If you are a Mormon that is sensitive to criticism of the Church, and particularly of its leaders, please be forewarned. Others may not. They're the weird 35 year old with no family, no prospects. They acknowledge that they don’t have all the answers, and they cite the New Testament’s definition of faith:  it is the evidence of things not seen. What was missing? Consider this a “kick-off” post. True believing Mormons (TBM) might, if they even dare to read an "anti-Mormon" blog by an "apostate," accuse me of bitterness, hate, attacking the church, and any other number of things. Life’s Quick Start Guide Millennial Star : Meg Stout. Then when you work your ass off all month and nobody gets baptized, it lands on your shoulders. For a time, it was even too painful to read from the Scriptures. However, I have selected the advertised books and media myself as my personal recommendations. Find information on Book of Mormon, Mormon church, religion, beliefs, latter day saints, lds temples, news, books, Mormon faith, saints, doctrine and … They cannot help but view themselves as broken somehow. Depending on the specific In my 56 years as a Mormon, I raised four beautiful children, born into the covenant, served a mission in South America, served as a Stake Missionary 3 times, a Stake Mission President, an Elders Quorum President 3 times, a High Council member for 7 years with responsibility for the Bishop’s Store House and Dry Pack Cannery, a Scout Master, a Financial Clerk, a Membership Clerk, Ward Mission Leader, and an Executive Secretary. But God had other plans. Not being able to discuss or disclose may bring added emotional strain to relationships. I was born as a Navajo Indian and raised in an LDS foster family in Utah. Anyone with basic reasoning skills (including Mormons) can see the circular logic that is required to jump onto the Spirit train. When one reads and ponders the words in the Book of Mormon, the resulting spiritual feelings are interpreted to mean that the book is the word of God. The logical conclusion given to these recent graduates is to disconnect from mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and other relatives and friends who no longer believe in Mormonism. Sunday, June 3, 2012. LA VONNE - My journey into Mormonism and then Finally Freedom in Christ! There is also am, I typed in my domain –. Sure, I have bitter days, what woman wouldn't? Mormonism isn't like a lot of religions, where it's a Sunday thing and that's that. Because the Book of Mormon says so in the last chapter (quoted above). What a creepy experience that was! The religion was very structured and that suited my personality quite well. VIDEO: Jesus Heals a Crippled Woman Mormon Life Hacker : Guest Author. Some may feel the potential damage from disclosing this is too great and may keep it private. I am a Mormon and I stand by my faith! I wanted to start this blog by talking about the Holy Ghost, the third member of the Mormon Godhead. amazon_ad_border="hide"; I'm not planning to revive this blog. The faith transition experiences of those that identify with this group are quite varied. New Requirements for Baptism Wheat & Tares : Bishop Bill. I remember feeling that my life was now free of sin, and that I needed to keep myself clean from that day forward. How many return visits we had scheduled. I was trying to figure out how exactly to drop it on my foot to injure me enough to be sent home honorably without making me permanently disabled for life. It taught a “feel good” spirituality. It's enough to make my head explode. How many people had actually let us speak to them. website called, Being the inquisitive person that I Each time you "relapse," you feel disgusting, unworthy, and hopeless. 4 And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost. He apologizes for rambling. More often than not, a Mormon will tell a personal anecdote about how the Spirit guided them in a challenging life situation. After five years of research, I knew Mormonism was false, but how would I convince Cheryl? During the conversion process, when an investigator is asked how they are feeling, missionaries will typically identify positive emotions as originating from the Spirit. They are taught that the Spirit leaves them when they are engaging in sinful behavior. The ex-Mormon Mommy Blog I'm a mom living in Utah, surrounded by Mormons and Moms and Mormon Mommy Bloggers. out”, followed by “feminist Mormon housewives”, and, more recently, the search Our family’s eternal salvation depended on our ability to perform and meet all obligations required and expected by the Church. Imagine living in a country where over 70% of the population believes in Thor. it and I realized that the top search queries that bring people to this blog are search terms like “ex Mormons The terms Post Mormon and Ex-Mormon encompass a wide variety of people within the Mormon Spectrum. For others it can be very rapid. On the first Sunday of each month, Mormons are given the opportunity in church services to “bear their testimony.”  This is essentially open-mic Sunday, where any member of the congregation can walk up to the pulpit from the pews and express their thoughts and feelings about the gospel. I grew up in many Protestant Christian churches, but I was not taught God’s Word. Although I accepted Christ 3 months before she died, I was unprepared for the spiritual turmoil I faced when my church fell apart.

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