange de rouge et de bleu (Purple is the mixture of red and blue colors), Un bouquet de fleurs merveilleux tout en violet (A wonderful bouquet of purple flowers), Il est un vrai cordon bleu: He is a very good cook, Allez les bleus: In this context “les bleus” refers to the French National Team, Il est blanc comme neige: Being clean, nothing to be blamed for, L’or noir: The oil (perhaps it is the online data nowadays..), The first color photo of Ireland was taken by two French women in 1913. Get our updates straight to your inbox & become a confident speaker, Get our best blogs and offers, straight to your inbox. Learn French colors in expressions: Learn French colors and discover interesting and useful news: I hope that all the information in this lesson and the video to learn French colors can help you to move your French level to the next level faster, to enhance your pronunciation, and to make you a more confident French speaker! This page was last edited on 7 February 2020, at 19:47. Now, it is the right time to introduce another French grammar rule. One of these nuances it the well-known dark red is “Bordeaux” as the wine of Bordeaux. It is found in the names of some famous attractions in France like le moulin rouge. Last 300 years. Adjective. Many spiders, like tarantulas, are black. One of these exceptions is the white color in French. Example sentences from the Collins Corpus. Comme il est drôle à toujours avoir eu peur, comme il est drôle à l'avoir toujours caché ! 1882, Guy de Maupassant, Madame Baptiste : Would you like to be notified whenever a new post goes out? It is often associated with minimalistic looks. The black color is found in nature. From Middle French drolle (“a merry fellow, pleasant rascal”) from Old French drolle (“one who lives luxuriously”), from Middle Dutch drol (“fat little man, goblin”) from Old Norse troll (“giant, troll”) (compare Middle High German trolle (“clown”)), from Proto-Germanic *truzlą (“creature which walks clumsily”), from *truzlaną (“to walk with short steps”). Gray is a cool, neutral, impartial color. These are essential words and are part of our beginner’s guide to learn French vocabulary. If you have questions, suggestions or if you have found a mistake, please send us an Click below to watch the video about colors and their pronunciation in French. Là où on attendait une simple compilation de leurs sketches, le trio nous donne à voir une histoire tendre et drôle. Let’s talk now about the red color in French! Want to learn how to say colors in French?

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