The smaller the area that is subject to water pressure and weight, the more waterproof the membrane needs to be. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. They have a Dual Layer fabric system that works to keep the skin dry. You even get silk socks. Once this is lost it is like a deflated balloon. These products also come with taped seams. The four categories are DrymaxX® Classic, DrymaxX® All Weather, DrymaxX® Ultimate and the new DrymaxX® Lite. Underwear and training wear made from Halti’s Active Dry materials, as well technical linings, wick moisture away effectively and keep skin dry. Usually, a good soak in detergent and warm water and then some brushing and rinsing will take care of your socks very well. Drymax socks are knit on special knitting machines. Free Shipping on all domestic orders over $49 shipped within the continental US. To wash socks in a washing machine, start by separating them into whites and colors since you'll want to wash them separately. Use clear cold water to rinse out all the soap from the socks. Halti’s merino wool underwear is also an excellent choice to go with DrymaxX® products. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 78,946 times. Always read the washing instructions. The figure says how much vapour can pass through a square metre of a membrane fabric in 24 hours. We don’t make our socks for the eyes; we make them for the feet. We recommend washing in cold water on gentle cycle. After washing, hang your socks out to dry to keep them from becoming damaged. Once clean, I shake again the socks in some clear water so they retrieve their shape again. You could try a bleach wash if you haven't already. • Do not iron. What is fabric? Spandex fibers are added to give stretch to the socks, Lurex for sparkle. With the rigid standards of the RDS, you can be confident that the down in our product is not only the highest quality available, but was also ethically sourced from humanely treated ducks and geese. White socks turned yellow, grey and every shade of dirty – this is a common problem I have in my home. It is not recommended to use waterproofing agents that contain silicon. A machine does a better job with thick socks made of wool, wool blends, acrylic. Blisters form when the skin rubs, sticks or slides too much inside the sock. They are suitable for active exercise in rainy weather and for high-performance activities. And the quality of a stretchy fabric is its ability to go back to the same position after the stretching is released.

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