Shipping Label Fee: This is a fee relating to the purchase of a USPS, FedEx and Canada Post shipping label generated through Etsy. For sellers in the US and Canada, Etsy does not charge transaction fees on sales tax (unless you include the cost of sales tax in your listing price). Shipping to Canada . First, a seller will pay Etsy a 5% transaction fee of the sale price whenever an item is sold. It's always been there, but not so 'in your face'. For more details check out their advertisement policy. Jump to a section: Listing fees; Postage label fees; Transaction fees; VAT; Pattern; Advertising fees; Etsy Payments fees; Listing fees . Etsy has 2 types of fees; Listing fees at $0.20 for each item you list and transaction fees at 5% of total sold price and shipping combined. Create New Spreadsheet × Enter New Spreadsheet Name: Create. Shipping Fees. Etsy converts fees from USD to your payment account currency at the market rate at the time the fee is reflected in your payment account. The Craftybase Etsy Fee Calculator is a free service designed to show you your fees payable to sell a product on Etsy.. To use the fee calculator: 1. Etsy Shipping Fees. This includes all the same fees as the standard package, but you’ll also get access to advanced features. K52Artworks. Because you are in Canada, there could also be currency conversion fees. What’s Cons: The major setback you suffer also comes from recurring listing fees. This is a fee you need to pay, regardless of whether an item is sold or not. The amount under Etsy Fee is your listing fee and the commission fee of 5%. Etsy Fees Explained. Payment processing fees. If you are a newbie on Etsy, this fee is nominal. The transaction fees are the 5% they take from the price of the item, and the price of the shipping you charge the buyer. Fee name. These fees are assessed at the end of each month. If this seller was allowing for the cost of the packaging, Etsy fees on the shipping (5%) and transport to the PO 15.00 may not be too far out of line. You can enjoy your listings on Etsy for 4 months at a stretch after which you are to pay the renewal fee of 20cents/listings again. The sale fee is the payment processing fee. What Does it Cost to Promote on Etsy? How much does it cost to sell on Etsy? In addition, Etsy collects a commission from the seller for each item sold — currently, 3.5 percent of the total price of the item (not counting shipping), as well as fees for shipping labels and search ads. Etsy isn’t responsible for any additional charges that may apply after a purchase is completed on Etsy. Etsy is an online retail marketplace focused on vintage and handmade items. You should add this to your Shop Policies page. Payment processing fees are a set rate plus a percent of the total sale price of the item. Etsy charges the same amount as these shipping partners, and they are just allowing you to print the labels from your account. What are the Etsy Fees. Etsy fees. Seller fees on Etsy (USD): Listing Fees are $0.20 for each item listed for sale on Etsy. Please refer this Canada Post link for additional information. Etsy also offers a Plus package with a fee of $14 AUD a month⁷. Just like eBay, and Amazon, there are other types of fees that a seller has to pay to keep doing business on Etsy. Etsy offers sellers based in the United States and Canada the ability to purchase shipping labels to fulfill their orders through USPS and Canada Post, respectively. Both of these fees added together is what Etsy will charge you in fees to process your sale.

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