Gray[6] [12], As the Republic forces entered the sewage ports themselves, Saxon, Kast, and several other super commandos waited in hiding to spring their trap. This article would benefit from the addition of one or more new images. [6], When Ezra feigned ignorance of the rebellion, Saxon reminded the boy that he was a seasoned Mandalorian warrior and not a fresh-faced Imperial Academy graduate. Reaching the undercity, he escaped into the sewage ports in order to set a trap for the former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano. [6] Saxon was able to take on Sabine Wren in a lightsaber duel but was outwitted by the younger warrior, who had learned lightsaber techniques from Kanan and Ezra. [6] By his governorship, his hair color had changed from blond[5] to gray. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. No thought impulsive overreaction to Range Trooper. By this time, the Republic had been notified of the events on Ord Mantell and sent an attack on the outpost. In SWGoH ist sein Kit gut, aber es ist abhängig von Gegenangriffen und Assists. 0%: 1 : 0: Weak Team. Ursa informed him via holo of her daughter's arrival along with two Jedi. Human[4] Yeah mechanics show math being way off. [6], Saxon and his Super Commandos facing Sabine and her rebel companions, Saxon had Ezra brought to an empty hut where he proceeded to interrogate the boy. In SWGoH ist sein Set ein gutes, aber es ist abhängig von Gegenangriffen und Assists, also erhöht seine Überlebensfähigkeit seine Effektivität. Am I missing something? Screenshots? Saxon could only watch his burning ship as the rebels and Rau fled into space. I get that part, but Range troopers assist unique won't trigger during enemy turns, and Gar's unique only works during enemy turns. Depending on who you use him with in an Empire squad that survivability can differ – with Royal Guard you may want more of a Health focus where as used with Grand Admiral Thrawn more Protection is the logical choice. It looks like you're new here. That was the source of all my confusion - I knew Gar wouldn't assist any of the assists generated by Range trooper, and was struggling to see how RangeTrooper would be any better for Gar than, say, CLS rebels with Han and Leia (a fun team its own right). Physical description Or swap Gar to lead to grant everyone a counter chance in general. Chronological and political information 0. scuba. Haupt Augenmerk: Potenz ist der Schlüsselbereich für Gar Saxon. Mandalore[1] 1817 posts Member. Last update: June 4th 2020. [3], Before the massacre could happen, however, Rau broke into the stronghold, surprising everyone and giving the Jedi their lightsabers, causing the stronghold to erupt in a fierce firefight. A wise player will debuff Shoretrooper and focus Saxon at first so this kind of team should deal enough burst cause their own mechanics will quickly fall apart. After Maul's defeat, Saxon again swore loyalty to an outsider, this time the Empire. The two threatened to leave the Shadow Collective if they were not paid what they were promised. [9], After freeing Maul, Saxon took him to Zanbar's secret Shadow Collective base. After Saxon threatened to dig out of Chopper's memory circuits, Ezra claimed that Fenn Rau had sent him. Saxon ended the transmission and continued to fire his blaster at the troopers before using his jetpack to fly into the undercity with several other super commandos while being pursued by several clone troopers. 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