Use of the most appropriate finning style for the circumstances can increase propulsive efficiency, reduce fatigue,[1] improve precision of maneuvering and control of the diver's position in the water, and thereby increase the task effectiveness of the diver and reduce the impact on the environment. [2], Flutter kick is effective for acceleration and sustained speed, particularly over moderate to long distances. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. [2] Reducing the available volume in the lower leg of the suit limits air volume without adding significant mass, and gaiters can also streamline the fastest moving part of the diver. A helicopter turn should rotate the diver about a vertical axis without moving away from the initial position.[4]. The dolphin kick is the only technique that applies to the monofin. Fatigue or musculo-skeletal stress is seldom an issue with maneuvering. When performed correctly, the frog kick places less stress on a diver's legs, knees and … Once a diver is in the starting position, the next step is to open his fins to the sides. The frog kick resembles the kick a breaststroke swimmer uses. When performed properly, the thin edges of the fins slice through the water without appreciable resistance. Speed records show that monofins and dolphin kick are the most efficient, followed by long, thin and highly elastic-bladed bifins with close-fitting foot pockets. The frog kick is the kick which is best used for most of the diving we do. The frog kick is not as effective with split fins as it is with blade fins or turtle fins. The fins are sculled from side to side using opening and closing motions of the legs, and the ankles rotated as best suited to the thrust needed to turn or hold the diver steady. [2] Some divers will use it as their standard kick even in more forgiving environments, as the resting position is identical for other kicks that increase underwater mobility, such as the backwards kick and the helicopter turn. The third step of a the frog kick propels a diver through the water. It propels water above and below the diver, which does not contribute to forward motion and wastes energy. If you have ever seen a frog moving in the water, you'll know why this kick is named after our amphibian friend. [8] Frog kick is suitable for relaxed cruising at low speeds[7], This is an asymmetrical stroke also known as split kick. Feel the fins flexing as a natural extension of the kicking motion. You will be more relaxed and controlled underwater. A diver who notices he is bending at the waist or dropping his knees with each kick must focus on isolating the kicking motion by maintaining a stronger torso and upper body position. However, a diver should avoid spreading his legs and opening his knees very widely, as this does not contribute to the kick and wastes energy. Knees are far apart. The movements are larger than those of the modified frog and flutter kicks, and the fins are more likely to contact the surroundings in a confined space. The diver simply uses his ankles to rotate the fins blades outwards while maintaining his fins parallel to the floor. [2][7], Dolphin kick is the technique where both legs are moved up and down together, and may be done with paired fins or a monofin, which has foot pockets for both feet attached to a single wide blade. Frog kick allows the diver to flare the fins at any time during the stroke to slow down, and can be converted to a backward kick or helicopter turn from some points of the stroke, which can allow more precise maneuvering at close quarters. Click through this tutorial to learn the basics of the frog kick. The effectiveness of finning techniques is to partly dependent on the fins used, and partly on the skill and fitness of the diver. The fins are rotated outwards with the soles facing backwards, and toes outwards, then the legs are extended so the fins push water backwards, while extending the ankles to close the gap between the fins, to push backwards a bit more. Once you master the four steps, relax and move through each step fluidly and slowly. The recovery stroke causes drag by bending the lower legs across and against the flow, so should be delayed until the speed drops and forward motion has slowed. This is a relaxing step and the pure forward movement feels great! One of the advantages of the frog kick is that it can be used effectively with short, stiff fins, with little blade angle offset, which are also effective for the backward kick and helicopter turns and general maneuvering in confined spaces, but less efficient for the flutter kick and continuous moderate to high speed finning. The flutter kick is an inefficient kick. Forward speed varies more during the stages of a frog kick than the relatively constant speed of the flutter kick. Now you know the basics of the frog kick. The diver should relax and refrain from stiffening his legs and ankles. [2][4], The technique has been described as half frog kick and half reverse kick, using one leg for each. Finning techniques are the skills and methods used by swimmers and underwater divers to propel themselves through the water and to maneuver when wearing swimfins. Maneuvering with fins generally involves production of thrust at an angle to the centre-line for forward motion, and usually a relatively small and controlled thrust for a short period. The diver should focus on pushing the water behind him using the power of his legs and ankles. For most of the dive, I have enveloped the brown cloud of bottom sediment that the divers had stirred up. [1][2] The modified frog kick arches the back and retains slightly bent knees during the power stroke, which keeps the thrust further away from the bottom when swimming above silt. The frog kick pushes water backwards, and to a lesser degree upwards, rather than backwards with alternating up and down component, as with the flutter kick and dolphin kick also used by divers. [1] Basic frog kick is a stroke with wide action, and is unsuitable for use close to a wall or in narrow spaces. Incomplete ankle rotation will cause thrust to be exerted partly upwards which would tend to push the feet down. The backward kick is used for holding position or backing away when too close while taking photos or approaching a reef or other divers, backing out of confined spaces, maintaining distance from the shotline during decompression stops and similar maneuvers.

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