See android market current data and history. It can also keep track of where you parked. It crowd sources gas prices in your area. Tracking your usage over time can help you monitor changes to your driving habits and keep tabs on the health of your vehicle. If you’re more of an Android fan and have a Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel or other Android-powered phone in your pocket, there’s a bunch of great apps available through Google Play. These handy apps let you keep track of your DIY car maintenance and professional servicing and repairs from your smartphone, helping you organise an effective maintenance schedule. It works best on road trips. That functionality is available to everybody whether they’re in a supported city or not. Most major car parts chains have dedicated apps. You can change most of the units, allowing you to set it up for our weird UK system where we drive miles, buy fuel in litres and calculate the fuel efficiency by the gallon! Fuelio is a very similar app and arguably Drivvo’s biggest rival in this space. 82109 Bratislava Right now, Fuelly can help you track and monitor your fuel efficiency and record your service history. If you own not just cars but multiple vehicles like a motorcycle, trucks, heavy equipment, or even an ATV, this app might solve all your problems. You can use them to order parts, buy things, and surf inventory. Rather than panicking, all you have to do it simply open the app and follow the instructions. There’s a stats and chart section, which has all the details you need. AutoCare is one of the cheapest apps on the list and, considering that it’s also the highest rated, it gets a big thumbs up from me. Over 0.5 Million trust us to track their fillups, services, reminders & mileage. myCARFAX is admittedly more targeted at an American market — it has live US recall updates and such — but it's still super useful for motorists around the world. From tracking regular car maintenance to calculating your real-world fuel efficiency, Drivvo is a one-stop shop for all things automotive expense. Of course, most people know that already. Most of them are good enough, but they could all use some stability improvements. View reports on your vehicle to understand your actual costs. However, they range dramatically between manufacturers. In addition to that, it can detect automatic location while adding trips or track it via GPS. It can then read the codes and let you know what your check engine light is. Car Minder Plus’ advice is all sourced from experts so you know you can trust it. The good news is that there’s a bunch of outstanding apps on offer, although many of them are paid. If not that, with the DIY Car maintenance app, you can do most of these refinements yourself. It’s to the point now where Google, Apple, car manufacturers and others are trying to get technology there as well. While I can’t upload an image of my license, I hope this option comes in future updates. However, these are car apps many should have. Whether it’s changing the oil, replacing a tyre, checking engine fluids or swapping out the cabin filter, this app has you covered. See android market data for Fuelly Web App and Fuelio: gas log, costs, car management, GPS routes, compare our statistics from Google Play. With a million downloads, I had high hopes for aCar. We won’t recommend any one store because they all perform about as well. Android application Fuelio: gas log, costs, car management, GPS routes developed by Sygic. The app has a lite version that displays real-time information as you launch the app.

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