However, with the story of Hijikata's past, Tetsunosuke becomes inspired and is officially a working member of the shinsengumi. Unsurprisingly, Gin and Hijikata have very different ways of doing things, causing drastic changes to be made to the Shinsengumi and the Odd Jobs crew. What brought the show to the forefront was the fight with Katsura, Harusame, and Gintoki in this arc. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The way the conflict was resolved with the onmyoji tag team battles was absolutely hilarious, with the Pandemonium joke with Shinpachi just killing me. This arc tackles perhaps the most perplexing character in the series, Elizabeth., At the time this episode was broastcasted, the anime. However, the stakes just rise to a thousand as it gets revealed that Itou was a pawn of the Harusame in order to break apart the Shinsengumi, who are Edo's first line of defense against enemies. I thought this arc aimed to be a fun piece of development for the wacky land of Edo, and it did its job. However, after Tama is hurt, the entire town has it out for Gintoki and will stop at nothing to kill him. What ensues from here is a string of hilarious mishaps as the lie snowballs into a funeral procession that sees Kagura trying to find a way to come clean about the whole ordeal before she ends up legitimately dead. 265-2684 Lessons If I can only mention one thing that Rakuyou does exceptionally well, it's the fights. From that, we get hilarious antics, with our less than bright cast venturing the Renho base. The arc begins with Otose, Tama’s boss stating that she’s been acting odd. The centerpiece of this eight-episode saga is the visceral fight between Gintoki and Takasugi, a character presented as the main villain up until this arc. Sprinkled in between their blows are flashes to their past with Shoyo sensei and Katsura that just make each move they make a hundred times heavier and more impactful. It's only later revealed that Gintoki is the reason behind the spread of this disease due to an incident that occurred in the Joui War. The end of the storyline took quite a toll on Nizou but seeing him fight Gintoki was a spectacle to watch. To many, this is Gintama's first venture into the world of intense, heart pumping story arcs. Except that it isnt Elizabeth, it's actually Monday Elizabeth, who I will shorten to ME for the sake of convenience. Words cannot describe how much I love the Shinsengumi, and that fully translates to the Shinsengumi central arcs. She was where the real emotional depth of this arc layed on. 3. This leads them to meet King Leukocyte who is another Gintoki, and he joins the party. This fight takes them to Kagura’s home planet, Rakuyou where all forces combine to fend off Utsuro from obtaining what he wants. <----- this is the poll with the series I plan to do arc rankings on. This is where we think that Otose got killed at the hands of Jirocho, and where Gintoki just goes insane in one of the most hard hitting yet somber moments in anime. Yes, even on IMDb. It's Gintama at its finest. It's all perfect comedy fuel with Gintoki freaking out, but it then starts to become more profound, as we see just how heavily Gintoki impacted all these characters' lives with his goofy antics, antics than Kin-san just can't replicate. For the longest time, we had this feud between Okita and Hijikata being played for laughs, and I thought that we were never gonna get the reason as to why it started. However, out of fear, the shogun makes an agreement with the aliens that results in the ban of samurai swords and allows the aliens to live amongst the humans. It's a genius arc that fully deserves this list's first perfect score. Gintama is mostly comedic in tone, but the anime has also been shown to have some serious arcs too. In this arc, Nobume and Sasaki get their turn in the spotlight, and their story is explained. 8/10. It's probably my favorite character introduction in Gintama, where he casually lops off Yaemon's head, with the insane guitar lick blasting in the background. The Silver Soul Arc is not the best arc in Gintama, but it is the greatest when it comes solely to action. The anime makes sure to make crude jokes due to Kintama meaning testicles. We get to see Kyuubei start to build up as a character, showing us her drive and growth when the arc progresses. It's a beautiful scene to conclude a beautiful arc. It was such a beautiful way to develop the relationship between these two characters that we've followed from the beginning. The averaging rating of an arc's episodes will be used as the main metric. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. First time ever a serious arc started right after another and started off depressing right away. When it looks like it’s over for Gintoki, Tama and Kagura’s dog Sadaharu appear, and Tama tells him Kintoki hypnotized everyone into forgetting him. Gintoki comes home one day and finds that he has been replaced by Kintoki who everyone likes a lot better than him and the series is also renamed Kintama. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that every single episode contained a twist that I would have never seen coming that just dropped my flipping jaw. After the second character popularity poll is released, Shinpachi sits alone in a restaurant bemoaning his placing in 8th. Rokkaku Arc Release Date The Benizakura was a really cool plot device, and seeing it overtake Nizou was kind of heartbreaking, although it did lead to that awesome fight between Nizou and Gintoki. The latter two are what spark the events of this story arc. When this arc came out it was the best Gintama arc.

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