You may also want to consider becoming an industrial electrician or an outside lineman who works for public utility systems and you can even hone this specialization further and work in powerhouse and substations as a technician. Some of the information on the exam will include: A master electrician license can be granted after working two years as a journeyman electrician and passing the Master Electrician exam. The prospects of an electrician career are numerous, but you should consider various aspects of the trade before you decide on this line of work. Master electricians generally earn between $25 and $30 per hour. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest-paying field for electricians is natural gas distribution, where an electrician can earn as much as $96,920 per year. You will also need to undergo continuing education for your line of work to stay current on the latest technological changes, even years after you complete your formal training. Each day, you would be inputting data into computer systems for record keeping and incident reporting. In close second is the repair and maintenance industry, where electricians can earn as much as $89,020 per year. In 2017, the median salary for an Electrician was $58,680. Beginning a career as an electrician can be rewarding, but you need the proper training first. She also enjoys creative writing, content writing on nearly any topic, because as a lifelong learner, she loves to do research and possess a high skill level in this area. Students who complete our courses re-enter the field with a newfound grasp on the challenges of today’s electrical industry. To become a master technician, you would need to undergo the requisite training programs and complete the sequence of a three-year apprenticeship, followed by several years as a journeyman electrician. Most online programs offer virtual simulation experiences in lieu of one on one instruction. This shift is due to the uniform, repetitive requirements of production lines, where products consisting of heavy parts get mounted by robotic arms and fastened together by air-powered tools and machinery. Leadership skills- You may be training a new electrician one day. There are multiple benefits to being involved in an apprenticeship program. Become a licensed plumber in your home state. Look into voice, data, and video wiring, which are all becoming very necessary in the changing world. A healthy respect for the power and danger of electricity is one of them. Embark on a journey to a fabulous career in cosmetology! One of the most significant changes to affect the field in recent years has been the spread of solar power, which increasing numbers of businesses are now using as an alternative to conventional sources of energy. Customer Service skills- Customers don’t want rude and distrustful people in their homes or businesses, so being able to talk and interact with customers, be friendly, and accommodate others is essential. After you enroll at an electrician trade school and complete a training program, you can apply for an apprenticeship with a union and reap numerous benefits. In 2017, the average pay for union electricians was $51,110 per year or $26 per hour. The education doesn’t end after the exam, though, you’ll want to continue learning and keep up to date with codes, and even get specific certifications. Explore the courses StateCE offers for continued education as a journeyman or master electrician. The differences between the licensing phases are significant. As of 2019, the average hourly pay for a journeyman electrician is $24.75. One of the most obvious ways is to work your way up in the field from apprentice to journeyman to master, which many people can accomplish within five or six years. Having electricity in almost any building today is essential. The more experience you have in the field, the easier it will be to find a long-lasting job. For starters, many of the current structures across the U.S. electrical grid are reaching the end of their natural lifespan. By following the recommendations in this guide to becoming an electrician, you should have no problem navigating your way through a training program then preparing for and passing the licensing exams for your local state. Other tasks of a foreman electrician may include the following: At construction sites and other applicable working environments, the foreman is responsible for organizing projects, assigning tasks, inspecting work quality, and evaluating finished work for code compliance. Get started with a career as an electrician in your state. Some electricians specialized in Wind Turbines, some choose to become solar power technicians, sign specialist electricians, security and fire alarm installation, telecommunication lines, marine electrician work, low voltage, or residential working the all types of home electrical systems and the latest in smart home technology. If you haven’t already considered which specialization within the field of electricians that you would like to pursue, it may be a good idea to check them out in advance, so you an gear your apprenticeship towards a specific area of work, unless you plan to become a generalist. From installing new electrical boxes, to upgrading or maintaining used ones, electricians should know all about power, lighting, and electricity control systems. Find medical billing and coding education programs. For electricians with one to two years’ experience, with a high school diploma and certificate, a salary of around $55,000 can be expected. Once you find a job, you’ll do some on the job training in order to complete your licensing test. Of course, you could vastly exceed those figures by pursuing work in the top-paying fields for electricians, such as gas distribution and the parks and recreation industries. The programs all include a combination of classroom coursework and on the job training components. Depending on the type of company, you will either get assigned onsite work or dispatched to a worksite. What might change are the types of industries that will need human workers. A Buyer’s Guide to Getting a Certified Pre-Owned Cadillac. There are various developments in the pipeline that could eventually restructure certain facets of the work demanded of electricians. Each state has a different course to achieving your license, but typically you’ll need to take an exam to become certified as an electrician. Steer your way into a growing career path with short-term training. Electricians work on electrical equipment in our neighborhoods. Learn about becoming an LPN in your state, it’s in demand! The entire program takes approximately 4 years and you will spend 2 of these years in an apprenticeship that gives you hands on practice and experience under the watchful eye of a journeyman electrician. All rights reserved by StateCE A Division of Vista College, Copyright @ 2020 - Policies, more than $24 per hour and $51,000 per year, Electrician Salary, Demographics, and the Future of the Industry, The Next Generation Mortgage Loan Officer, Repair and swap out switches on electrical generators, Maintenance and repair of AC and DC systems, Oversee apprentice and journeymen electricians on inbound and outbound assignments, Review project blueprints with contractors, Schedule jobs and order parts and materials. An electrician is the go-to person for all of the power supplies in the city that you live. The production and manufacturing sector is one field where automation is already taking over. Once you have completed your electrician’s training course as well as your apprenticeship program, the next step is to become a journeyman electrician by obtaining your journeyman license. On the job training can last for about 144 hours of technical training, and over 2,000 hours of hands-on training. There are several online resources that can help you to prepare for the examination that is specific to your state. After you graduate, it’s wise to either start training at a technical school, get a certificate, go to a community college that supports studying to be an electrician, or even getting an apprenticeship at a local power company, either way, you are going to need a lot of training and hands-on experience. In addition, it qualifies the holder to apply for their independent electrical contractor’s license. Although this isn’t the highest paying career, you can work your way up to earning a decent living as an electrician. The top 25 percent made roughly $67,000, while the lower half made nearly $51,000 per year. Most facilities would also require you to hold a current license as either a journeyman electrician or master’s electrician. You’ll also have paid on the job training, that can result in a career when you graduate. In addition to these, you will have courses that will teach you how to read a blueprint as well as diagrams that show you the best practices for the installation of electrical systems and their multiple components. The flexibility of the job is below average as well, often times the hours are late and depending on the issue, most things need to be fixed before you can go home. New homes and buildings are also being built on a daily basis, which means more electricity. Electricians must know the National Electric Code as well as the building and government regulations in the state that they are working in. If you’ve already had some experience in this line of work by working as a helper under the supervision of a journeyman electrician, this is also helpful in gaining the skills, knowledge and competency necessary to pass the required exams for certification. As automation gradually overtakes vast corners of the private sector, the need for electricians will increase. StateCE offers courses that provide continuing education for journeyman and master electricians across the United States. The amount of money that you will make as an electrician depends upon several different factors. To make such progress, you would need to dedicate yourself to the work and constantly be willing to take on new and challenging tasks. Mathematic and scientific knowledge- Understanding basic math and science can get an electrician out of some tight jams. I mean, who would like to live in a house without it? Becoming an electrician can be a very rewarding career. As the demand for solar panels increases, buildings and factories will need to have electricians who can install such panels and regulate the processes to control the flow and storage of solar power.

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