Now I’m having very weird dreams about cats. It is possible that you too had an Ancient Egyptian Lifeline. Varuna is a transneptunian object, and so it's very outerplanet-like in its influences like Pluto.Because it's a transneptunian, it's a highly metaphysically oriented planet. A master healer, he applied healing, cosmic waters, much akin to Aquarius, for the good of people. And all that 11th house energy and kitty kats around, means you were truly friends to all those felines and put your energy (Mars) into their wellfare. It is a story that is familiar to us all for it is the story of rebirth through trial, that strengthens our roots and gives us a strong foundation from which to start again. In a coppiced wood, young tree stems are repeatedly cut down to near ground level. Then I went into shock and could not eat, lie down or remember the name of anything for 2 weeks. Kinda wide but is conjunct “Lie” and “Achilles Heel”. However, in the early 1970’s, Eleanor Bach and others started to look seriously at the influences and mythology of the first four discovered asteroids. the Bennu was a self-created being said to have played a role in the creation of the world. It would seem he mediates between these two orders of reality. They bring me treats a midnight. least I know what's been the confusion over the past 10 years! Thank you Nat, it is difficult to accept, and you notice it most when all the little routines of the day are no more. Then, on March 6, 2000, the minor planet received its name - one of the first Vedic namesakes applied! I have Ubasti loosely conjunct my North Node in Cap. Posts: 1077From: South CarolinaRegistered: Apr 2009, Posts: 1995From: Firey JupiterRegistered: May 2009, Posts: 1001From: EnglandRegistered: Sep 2010,, Posts: 54954From: Pluto/house next to NickiGRegistered: Sep 2010, ------------------Passion, Lust, Desire. It would be interesting to see if self-identified cat-peeps have Ubasti in strong aspect? I also like hearing about the old legends, like the one's in the Mummies movies. Like someone above, put a cat on my bed and I feel ‘whole’. Ubasti conjunct my Saturn in scorp in 6th house. Thankfully I understand death and passing a lot better now, but it is still so sad. It was also a symbol of rebirth and was therefore associated with Osiris. I don’t think I look particularly cat-like – but my 1/4 Chinese older son looks very cat-like with his almond shaped, hazel-green eyes – but he’s Kataka… I have been responsible for horses, dogs, a boa, a crocodile, snails, ducks, chickens… Read more ». Any cat who lives with me, has to have one hell of a big personality, which The Baron certainlty does. Your making great, lucid, ultra expanded progress!! I look at Asteroids via NASA Hubble site & download the beauty of the universes. anubis, asteroids, His — 10th house in Libra. never scorpio oddly. mm. It's Quintile my moon, conjunct my Mars, andSemisquare my Chiron. I have Ubasti right conjunct Uranus and ascendant which is all in Sag. 9:45 AM We do have a beautiful young cat, Marakesh. But I am not crazy, crazy about cats and I don’t “own” one.However, I do like them. These are my basic points. I also have a t- square with UranusTUTANKHAMUNISIS. However after Caesars death Kleopatra broke the sacredness of the sanctuary by asking Mark Anthony  to drag her out of the temple and have her murdered. She was brilliant and will be missed. Horus in aspect to Mercury is a love of folktales, mythology and traditional stories and ability to connect with themes and ideas contained in them. x, Posts: 290From: Gainesville, FLRegistered: Apr 2009. 5731 Zeus103 Hera399 Persephone46 Hestia1108 Demeter2 Pallas (also called Pallas Athene)881 Athene433 Eros16 Psyche1388 Aphrodite1862 Apollo3361 Orpheus80 Sappho201 Penelope1943 Anteros2101 Adonis108 Hecuba4450 Pan74 Galatea88 Thisbe14871 Pyramus875 Nymphe499 Venusia60 Echo1036 Ganymede3671 Dionysus1809 Prometheus258 Tyche128 Nemesis5 Astraea19521 Chaos638 Moira273 Atropos97 Klotho120 Lachesis57 Mnemosyne600 Musa22 Kalliope84 Klio18 Melpomene27 Euterpe62 Erato81 Terpsichore30 Urania23 Thalia33 Polyhymnia14827 Hypnos10 Hygeia2878 Panacea1027 Aescualpia3063 Makhaon4086 Podalerios5261 Eureka5450 Sokrates5451 Plato6123 Aristoteles193 Ambrosia7 Iris307 Nike40 Harmonia55 Pandora43 Ariadne79 Eurynome105 Artemis407 Arachne52 Europa212 Medea34 Circe100 Hekate69230 Hermes114 Kassandra432 Pythia4341 Poseidon382 Dodona342 Endymion157 Dejanira1009 Sirene1309 Hyperborea, _________________________________________________________________, 3 Juno4 Vesta1 Ceres93 Minerva26 Proserprinah57 Proserpina16 Psyche763 Cupido78 Diana2063 Bacchus19 Fortuna151 Abundantia490 Veritas1930 Lucifer. I have a feeling I will miss this cat most of all. love cats have nice rapore but they make me sneeze. Of course, I’m sensual, but only on MY terms. I WANT IT. I’m not sure about degrees, etc, but Bast is in Sag for me. Horus in aspect to Venus shows a strong connection to the land and a strong sense of the history of ancestors being contained within it, also indicates green fingers, Horus in aspect to Mars shows a strong passion for nature and an ability to be revitalised and rejuvenated by it as well as a strong sense of national identity. Thanks Davidl, I just worked out how to do this!! my dog, is Cancer sun, cancer rising. I LOVE cats & have two. If you were asking me, no I'm not an Aries - I'm a Cancer (Sun, Mercury, Mars) with a Virgo Moon and Aqua ASC. I now have one of each, and both came to me from others. Can not believe nobody has ever done a brand of cat food named Bast featuring really camp Cleopatra style peeps with cats draped all over them. Asinoe was chained and dragged to Rome where she was meant to be killed in front of the Roman crowd for entertainment. I'm still forming complete thoughts on these aspects, although I have a general vague idea of their meanings. That’s what they are like for me. In this role, Nephthys was given the name “Nephthys-Kheresket,” and a wealth of temple texts from Edfu, Dendera, Philae, Kom Ombo, El Qa’la, Esna, and others corroborate the late identification of Nephthys as the supreme goddess of Upper Egyptian Nome VII, where another shrine existed in honor of the Bennu. The cat was a bitch, just like my bff could be sometimes. Philip Sedgwick gets insight into kuiper objects/transneptunians and centaurs by looking at the Heliocentric North Node and Perihelion of the object, Heliocentric North Varuna Node is in CancerVaruna's Perihelion is in Aries. Osiris in the natal chart represents growth and strengthening through trial and tribulation.

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