Enjoyed everywhere, The Lyrics for Saints by Echos have been translated into 15 languages, These lyrics have been translated into 15 languages. "After All" is a song "full of echos and melancholy", carrying "multi-layered harmonies" from All Saints. All rights are reserved. When asked if they were apprehensive about working with Orbit again and the pressure of having already made two hits with him, Lewis replied: "I know what you mean, but I hate to think that we could never have gone back in the studio with him because we were too scared. Counting out my sins just to cross them off That doesn't sound too holy, only playing victim Still a great song though! But something stirs and something tries So you won't have to change You're fooling Heaven's gates And that my blood couldn't keep you So you won't have to change Bravo. Echoes, as Roger Waters declared in an interview, was the attempt to describe “The potential that human beings have for recognizing each other’s humanity and responding to it, with empathy rather than antipathy.“. And in my blood couldn't keep you, My dear, you're not so innocent 2020-07-26T17:53:41Z Comment by Chrøma Øff!c!al (read bio plz) Killed by Gacha Life. By chance two separate glances meet “SAINTS” is the second single from ECHOS’ debut album, Even though you’re gone. He's also the creator of the educational project '1 Minuto di Musica'. how to live better through music, the true meaning of the song – Auralcrave Pink Floyd – Pink Floyd. Learn how your comment data is processed. Out of the darkness comes the light. Words of Karla Harris’Even Though You’re Gone’ is available for pre-order, here. Think your religion is a lie to keep my mouth shut The unauthorized use and the copy of contents without express authorization is forbidden. [5] Lyrically, it is an "unfortunate ode to the first unrepeatable love". The Artist Explains, Jeff Carl, Buried in New York, Interviews, Features, Karla Harris. Only by entering the void can we become the people we are destined to be. ‘Saints’ really is a triumphant, genre-bending offering of epic proportion. By navigating this website, you agree to use cookies. Listening to it, the band considered those sounds interesting and worked on it. William is someone who's renowned for a certain sound, so there's always going to be inflections and reminders of past songs. The first single “Euphoria” carries a similar vibe and listening to it will really help paint a picture of their full sound. Posted by Dario Giardi. The song describes precisely the potential that mankind has and has remained unexpressed, suffocated by ambitions, by the pursuit of success, power and money. Written by group member Shaznay Lewis along with Peter Hutchings and William Orbit, whilst produced by the latter, it was released as the album's second single on 26 July 2018, by AS Recordings. But what is its meaning? These verses are emblematic: two foreigners looking at each other, realizing that they are a single subject that lives the reality “subjectively”, a reality that should be actually abandoned, putting aside our selfishness. We can't make another 'Pure Shores' – we'd be mad to try. The track marks an important breakthrough in the topics usually touched by Pink Floyd: the attention of the band, which slowly abandoned Syd Barrett’s psychedelic imaginary, moved towards the human dimension and the interaction among us. The Secrets of Musical Theory and Harmony”, Initiation to Friendlymusic: I'm sorry, but you story isn't adding up Think your religion is a lie to keep my mouth shut So I'm on testify to crime you're keeping score of Why don't you throw me to the wolves I thought you were one? With Norton singing about falling at Heaven’s gate and those big intense sounds throughout, I really feel that my fate is to be judged by those with far more say in spiritual matters than I. A poetic lyrics, intensely wrapped in deep and intimate harmonies. So keep your judgment for someone else, I've had enough They evolution of lyrics and music represents an initiatory path, a spiritual quest that evolves note after note. For those who like their darkness with a bit of sadness, Echos are your next New Order. [11] It is a prequel to "Love Lasts Forever", and features scenes of a young couple along with scenes of the group. Listening to “SAINTS” by ECHOS is a religious experience, a conclusion I came to mere minutes before realizing what this song was actually called. Saying in my tongue, we still lie to trust Echoes: the best Pink Floyd’s song, according to many. You're fooling Heaven's gates ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. A sound poem, with sci-fi lyrics and surreal atmospheres. [3] Andre Paine of Evening Standard said that the combination of "steely harmonies and lush electronic textures" was an "appealing throwback" tracks like "After All". Think your religion is a lie to keep my mouth shut They are the force of angels, the intensity of the sun, the dreams of the hopeless. Make sure to pre-order the album now, everywhere you pay for music, so when the record drops on December 7th it’s just there waiting for you.

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