This time we have to collect 20 productions of 15 minutes each. One of the players five current age goods is selected randomly. tip 4: focus all your efforts on 1 or 2 prizes, I decided on the crow’s nest, but there is also the pirate ship and other interesting options, whatever the special prize you decide to get in this event must be 1 or 2 maximum. Therefore, despite saving the incidents, don’t let any of them lapse. The idea is to get goods by collection or by trade. Should the player be in Bronze Age, the second option will be one of the four goods not selected in the current age option. The crow’s nest is the second most important prize, it will be available only at roulette!remember that this building produces gold coins and 8 fixed forge points and a second random prize that could be: 25 diamonds, 12 forge points, 50 goods or medals.It has a size of 5×5. Now many people will say, that’s what my Alcatraz is for. It works almost every day, every hour, the risk of loss is minimal, at least in the beginning, and it’s not useless just to complete a task. These are the typical tasks we built the Bronze Age blacksmiths for. If someone needs 2 boosts, here’s a little tip: The extra turn of the guild expedition is the shortest boost. This year's main prize is the "Governor's Villa", an … 12 fights should be won now. That was easy, wasn’t it? If you are a battle player, these prizes may interest you more than the crow’s nest!. The more we have, the faster such a quest is completed. Also here it is recommended to wait with helping at events until the corresponding task requires it. This applies to every event. Since Tuesday, June 9th, 2020, the Forge of Empires Summer Event 2020 became available on the beta server. We search everywhere, but unfortunately, we still need more incidents. tip 3: Don’t spin the roulette when you have few event coins, often your luck will be on the 4th or 10th try. Spinning or refreshing the wheel will still result in getting a prize on the new wheel. Task 25 demands to defeat 48 units. Please be aware that you may see neighbours collecting prizes from the previous or next age of the game, that is because they play at that age in the game, you will only receive prizes at your age of the game or those that have No Age. The guild expedition is still my preferred choice. It is good to always have a sale ready for such an event at the antique dealer, but not yet collected. That must have been before Halloween 2015. We start with what all players are always immediately interested in first: What is the new grand prize of the event? Again and again, quests require you to spend coins, supplies, or Forge points. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'forgeofempirestips_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_4',117,'0','0'])); Residential buildings are particularly suitable for this because they provide more supplies than coins when they are demolished. Plus, as always, many other attractive prizes. We let the battles here run faster. Any player can also refresh and spin the wheel at a cost of one Doubloon to call up a whole new set of prizes for the neighborhood. We can hear the scream up to here. They are cheap and space-saving. After that 13 productions of 1 hour each, so one more task for the blacksmiths. With these small smithies, you can then fulfill the quest very easily. The demolition will bring the necessary supplies, which will complete the quest. For quest 5, we buy 5 forge points and then the empty building site comes into play again. Here it helps to improve or demolish roads and build new ones. Now 5 encounters of the guild expedition are explicitly requested. The Main Questline and the Daily Questline.Every solved quest grants the player with a reward. Everyone already suspects it: We take it from the inventory and build it on the area reserved for the event. I quickly clicked through a few platforms in the automatic battle mode. These can be built, demolished, built, demolished, etc. And if they are currently without a task, you can include the event buildings. Very important for many players: This building will also provide happiness, in every age and expansion level, more than the supplied population takes up. A quick first look at that event revealed that nearly everything is the same as in the spring event 2019.. By the next quest, we tormented ourselves. We think everyone is beginning to realize why you need a lot of production buildings for events. Creating that space is also part of the preparations for an event. Then we should gather supplies. In this event we will have to spin the roulette wheel to claim prizes randomly, each attempt costs 1 double !.We will compete with our neighbors to win the best roulette prizes! ... 2020: Archaeology Event • FoE Soccer Cup: 2019: Archaeology Event • FoE Soccer Cup: 2018: FoE Soccer Cup: 2017: 5th Anniversary: ... 2 2020 Halloween Event/Beta; Explore Wikis Universal Conquest Wiki. Once again 3 units are to be recruited. When it comes to winning 6 battles in a row, the guild expedition is our first choice. Now once again a task that can’t be done with the small blacksmiths.

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