From what I’m getting, teeth falling out means someone close to you is going to die and wasps mean hate, rage and revenge… Maybe someone close to me tries to kill me and I kill them instead. to it. Does this mean anything else? Wasp Spirit experiences its greatest power in Spring. Make your plan, lay it out, and set a solid cornerstone. You are a forward thinker and you find it very easy to share your thoughts to anyone who would listen. Try to find a healthier way to let it all out. Another key point is that wasp symbolism encourages you to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground at all times. It went straight for me so I hid under a blanket but the sound of the bee got louder n I looked n it was a swarm of wasps! I had a dream that a wasp was following me and I tried running away from it but then it landed on the back of my head by my neck. The wasp meaning prompts you to take a good look at your life and ask yourself whether you are involved in pursuits that are worthwhile. This wasp dream nailed it on the head. One side of you loves a little drama. Africans look to Wasp as representing evolution and our ability to take the reins of control in our lives. What vexes you? You need to act on them and keep working until you make them happen. The result is that you will not be able to finish your projects on time which can lead to disastrous outcomes. I have no clue what this means. But it is bigger and bigger from one dream to another. I dreamt I was in an intriguing obstacle course. the other room was burned….i don’t know what that means, but yikes! Nothing lasts forever, nothing is ideal. Like your having trouble finding the switches might symbolize that something that you are used to doing might not be available eg. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Well after a very traumatizing event we had to bury Baby. Take a chance mom will still be there for you . Wasp symbolism is more about peace and an awareness of others than you may have expected, but then that is not exactly going to be a bad thing. Next thing my dog (who lives with my ex) was drinking out of the toilet which hadn’t been flushed. Loooool, I better start praying! When people ask Wasp for an opinion, the results may sting, but they will be the truth you need to hear. You and Wasp fly into that adventure together. It followed me out. :\ Because i read things like, bad thing are going to happen , personal conflict , etc. Weak nervous system – Wasps describe the fact, that our nervous system is currently not just overly strong. Dreaming that you start getting gray hairs indicates joy, pleasure and even fortune for all of your future life.Dreaming that you see tangled, messy, uncombed hair, it indicates upcoming difficulties in your marriage or with family and friends. Don’t give in to your anger or negative temptations. I’m jus really confused. Then it flew towards my mom. Dreams about bugs in your hair often indicate confusion over something. I’ve been dreaming of pregnancy babies and wasps everywhere all with people from work in my dream as well as dreaming about not being able to find my man. Call on Wasp as a Power Animal when you’re putting your life and space in order. This personality trait comes out in spades with authority figures. They seemed to not care that I was there but when I picked up the rake that was at my feet, a baseball sized hornet came in and landed on my nose and immediately stung me repeatedly. I was curious, but not afraid. Are you happy with what is happening? I managed to swat it and ran inside the house for safety and closed the door. The same stressful scary dream for 2 months, involving physical reactions, waving your arms as you sleep in stress or fear – that’s really bad. There was a wasp and it stung the front of my neck and my face. Couldn’t get them out and they just kept stinging. As I get to the tree I notice a hornet, I wave my arm at it and I watch as it’s sting goes into my skin but I can’t feel it. Thank you so much. Well I had gotten a couple hundred stings and had dead wasps/hornets (I’m not sure which it was, either way it hurt in the dream and I woke up in pain) in my hair. To dream of your house filled with bees. He had been on drugs that night and came inside really aggressive, and started wanting to fight my roomate for nothing. The Mason Wasp is the most creative of the lot, forming his nest neatly out of mud, shaped a bit like a vase. This morning just before I got up, I had a dream about a really big hornet (cartoon sized, as big as a baby bird, size of my palm) and it ate through some toast beside my bed, (which had marmalade on it, which I associate with my old home town and friend) then I tried to shoo it out the door, but it was SO BIG I was scared of being stung/attacked. What does it mean? We can easily forget things at times, and there are loads of things to remember at times like this. I have no problem in family, but I have achieved a lot of success at work, maybe some people would like to hurt me…?

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