The serial numbers for the first order ran, naturally, from 1 to 50,000; those for the second order began at 50,001 and continued to about 90,000. I just received a reply from them and this is their first exposure to such a proof. They may have been made to fill some foreign order. pistol by Fegyvergyar seems to have stopped in 1942. Use on personal social media accounts, provided the individuals are not promoting themselves commercially. There are three proof marks: one on the exposed part of the barrel at the port, one on the right rear of the slide and one on the right rear of the frame. Frommer Stop Assembly Drawing and Parts List Lugs, in his Rucni Palne Zbrane, shows a photograph of a pistol which he captions a „Madarska pistole vz 48" (Hungarian pistol Mod. Military acceptance mark: 'Bp' (for Budapest), followed by the dual Austro-Hungarian crest and the last two figures of the year of manufacture. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. ( Log Out /  I will show how to do this later. my Walther PPK in .32 ACP. Catalogue number … Hungarian Pistole M 37. When the barrel is in its front-most position, the bolt gets unlocked and now also moves forward, driven by the bolt spring. A community dedicated to Lugers, Central Powers, Axis, Allied and related WW-I and WW-II pistols by their scholars, collectors, owners and enthusiasts. Sectional view. 172, 173). It is a functional, complicated design, required above average maintenance and was reportedly not popular with some of its users. Frommer Stop Mod. model number. Army, Navy, Police, Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. With kind regards, Jani Unfortunately I don't no a lot about Hungarian army pistols so I have a few questions. Sectional view. Some sources claim that this is an independent Austrian mark. Privacy Policy 1906 Frommer did not have a very long period of production because of World War I and the necessary diversion of all manufacturing facilities to the production of military items. Show more. Will let you know when I hear from the Captain. (Note: Fritz’s article cited below contains additional details) The following list of Frommer Stop 7.65 cal. While it is not officially confirmed, it appears that the earliest deliveries consisted of pistols having the conventional Hungarian markings, but in 7.65 mm. caliber. The patent drawings appear to show a Baby rather than the larger Stop. MM. There are no other safeties employed. The Frommer Stop was used by the Hungarian Gendarmerie as the Pisztoly 12M before World War I, then later by the Austro-Hungarian military, continuing to … About 37000 Frommer Stop pistols were sold to Germany in 1916-17, between serial numbers 56000-93500. Crasp spring with a tweezers and slide out rearward; then remove 1906-In 1906 a smaller and simplified version was introduced and became known as the Mod. I assume they didn’t produce these handguns to last thousands of rounds. (See Frommer 29.M) Several parts show signs of heavy use. Disassembled to show main features of construction. guide. There is a nice slowmo video from Forgottten Weapons showing the Stop in action. This modification of the 29M came from the Colt Ace, which was patented in Hungary by Frommer in June 1932. It has two tiny lugs that limit the bolt’s travel backward out of the guns body. By 1910 the pistol was further modified, with the hope of increasing its sales appeal (Figs. The international word 'Stop' meant 'to stop' the target. 1906. Drive out hammer pin to release hammer with its plunger and spring. I am following the marking discussion with interest. "A police proof" is how it was suggested. FROMMER 7,65mm. 1912. Reliablility of this overly complex mechanism is low because of the many parts involved. Dimensions. It was eventually given the designation '19.M' (Model 19) after it was adopted 'again' in 1919 by the new independent Hungarian Army. 171. This seems to be too much for an extractor that is already a bit worn and weakened by lots of shooting. For a .32 ACP, even a “hot rodded” one like the 7.65 Frommer is supposed to be, a simple blowback type action would easily suffice (as countless handguns have proven). Pistols and Holsters. if it ejects the case by manual cycling, the gun should be fine. I would like to hear the same but backed with a known source of reference. Strictly speaking, this complicated system was unecessary in a pistol of this calibre, which was did not chamber a cartridge of sufficient power to require a locked breech. | The Stop shoots very pleasantly, compared to e.g. Another post-WW1 independent Hungarian Army acceptance mark with better detail of the shield.

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