Among the cities were the COG capital, Ephyra, and the neighboring city of Jacinto. Though she was never present on the battlefield, she was the undisputed leader of the Locust Army and the top of the Locust hierarchy, leading the Horde with ruthless tactics to exterminate all threats to the Locust Horde, both Human and Lambent. Drones seemed to have a low-tolerance for bright lights. This class was an organization known as the Theron Guard. The Berserkers were the largest of the Locust Horde, with natural armor plating and incredible strength. After the detonation of the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon, the bodies of the Locust began to crystallize into an impenetrable, Imulsion crystalline shell. One of their main differences from humans is that all Drones are covered in a thick, white hide which has gone pale, … Myrrah's forces engaged in the Second Battle of Azura with the COG, the Gorasni and the Lambent. Uzil RAAM then ordered to open fire on the Gears defending Haldane Hall. Toward the end of the first year against the Locust Horde, it became clear that the Locust were advancing on Ephyra on land and would soon overrun the Coalition and the rest of Sera. Boomers use boomshots, Grinders use mulchers, Maulers use explosive flail and boomshield, Butchers use large butcher's knives, Tremors can summon Seeders to the surface, Flamers use scorchers, and Savage Boomers use the digger launcher. This gave the message to everyone on Sera they are not the only intelligent species on the planet. Killing Humans, Lambent, and anything else that is not them. That's not an enemy. She still killed everyone anyway and took the Locust underground, Myrrah's conscious now possessing her daughter Reyna's body as the new Swarm Queen, may be a reference to how Myrrah's stem cells were instrumental in the development of the hybrid creatures the Sires, making her not just the queen but the genetic progenitor of the entire Locust race, while she didn't physically birth them, her DNA was combined with that of various hollow creatures to create the first true locust from the Sires, Niles indicates her unique genetic makeup gave her a resistance to aging and disease as well as Imulsion, as a result she doesn't look much older than middle aged despite the New Hope experiments having taken place unspecified generations ago; long enough for the escaped New Hope test subjects to breed a massive army, he wiped out a squad of Onyx Guards (the most elite of COG troopers), and later, Alicia Valera. during the Winter of Sorrow - in which they sieged the nearby town of Landown. Trained to relentlessly stalk and engage humanity, they are the powerhouses of the Locust Horde. The Scrolls contained verses and mantras that explained how to communicate with Riftworms and Rockworms. Scale 1-10 where would you say you are on the authority level? When Vold RAAM convinced Queen Myrrah that they shared the same vision of invading the surface, exterminating the humans, and escaping the Lambent, Queen Myrrah demoted Uzil Sraak to Vold. Any type of negotiation with the Locust failed and would lead into the events of Gears Of War. A Locust Drone who worked his way up the ranks in the Locust Horde, RAAM led the Locust army during the Lightmass Offensive and served as the Final Boss of the first game. The Locust Horde was a matriarchal society divided into multiple castes. November 3, 2020, 11:43 am, by Those most afflicted were the miners of Imulsion and their children. This resulted in the creation of the Sires (predecessors and parents of the Locust Horde). The Locust had undergone a twenty-five year hibernation in which they evolved inside their shells, becoming Scions. RAAM spent only one year as a Maag of the Locust Army and arose to the rank of Theron Guard, but was then exiled from the Guard and made Vold.

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