As the vision of this alternate reality fades, Shinji realizes that such a life is a possibility for him. When Jet Alone is sabotaged and endangers a nearby populated area, Shinji pilots Eva-01 to assist Misato in her attempts to board and disable J.A. As Gendo makes to depart, Shinji calls out to say he was glad the two of them were able to talk; Gendo responds briefly and the pair depart separately. Through this, the real Rei discovers that her desire is to be with Shinji, and contains the Angel and self-destructs, killing both Armisael and herself. Following the successful reactivation attempt of Eva-00, the 5th Angel Ramiel appears and approaches Tokyo-3. And accept others may not hate you as much as you hate yourself, even if they are disgusted by you. The anniversary of Yui's death is coming up, and Shinji is due to visit her gravesite with his father. Shinji has discovered his worth. This causes him to lash out at her, and he begins choking Asuka. Insults him. In the dining room she calls him pathetic (not shown in the GIF), on the beach she calls him disgusting. Answering a summons from his enigmatic father, 14-year-old Shinji Ikari arrives in the rebuilt city of New Tokyo-3 just as a gigantic creature identified as an "Angel" attacks! Now, after an apocalyptic event, humanity is facing another doom: monsters called Angels, which are the children of Adam. Christ-like Unit-01. He, as much as any of his characters, has to face reality and overcome his loneliness and insecurity. There he again begs her to help him, but Asuka instead rounds on him, accusing him of simply being afraid of Gendo, Yui, Misato, and Rei, and of never having learned to love himself, finally pushing Shinji to the ground, into a pool of spilled coffee. (The First Impact, happening 4 billion years ago, was the first time the two Seeds of Life, Adam and Lillith, collided; the Second Impact in 2000 in the South Pole was the result of the "Contact Experiment" that killed Shinji's mother, Yui, and Misato's father.) Asuka says he doesn't really like anyone, as he doesn't even love himself. His lives with his parents Gendo and Yui, who is alive, and is friends with Asuka. Shinji in Rebuild of Evangelion, while mostly the same as his anime counterpart, comes across as somewhat more angry about his situation (although he isn't outwardly angry like his manga counterpart with Sadamoto's take on the series). There he meets Toji and Kensuke, who have heard he is to leave. You start to assume that’s the case because others tell you so. He often comically scoffs at Toji and Kensuke's infatuation with Misato. It is left open where their relationship will go from there. An embarrassed Shinji follows an unfazed Rei to work and is eventually able to deliver her security card. Afterward, at the lakeshore, Shinji mourns for Kaworu and tells Misato that Kaworu was the one who should have survived instead of himself. One of Shinji's friends from Class 2A. Instead, now people have a choice. Somewhat similar to his feelings in The End of Evangelion, Shinji realizes that he "has no freedom" and "has no choice but to pilot Eva" when he attempts to run away from NERV after the fifth Angel battle. (Moments before attempting to strangle Rei, Ritsuko notes how the girl has "both the Commander and his son wrapped around her little finger.") When their bath is done, Shinji tells Kaworu that he needs to go to bed, to which Kaworu is confused and asks if they will go together. Throughout the majority of the manga, Shinji appears to be attracted to Rei, and their relationship is far more developed than in the anime. Her faked strength becomes actual strength. The final scene of End of Evangelion is, to this day, still hotly debated. Ritsuko then leads the three on =a tour of Nerv's secrets in Terminal Dogma. Gendo and Shinji converse about Yui, how there is no body at the gravesite, and how Gendo has destroyed all pictures of her, claiming to keep everything in his heart. Shinji eventually learns that he needs other people to exist in order to experience happiness; and realizes that he wants real feelings of his own even if it means once again exposing himself to betrayal and pain. [3] He says he started playing at age five, and still plays now and again because, "No one told [him] to stop." Shinji is friends with Tōji Suzuhara, Kensuke Aida and Hikari Horaki. In Anno’s mind, he had thought Asuka and Shinji could go back to how things were. So why caress Shinji’s cheek during an attempted murder? Control is switched, and Shinji is left powerless to stop Eva-01's actions as the dummy system proceeds to destroy Eva-03 and Bardiel in a particularly brutal fashion. The mysterious Human Instrumentality Project is about banishing loneliness. Kaworu gives him an offer: he tells him they can alter the world again, by pulling the Spears of Longinus and Cassius. In the anime, it is Ritsuko, not Misato, who asks Shinji to take Rei's ID card to her apartment. During the pursuit, Shinji tries to persuade Kaworu to stop but is forced to grapple with Eva-02, and witnesses Kaworu's A.T. Field in action. But Ritsuko can be perceptive when it comes to Shinji. The MP Evas use their replica spears to impale Eva-01, and carry it outside the Geofront and high into the sky. Shinji returns to the empty auditorium. Shinji's personality in video games is usually reminiscent of his anime self, but his choices depend on the player choices. After this, Ritsuko destroys the Reis in the tank, and asks Misato to kill her. As head of Project-E, Ritsuko's relationship to Shinji is more professional than personal, and largely through Misato in both instances. She also encourages him to speak to his father. After the incident, Shinji was absorbed inside the Eva's core, which caused him to go through a series of mental journeys that guided him to realize he pilots the Eva to receive the kindness of others, and remembers that he saw Unit-01 years before his arrival at Tokyo-3. In the end, it was her perfectionism which awakened Shinji's confidence, allowing them to synchronize and defeat Israfel. Shinji and the other pilots are evacuated, as Nerv deals with the Angel without using the Evangelions. They almost kiss in an elevator, but are interrupted by Misato and Kaji. While recovering in hospital alongside Shinji, Toji apparently witnesses Shinji and Rei in the dreamscape train, arguing over Shinji's actions and his relationship with Gendo. Shinji states that this is his intent. Shinji continues to live with Misato and pilot Eva-01, becoming more comfortable with his life in Tokyo-3, though is still ignorant of many of its mysteries. In Angelic Days, however, Shinji acts like his anime self, to the point where he doesn't have the perverted side of his personality that the video game shows. Adam vs Lilith. Misato drives Shinji to Eva-01 in her car, taking a passage through the Evangelion graveyard. In contrast to Kaworu, when Shinji, in a similar state of desperation, asks for Asuka's own unconditional affection, Asuka refuses as she does not want to be an emotional crutch and an escape for him, and demands he gives himself to her as well, but Shinji is unwilling to give back any affection himself. Giant Rei. First, why is she back in reality with Shinji? The voiceovers in this period have a sense of hope, triumph, and determination that line up with how positive Shinji was at the end of e26. Asuka forms less of a connection to Shinji in the manga but they still show interest in each other.

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