To do so, you'll need to provide your booking reference number. This extra charge varies depending on the type of service option you’ve selected during the booking process: A: To cancel your flight, login to Manage My Booking using your booking reference number and email address. - If you have typed in the address manually, please make sure it is correct. Refunds may be done partially if your booking is with different companies eg. By using our website you accept our Cookies Policy. Sorry, we were not able to access the requested page. eDreams will automatically apply the prices with the corresponding discount for residents. Do you love travelling, getting to know new cultures and meeting new people from all over the world? If some passengers are residents and others are not, you must book separately. If your ticket is non-refundable, please ask a customer service representative if you can claim some or all of the taxes charged when you bought your ticket. If the airline does have a refund policy, they most likely will charge extra for this type of service. We use cookies and share your info with third parties to customise advertising, analyse traffic and provide social media related services. So do we. To know your options, please, Get eDreams Airline Reviews and Ratings in 4 Simple Steps, Book Flights for Less with the eDreams iPhone App, Why travellers choose to book with eDreams. When you purchase these flights, there is a grace period in which you can cancel your booking for free if you change your mind. The spread of the new Coronavirus or COVID-19 means that you might want to change your holidays or flight bookings. If one of the passengers cannot prove that they are residents, their tickets will not be valid! Hi I have cancelled my flights with you by phoning edreams three times and also sending edreams two emails and I have not received any confirmation of my cancellation from edreams . Hotel refunds depend on the hotel you’ve booked with. To know all the options available to you, it’s best to contact the airlines directly, or check the airline policy in our help centre, as each airline has different rules. If the airline cancels your flight, then the airline should offer either an alternative flight or a full refund. It will ensure that you get back 80% of the total price paid for the ticket, in the case that you need to cancel your booking. Please note that these airlines have different requirements when it comes to issuing free cancellations and modifications. If your flight has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, you will be offered to change your flight for a new date or destination, or you will qualify for a refund. Generally the lower the price, the higher the cancellation penalties. Please be aware that although we are doing our best to accommodate all of our customers wishes, Cancellation fees depend on the service bought and can reach, In light of the coronavirus outbreak, many airlines are offering. You will have to provide the necessary information to prove your residence. Let us help clear things up. Due to the extremely high volume of requests, we are prioritizing bookings with departure dates in less than 3 days. I tried to make a further enquiry with edreams via email but nobody reply. This can vary depending on the price you paid for that particular flight. If your flight is cancelled due to the bankruptcy of the airline, then procedures will vary depending on the type of airline and the country where the airline is based. When I emailed and phoned I … One of our agents will help you to complete your booking. Whether you seek further information on our products or need help with your booking, contact our dedicated eDreams customer service team. This was several months ago and I have only just learned of it. Please be patient as we help all of our customers with their bookings, starting with the most urgent first. Please note that in times of force majeure, such as the coronavirus pandemic, waiting times may be longer due to the high volume of requests. We use cookies and share your info with third parties to customise advertising, analyse traffic and provide social media related services. To check your car rental, please login to your account here. To know your options, please contact us for further details. If this occurs, we will contact you immediately. My daughter and wife were to be travelling together this coming Christmas but my wife's ticket was cancelled. eDreams cancelled a confirmed ticket a few days after issuing it. If you see this option while browsing for a flight, it means that your flight is covered if you need to change the date, at no additional cost. Today we will answer this question and any doubts you may have when it comes to the eDreams cancellation policy. The eDream site is however explicit: "If your flight has been canceled or postponed, you will be contacted by email either directly by the airline or by our customer service team, to offer you other travel arrangements or a refund". You can do your online check-in yourself on the airline's website. The difference in prices between the old flight and the new flight will still have to be covered by the customer. Book a new flight according to your needs. So do we. If you have to buy flight tickets during this uncertain time, we’ve added an option to keep you covered should you need to cancel them in the future. If you have a good travel story or travel tips to share, just drop us a comment (or two ;), All You Need to Know About eDreams’ Cancellation Policy, If the airline cancels your flight, then the airline should offer either an alternative flight or a full refund. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about changing, cancelling or booking flights with eDreams amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. Add this option onto your next booking. Cancellations can be done up to 24 hours before the departure of the flight. The standard time for airline refunds is 90 days after the first request. Sometimes due to circumstances out of our control, like an airline suspending a flight, we are forced to cancel a flight.

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