While this is a simple system used in some race cars, it is not recommended for most street and street/strip applications, as it doesn’t take into consideration any exhaust gas information or emission information. The second is a short pump for serpentine belt drives. Abort abort abort!! I use an MSD ignition with my DurasparkII distributor. The throttle-by-wire system helps the engine run smoother under acceleration and deceleration and changing torque conditions. Otherwise, a mechanical fuel pump will need to be replaced by an electric unit to clear the steering box. The IRS cradle was narrowed to make room for the 11-inch-wide rear wheels. The independent rear suspension is already equipped to run the ABS. you might register for that forum and contact him directly for the plans since he has the original (but they were created by someone else and sold for $$, but gave the OK for him to send them to people who needed them). 25.750″. The sensor on the left is from a mid-1980s 5.0 Mustang, but the one on the right is from a GM application and is used on most aftermarket speed density systems. Watch the videos and read our ongoing coverage of this cool pickup. A typical vintage muscle car had 5 to 10 fused circuits. 1980-1993 Ford Crown Victoria’s and Grand Marquis And a few others. Note how far back the engine is placed. Wiring diagrams for Ford can be purchased online at helminc. Up front, the Cobra radiator and cooling fan fit nicely between the frame rails and the intercooler is mounted between the radiator support and the hood latch bracket. VCT and the improved PATS system make using the factory wiring more difficult in most cases. Size up the job … [Click here to read more...], This is where you combine the assembled differential with the gear case and hypoid gears. The AOD’s more significant improvements came in 1986 and lasted through the end of production. 28.500″. Ranger motor mounts consist of a rubber pad with a stud sticking out of each side. OBDII rules dictate a standard set of PIDs that all scan tools can read; Ford has some proprietary ones that may or may not be readable by non-Ford scan tools. One stud goes through the frame and has a nut which screws on the back to attach it to the frame. The problem has been resolved, and now programming the new computers is no problem. An old swing-arm voltmeter could be used to read the pulses put out by the computer. I'm wanting to swap it into my 99 ranger that currently has an 2.5l engine and manual transmission in it. The factory supercharged 2003 Cobra engine uses a special dual fuel pump to handle the extra fuel needs. As with every other aspect of a Modular engine rebuild, the assembly is challenging … [Click here to read more...], Cylinder Numbers and Firing Order / Torque Sequences The stock 2003 computer mounting bracket is used to mount the computer and provides proper grounding. It has a wiring harness that goes from the module on the wheel well to the distributor, and the original power harness from the Ranger should plug right into it. P/N 50-8402 – C4 to Borg Warner 1350 T/C. Ford may have multiple harnesses within a year and model that cannot be interchanged. Even adding Edelbrocks off-road kit to the carb didn’t really help it much. You have several aftermarket systems to choose from, but the choice boils down to three different types: Mass Air Flow, Speed Density, and Alpha-N. You can choose between the fuel injected and carbureted engines. For example, the PCM mounting on the donor vehicle may be in a place that doesn’t work on your swap, and changing the placement may be difficult. they're still pretty small, but you can still make out what they say. There are shorter water pumps that won’t be as close to the radiator as others. The 4.6L is much wider and taller than a 302 or 351W. Advance Adapters P/N 71642 For Ford 302/5.0L, Ford Racings P/N M-6675-A50 For Ford 302/5.0L. A custom set of Speedhut gauges including a GPS speedometer is used. Fan – You may be able to use a mechanical fan and still have 1 to 1-1/2 inches of space between the fan and radiator. When using factory computers and wiring, pay close attention to the connectors. These chips, depending on their complexity, can store multiple tunes for different uses (e.g., driving to the dragstrip and changing the tune for your passes; changing the tune on your truck when you are pulling for max torque). Abort abort abort!! If you can’t get the entire donor car, try to get as much as you can: computer, all the wiring harnesses, throttle pedal (if using throttle-by-wire), fuel pumps, and controllers. These computers can be programmed through the DLC connector or through a chip mounted on the back side. If you have one, or can find one, consider yourself lucky. Major changes to the engine may require a change to the size of the mass air meter. An exhaust shop will easily be able to plumb an exhaust system that will clear the frame rail and firewall. A body lift is recommended. The stock fuel pump controller was mounted down in the driver-side quarter panel. Ford also changes the wire locations in the connectors. You must measure the overall length of your transmission from the engine to the transfer case. I figured the f150 would have more power than a crown Vic wagon. The DTC follows the industry standard OBDII numbering system. I keep the original Duraspark II ignition module installed on the fender liner so that I can hook it up if the MSD should fail. C4: The C4 is 17″ long. Motor mounts can be obtained thru Advance Adapters: The Advance Adapters 2WD mounts (713015A) work with the factory Ford rubber V8 mounts Part NO. Performance Transmissions makes a ULTRA-BELL bellhousing for the C-4 tranny. There are three levels of communication with the PCM, and these three levels require three different tools. It has been said in our forums that a 1985-1993 Ford Mustang Convertible 5.0L engine mount will work for this conversion. You need to program around the PATS system, something most aftermarket companies say they can do (but check with your tuner).

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