With the fall of the Abbassid power the eastern califate went to ruin. . They were under a "ḥakam bashi" appointed by the Sublime Porte. p. 293; idem, "Hebr. The vilayet formerly extended from Diabekr to Yemen, with the Persian frontier as its eastern border; but in 1878 the vilayet of Mosul was separated from it, and in 1884 also that of Bassora. Abu Imran al-Za'farani, the founder of a new sect, was born in Bagdad in the ninth century (Graetz, ib. Find Address, Phone Number, Contact Details, customer care, email office address, reviews & ratings. In Diwaniyah, protesters marched toward local government offices. According to him, some of CAPPA’s recommendations to resolve the water crisis includes immediate steps on the part of the Lagos government to provide portable drinking water for the Oworo and Gbagada communities; LWC immediately replaces old and broken pipes in the communities with the pipeline right of way avoiding the gutters to avoid breaches. He says that they lived in a certain part of the town in which their "kanis" (synagogue) was situated. According to Benjamin, there were at his time in the city 23 synagogues, 1,000 Jewish families, and 10 yeshibot (rabbinical schools). . Wiener, p. 50; Sambari, in Neubauer, "Medieval Jewish Chronicles," i. Source / Photo Credit: lagosstate.gov.ng . der Juden," v. 479). Visit VConnect for Local Government Education Authority, Shomolu in Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos. 18). Trade is a major component of the economy of Kosofe LGA with the area hosting a number of markets which include the Binukonu and the Ojota markets. Very little is known concerning the Jews of Bagdad during the following period, and we can only find a few notes here and there in the works of travelers who have passed through the place. 16. 373). The yeshibah had then sixty pupils, who were in the charge of Abdullah benAbraham Seumech. These regulations were first renewed by Harun-al-Rashid (786-809), who ordered that Jews and Christians should wear distinguishing marks on their clothing, refrain from riding on horseback, and suffer other similar humiliations. Residents of Oworonshoki and Gbagada in Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos State have raised the alarm about the lack of public water and basic social amenities in their communities. Though the Jews inhabited a certain quarter of the city, to live in that quarter was not compulsory upon them. According to Ḥai (died 1038) the Bagdad Jews of his day were accustomed to say the 'Abodah of the Day of Atonement both at the morning and musaf service (Graetz, ib. iv. There is also a Jewish apprentices' school for the education of Bagdad boys along industrial lines. Earlier, CAPPA Programmes Director, Philip Jakpor, explained that the COVID-19 pandemic made the visit more expedient. 26, p. 202; iv., No. The relation of the Jews to their non-Jewish brethren seems, for the most part, to have been amicable. Afterward these restrictions were relaxed, but were again imposed by Al-Mutawakkil (880), who went so far as to convert the synagogues into mosques. A. Benisch, pp. Maimonides' favorite pupil, Ibn Aknin, had formed a plan of opening a school at Bagdad for the purpose of propagating his master's teachings.   Kosofe LGA was created on the 27th day of November 1996. He was answered in the same way by Jacob ben Samuel (Graetz, "History of the Jews," Hebrewtransl., iii. 44). using the search function. The Yoruba language is commonly spoken in the area while the religions of Islam and Christianity are widely practiced in the area. 115). In 1876 and 1877 the city was attacked by a plague, and the Jews suffered terrible hardships in consequence. It was a home for Jewish learning; and a number of men prominent in the history of that time had their home there. According to local Jewish tradition this is none other than R. Jose ha-Galili. 1045). This is corroborated by the evidence of the Rev. They also lamented what they described as “betrayal” by their elected representatives at all levels of government, whom they accused of serially reneging on promises of providing lacking social amenities for them. There were no reports of violence there. The most prominent heads of the yeshibot were at that time Ali and his son Samuel. 15, 25, 31, 81; G. Le Strange, Baghdad under the Abbaside Caliphate, p. 150, Oxford, 1900; M. Streck, Die Alte Landschaft Babylonien nach den Arabischen Geographen, Leyden, 1900, p. 85; J. J. Benjamin II., Eight Years in Asia and Africa, pp. At the time of the calif Al-Mutaḍid the Jews of Bagdad fared well on account of the kind treatment accorded to them by the vizier 'Ubaid Allah ibn Sulaiman. to look for water and most times spend as much as N1,000 a day to get water from private water vendors. 306, 308). The Queensland Local Government Directory provides contact details and locality maps for Queensland's 77 local governments. Kosofe LGA consists of the Ikosi-isheri and the Agboyi-ketu LCDAs and shares boundaries with Ikeja, Ikorodu, and Somolu LGAs and with parts of Ogun state. 538 et seq. Being situated on the left bank of the Tigris, the town was in close proximity to the two centers of Jewish spiritual life, Sura and Pumbedita. The Jews of Bagdad make pilgrimages to it once a month. The gaon Aaron ibn Sargada (943-960) came from Bagdad, and it was here that his relative, Kasher ibn Abraham, was called upon to settle a dispute in which he had become involved (Graetz, ib. ; Haggai i. The Jews were at that time divided into Persian and Arabian. Of the nine synagogues which Benjamin the Second mentions, eight were situated in one court; while the ninth was a large building, resting on sixteen columns, called "Bet ha-Keneset Sheik Isaac Gaon," in a side room of which building the body of that saint was interred. According to Cuinet ("La Turquie d'Asie," ii. Armenian intrigues, however, occasioned his fall, and he was put to death between the years 1820 and 1826 at Adalia in Asia Minor (Franco, "L'Histoire des Israélites de l'Empire Ottoman," p. 132).

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