Connect with us on Spotify to hear our Wedding March playlist! Walking down the aisle on your wedding day will be one of the most incredible experiences of your life. Get your bridesmaids to join in on the fun walk down the aisle as you and your ladies skip to the church bells in Bruno Mars 'Marry You'. Every time I hear this song I think of our wedding day and smile. Settle into this bluesy tune as you walk down the aisle toward your soon-to-be spouse. This list will provide 20 fun melodies for your wedding entrance. It’s perfectly paced for your walk down the aisle. Like the bridal entrance, the song you walk back down the aisle to as newlyweds will forever remind you of that amazing feeling. Songs you can walk, run or dance down the aisle to . 20. This is another song where the title says it all. Discover 31 unique songs to walk down the aisle to: Explore the top-hits list. Well-paced and upbeat, You Are the Best Thing celebrates the joy of being with the one you love and how many good things being with them adds to your life. 19. For those couples who want to buck tradition, there are some great options this genre has to offer. 31. So when I saw the commerical on TLCfeaturing her new song I wanted to download it right away so I could keep singing the fun lyrics! This song about getting through all things, good and bad, as a couple is a great option for your wedding march. © 2019 Wedding Spot, Cvent Company. It’s your big day, so be sure to smile, stand up straight, and make that walk confidently. Be prepared for boisterous cheers and let the party start! Your faith and your devotion to each other are in harmony when you opt for a Christian song to walk down the aisle to. Putting together a trendy, rustic affair? Here are a few songs you’ll want to consider. We Steal Things, 2008Lyrics You'll Love: I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend/Lucky to have been where I have been/Lucky to be coming home again, "Heartbeats," by José GonzálezFrom the album: Veneer, 2005Lyrics You'll Love: Ten days of perfect tunes/The colors red and blue/We had a promise made/We were in love, "Sweet Child O' Mine," by Guns N' RosesFrom the album: Appetite for Destruction, 1987Lyrics You'll Love: She's got a smile it seems to me/Reminds me of childhood memories/Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky/Now and then when I see her face/She takes me away to that special place/And if I'd stare too long/I'd probably break down and cry. Want to have everyone passing the tissues during your walk down the aisle? If you would like to capture this moment, incorporate a complimentary song to his appearance. It will get your audience clapping, … List of Good Songs. "Bread and Wine," by Josh GarrelsFrom the album: Love & War & The Sea in Between, 2011Lyrics You'll Love: If I fall, I fall alone, but two can help to bear the load/A threefold chord is hard to break/All I have I give to you if you will share your sorrows too/Then joy will be the crown upon our heads/My friend, "The Wedding Song (There is Love)," by Noel Paul StookeyFrom the album: The Very Best of Peter, Paul, and Mary, 1969Lyrics You'll Love: Well a man shall leave his mother and a woman leave her home/They shall travel on to where the two shall be as one/As it was in the beginning, is now until the end/Woman draws her life from man and gives it back again/And there's love/There is love, "This Song," by BeBe WinansFrom the album: BeBe Winans, 1997Lyrics You'll Love: All I wanted was to be loved/No one deserves to be alone/Accused for taking love for granted/But now I see/If I don't share the way I feel/How can you know?/I found a way to let it show, "In a Moment," by Rebecca St. JamesFrom the album: I Will Praise You, 2011Lyrics You'll Love: In a moment, everyone falls silent/To hear the mighty trumpet/Split the eastern sky/Just imagine the King of all Creation/Riding through the heavens/Returning for His bride, "Order My Steps," by Brooklyn Tabernacle ChoirFrom the album: Favorite Song of All, 1996Lyrics You'll Love: Order my steps in Your word dear Lord/Lead me, guide me every day/Send Your anointing, Father I pray, "Ave Maria," by Céline DionFrom the album: These Are Special Times, 1992Lyrics You'll Love: Ave Maria, maiden mild/Oh, listen to a maiden's prayer/For thou canst hear amid the wild/'Tis thou, 'tis thou canst save amid, despair. While there are a lot of classics, tried and true music that are perfect choices for wedding song walking down the aisle, some new songs fit the bill too. We're currently obsessed with using R&B songs by artists like Beyoncé or John Legend for a walk down the aisle. Are you the couple with the comfortable, easygoing relationship that makes you the envy of your friends? Here are a few of my favorite songs for weddings this yours on this list? Another excellent country song, Beautiful, Crazy speaks to a man loving his partner just as she is, because it’s how their relationship flourishes. You Are the Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne. We’d love to meet you! Wedding Song (There Is Love) – Noel Paul Stookey. This might just be the perfect song for a country-style wedding. Bringing Transparency to the Wedding Industry. It will get your audience clapping, smiling, laughing, especially if you have some nice choreography to match the song. Another top-hit love song, Best Of My Love is upbeat and celebratory. An iconic jazz classic, Unforgettable is just that. Will you walk down the aisle to something fun and upbeat? The choice is yours, and the options are endless! Where the original can come across as a bit “pompous,” this lilting piano version is a modern, yet beautiful, nod to tradition. Soccer lovers will definitely recognize this tune, the anthem of the UEFA Champions League. This iconic song celebrates the joy and surety of taking vows with the one you love. You also don’t have to stick to tradition and play slow songs. This is a classic, dreamy gem that sounds perfect, whether it’s coming from a piano or a string quartet. Photo by Lucille Lawrence Photography ... With this in mind, we’ve collected a whole bunch of wedding processional songs that covers a spectrum of styles and tastes that you can walk, run, or dance down the aisle to. You should tell your spouse eventually, so why not on your wedding day? For all the rock fans out there, I can imagine you walking down the aisle to the one waiting for you backed by acoustic guitar, bass, and congas. Soulful and beautiful, this song is a perfect encapsulation of the joyful discovery of your soulmate, imperfections and all. I’m sure both you and your guests will have loads of fun as this song plays and long into the night. Get Our Wedding Planner App On Your Mobile Device, Classical/Instrumental Songs to Walk Down the Aisle to, Christian/Gospel Songs to Walk Down the Aisle to, NonTraditional Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To, Classical/Instrumental Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To, Christian/Gospel Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To, The Ultimate Wedding Checklist - The Knot, 36 Bible Verses About Marriage & Bible Quotes About Love, Wedding Dates to Avoid in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. 1, 2011Lyrics You'll Love: Time stands still/Beauty in all she is/I will be brave/I will not let anything, take away/What's standing in front of me/Every breath, every hour has come to this, "Photograph," by Ed SheeranFrom the album: x, 2014Lyrics You'll Love: We keep this love in a photograph/We made these memories for ourselves/Where our eyes are never closing/Hearts are never broken/And time's forever frozen still, "Hallelujah," by PentatonixFrom the album: A Pentatonix Christmas, 2016Lyrics You'll Love: Well baby, I've been here before/I've seen this room and I've walked this floor/I used to live alone before I knew ya/And I've seen your flag on the marble arch/And love is not a victory march/It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah, "Thinking Out Loud," by Ed SheeranFrom the album: x, 2014Lyrics You'll Love: So honey now/Take me into your loving arms/Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars/Place your head on my beating heart/I'm thinking out loud/Maybe we found love right where we are. While you could debate about whether the wedding march is the most important part of a wedding ceremony, no one can disagree that it’s the part that carries the most emotion and drama. If so, these sweet songs to walk down the aisle to are probably top of mind for you anyway. If you are confident enough to do it, you’ll give your guests a wedding experience they will never forget. This is a sweet, heartfelt piano tune that is sure to have everyone reaching for the Kleenex! Getting married in a gorgeous cathedral? For those couples for whom actions mean more than words, this upbeat song brings all the things they want to say to the forefront. You might recognize this song from the movie Love Actually, or you might just melt at its bittersweet melody. Start partying immediately when you enter your wedding reception during this Nicki Minaj song. Whatever type you have in mind, we have here quite a number that could inspire you to find the best wedding songs for walking down the aisle. Don't be lost among the many options. More like “classic.” This song that lends a light, romantic atmosphere to any event. Up next, check out our list of the most fun wedding songs for 2020. 24. The type of music that will have the guests all bubbly and the wedding ceremony alive. Enter your email address below and we'll help you reset your password. Our Love Is Here to Stay - Natalie Cole, This classic jazz song is all about lifelong love, which makes it perfect to walk down the aisle to. Colbie CaillatFrom the album: We Sing. OutKast – Hey Ya! With heart-touching lyrics, Truly Madly Deeply is a fantastic addition to your list of unique songs to walk down the aisle to. In addition... We taug. Do you love cartoons? You can feel the words through your soul as you listen to the love in this sweet, romantic song. For a dreamy wedding straight out of a fairy tale, you might want to consider classic walking down the aisle songs. Endless Love – Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. "Flightless Bird, American Mouth," by Iron & Wine, From the album: The Shepherd's Dog, 2007Lyrics You'll Love: Have I found you?/Flightless bird, jealous, weeping/Or lost you?/American mouth/Big bill looming, "Skinny Love," by Bon IverFrom the album: For Emma, Forever Ago, 2007Lyrics You'll Love: And I told you to be patient/And I told you to be fine/And I told you to be balanced/And I told you to be kind/And in the morning I'll be with you/But it will be a different kind/And I'll be holding all the tickets/And you'll be owning all the fines, "Everything Has Changed," by Taylor Swift feat. Bruno Mars’ famous song is a lively rhythm that will awaken your audience. The yearning tones and haunting melody make this song a great option for your walk down the aisle, and will ensure there isn’t a dry eye in the ceremony. 40+ Amazing Songs To Walk Down the Aisle To . What Is a "Change-the-Date" and Why Is It Relevant Now? Wedding recessional country songs can perfectly end the ceremony part of your day and get everyone ready to celebrate and dance! Jazz music features steady beats and rhythms and is characterized by improvisation. Choose this song for a noisy round of applause. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk. This is where Vitamin String Quartet can step in and save the day. Hopefully your guests will understand and appreciate your irony. The Bangles – Walk Like an Egyptian. As you walk down the aisle to Train's 'Marry Me'your eyes will connect and your love will lift you high above the clouds. It tells the story of finding your best life in your partner and living it to the fullest. We doubt it! These old songs were once new as well, so it doesn’t hurt to add some modern day music to your playlist.

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