With some states now allowing same-sex marriage or unions, the next step being taken is starting a family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than they once were, not only figuratively, but in a legal sense. He explained that, “everyone knows” except of course, his parents. According to Rose Chapman’s (RN, PhD, MSc, Professor of Emergency Nursing,) study of LGBT parents accessing healthcare found the most positive experiences were directly correlated with the attitude of the provider, specifically by not passing judgement or making assumptions, and simply focusing on the reason for seeking health care, rather than the fact of their sexuality. The hardest part about my son’s essay wasn’t the coming out. However, Anthony Kennedy (senior Associate Supreme Justice on the Obergefell v Hodges case) believes just the opposite stating “marriage is essential to parenthood and child rearing, an even greater factor than that of the sexual orientation of the parents” (Khimm). I tried to excise cliché and rearrange a couple of paragraphs. All of a sudden the decision of parenthood becomes a whole nation’s business. The air was cool, but not bracing. This was seemingly an outcome of 2015’s Obergefell v Hodges case as it ruled the legalization of gay marriage in all fifty states. Because this news arrived so quietly and under deadline, I felt like I had to attend to the essay revision when instead, I wanted to say something. There were balloons. I hope and trust that no matter what the admissions people decide, he knows, as we do, what a brave and wondrous declaration it was, and is—and that although he might not profess to care, we heard him. “I don’t talk about real things with you,” he assured me. He’d asked me to sift through stilted, earnest words he hoped would illustrate all that thoughtfulness and emotion, and those ideals he held with such deep conviction. Bowing down to the porcelain god, I emptied the contents of my stomach. The most important factor overcame prejudice in the law, now the barrier has become prejudice in society. It’s nothing groundbreaking or unusual, and it occurs in millions of homes every day since the beginning of time. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at his insistence to witness it. The big controversy is whether or not homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children or whether the “step-parent,” which is actually, The conception that lesbians and gay men may be parents is frequently perceived in today's society as impossible or immoral. One kid can’t find their other shoe, another’s begging mom to braid their hair before the bus arrives, and the … So what would change if the family was headed by two dads? One of these matters that has garnered attention is gay parenting. Throughout the college-seeking process, we’d taken many walks and discussed schools he found most intriguing. Our response, if muted and cautious, came with love—and pride. His takeaway about belonging — to the queer community and to the world of activists and change makers unwilling to tolerate injustice when the potential to ask for a better world existed — affirmed him. After dropping kids at daycare, I returned to City Hall. Homosexuality has been a sensitive subject in society for a long time, and in recent years, it has sparked both support and controversy in areas such as legalizing gay and lesbian marriage and various other matters that have arisen surrounding the movement towards equality of treatment and integration into society. If he is taken away from them, he will lose the only family he has ever known. al). Gay parenting is an issue that affects a great number of people worldwide. Steve and Roger can not adopt Bert, who is 10 years old, because a Florida law banning gays from adopting prohibits it. Eventually, an email arrived, subject line “Main Essay.”. Many LGBTQ people spoke out about these events in hopes of clearing their minds, starting conversations and finding progressive paths forward. In the middle of his college application essay, filled with big ideas about a more ideal and just world, he came out. Although homosexual marriage is not allowed in some states, the anatomy of the person, whether male or female, hardly allows them to reproduce without sperm or ovaries. Join On Parenting on Facebook or at washingtonpost.com/onparenting. Recently, the debate about gays having the right or ability to parent has become a hot topic, due to the expanding gay community. I hoped that he’d say… something. The role of gay parenting is ruining; the traditional family aspect of a childhood, the way the children are treated in schools, and it also is a threat to religion. Sure maybe the braiding might take a little longer, or the waffles might be a little burnt, but the bottom line is the same; two families, two parents, a couple typical parental struggles, and a whole lot of love. It’s normal for these families everyday, it’s society’s turn to become tolerant. So we agreed to the Tuesday in D.C. That May morning years earlier, I’d breathed a tiny bit easier as I imagined what it might be like for my children to marry the person loved and chosen with legal protections in place. It involves two men who adopt children and raise them as their kids. The Controversy of Gay Parenting One kid can’t find their other shoe, another’s begging mom to braid their hair before the bus arrives, and the dog just tracked mud through the back hall. No one imagined just how quickly that might happen. There are various ways of adopting children, including agency adoption, independent adoptions and the identified adoptions (Golombok et al., 458). After all, gay parents share the same motives as traditional ones; to raise happy, healthy children in the right environment. With its recent arrival into the society, not more than 30 years, surrogacy is allowing couples to explore new ways to grow their families when nature doesn’t allow them the chance of doing so (insert Reference). The gist of his essay was about the sense of home he experienced in that exuberant crowd. My first official job after graduating from college was with my alma mater’s admissions department, where I’d been working part time since my freshman year.

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