She gives it one last try. Get delivered straight to your inbox once any post is published. Fernanda complains to Bernardo for having taken her daughter away from her and Ringo is pointing at him. The director of the boarding school, Juan Marcos and Ángela, find María Fernanda lying on the floor of her room: she has been stabbed. Willy is hanging with his best bud, Arturo. Jesus manages to escape with El Gigante and helps Miguel out of the country. It is one of the supplement telenovelas shown by the network besides highly publicised series like Lord of the Skies, Prisoners of love and Blood and wine; and because of this the run time is not so clear( repeat broadcast is however shown at 11pm Monday to Friday ). Juan Marcos takes María Fernanda to Colombia but she escapes. For her part, Samantha (Ximena Duque) works as a bodyguard. During the operation they shoot Juan Marcos and María Fernanda, in front of Fernanda, she goes mad with pain and leaves with two machine guns firing at everyone. “I learned a long time ago not to trust what people tell me.” Emma explains her motivations for the past six weeks in a pay-off that probably would have worked better had this story taken its time at the start. The only moment close to being as bleak as this show needed to be … Sir Alastair decides to kill himself rather than face the music. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Juan Marcos gives his family good news about his tumor. This doesn’t last long. The two girls' lives are forever changed when Samantha is kidnapped, resulting in Miguel Valdéz sacrificing his life to save her. ", "Ganadores y nominados a los Miami Life Awards 2013", "Ganadores y nominados a los Miami Life Awards 2014",ón_valiente&oldid=978943589, Pages using infobox television with editor parameter, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "El plan de seducción de Vicente sale mal", "Ángela confunde al dueño de la casa con el empleado", Gabriela Borges as Jessica Águilar del Toro, Emily Alvarado as Young Samantha Sandoval, Tuto Patiño as Cayetano Rodríguez / Ringo, María del Pilar Pérez as María Fernanda del Castillo, Yami Quintero as Fiscal Eugenia de la Salle, This page was last edited on 17 September 2020, at 21:15. Juan Marcos appears to María Fernanda as her father. Willy and Nora arrive to interrupt the celebration of Fernanda’s wedding so that she can watch the video of the family’s lawyer, where Bernardo confesses that her daughter is not dead but he had sent her to a boarding school in Switzerland. Emma’s antics have been so off-the-wall that you have to admire her. Thus we learned that yes, as was telegraphed way back in episode two, Matthew Wild was guilty of the crash, and yes, as suspected, Rachel Leigh was his wife Laura, who had been at the base that fateful night. Back in the TV world, our conspirators were just leaving the meeting when they were surprised by a young girl on the way to meet her boyfriend, who panicked and ran. Angela Valdez was the daughter of Miguel Valdez, the bodyguard of the Sandoval Navarro family. Ángela and Samantha meet again after eighteen years. Incase you didn’t know, Fearless Heart is currently running on Telemundo. Coming up on the final two episodes of Fearless Heart in May: Friday 1 May 2015 Jessica informs everyone that Doctor Montoya is Jesus Matamoros. Sod you, I am just going to put this key in the car and turn it. Samantha pretends to faint in order to corner Jesus Matamoros and turn him over to the police. After all the convoluted hints of a cover-up, the end when it came was simple. Ah Emma, every now and then you do something so off-the-wall I rather admire it. After what happened, the girls were separated. Things are reversed. I might not like either Steve or John Bishop’s acting, but I could vaguely see the appeal in such a semi-present partner: Emma’s work is her main love and Steve the human sloth doesn’t interfere with it in any way. [5][6] As with most of its other telenovelas, the network broadcast English subtitles as closed captions on CC3. Ángela Valdez (Sofía Sanabria), humble and sweet, was the daughter of Miguel Valdéz (Jorge Luis Pila), the bodyguard of the powerful and wealthy family Sandoval Navarro. Finally, mother and daughter reunite. Jesus manages to cover Lady and Piety so that they can escape. A happy ending of sorts then for Emma, who delivered posthumous vindication for Kevin, stared down the Wilds, formed an alliance with Olivia that got Miriam released – and appeared to give up the dream of a baby and settle instead for a life of vodka shots with lazy Steve. Meanwhile, Samantha is ordered to protect Willy del Castillo (Fabián Ríos), her first love, who has become a whimsical playboy and womanizer. What did you think? Miguel asks him to go to Colombia immediately. Angela and Juan Marcos receive María Fernanda at her home, but she asks to meet her mother. • Finally, thank you to everyone who took the time to post on this blog. In the end the bad guys were arrested, the good guys mostly reconciled to their lives – and I was left wondering what could have been if the creators were willing to go that bit darker or come up with a theme that went a bit deeper than the Iraq war was bad, governments lie … and so do most people. A few more moments that teetered close to the edge like that and I might have been more invested in this show. She was subsequently accidentally killed – and her death was covered up to prevent the war from being stopped. Although also mildly entertained by Emma’s decision to invite Jason to stay in her house before promptly abandoning him there despite a possible terrorist threat.

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