You might ask, “Why is this?”. This trail is very popular in the Red Lodge area, and many boots have worn a nice trail. The lake itself is beautiful- a description used commonly in the Beartooth Mountains. Because of this, you can usually enjoy this trail from May until November. Keep going. Make sure to keep a sharp eye out though, this trail is full of surprises! Losing the trail early on can mean navigating around wet marshes, tall hills, and steep cliffs. If your truck or SUV can handle the road, you’ll be rewarded with the opportunity to hike to four different lakes in the basin. This allows for more panoramic views over the distant peaks. Other than the dam, and a small house by the dam, the lake is in the same condition that Mother Nature left it (albeit a little bigger). Please choose a different date. The trail begins on the north side of the trailhead parking lot, which is clearly marked. The hike to Rock Island Lake also offers an excellent opportunity to view wildlife such as moose and deer. First stocked in 1938, the golden trout at Sylvan Lake are well known in Montana for their genetic purity. Known to travel in swarms numbering in the trillions in some years, it is believed that the grasshoppers found in the glacier may have been caught in severe storms and perished. Curl Lake, located in the Beartooth Mountains, is an interesting lake. Curl Lake blurs the definition between lake and river (it’s neighbor Broadwater Lake is technically the same lake), and the trail is an adventure in itself. Continue reading “Calamity and Sentinel Falls- Beartooth Mountains” ». And I thought the WY "side" (Shoshone Park instead of MT's Custer Park) was much more beautiful than the MT side. plateau, almost cloudless, wildlife everwhere, downhill skiers, Also had a snowball fight at one point. At the height of the highway at Beartooth Pass you're 10,947 feet above sea level, almost literally the 'Top of the World'. Gaining a little under 600 feet over the course of three miles, the trail is relatively flat, and easy for children to hike. Although many hikers each year start this trail, very few hikers make it as far down the trail as Island Lake. Location: Montana, Rocky Mountains, United States, North America; Latitude: 45.0033° or 45° 0' 11.9" north; Longitude: -109.532° or 109° 31' 55.2" west; Elevation: 9859 feet (3005 metres) GeoNames ID: 5654288 ; Also Known As. The packed dirt, rocks, and wooden beams all add to the structure of this trail, and make this trail such a pleasure to hike. It’s much easier to carry a compass/GPS, and avoid losing the trail entirely. My wife and I accompanied our son and his two young boys on a hike on the Beartooth Trail. The lake itself is gorgeous, with a waterfall at the inlet, and a sturdy bridge at the outlet. The 6 miles of trail to Crow Lake climb more than 2,700 feet, most of which is in the first few miles. This makes the hike a perfect first hike for small children, or a quick hike for travellers passing through the area. You can easily tell that this trail is going to be steep at this point- even the trailhead itself is on a hill! Continue reading “Crow Lake- Beartooth Mountains” ». Continue reading “Huckleberry Lake- Beartooth Mountains” ». If scenic drives are your thing, do not miss this. Hotels with Military Discounts in Wyoming. Continue reading “Woodbine Falls- Beartooth Mountains” », If you’re looking for a nice lake to hike with the family to, it’s hard to beat Sioux Charley Lake. At seven miles from the trailhead (technically about eight miles), the lake is a good day hike for strong hikers, or a good day trip for moderate hikers camped at Elk Lake. We hiked 2 miles to the falls. This hike is also rare in that it is relatively low (5,300 feet), so it is clear of snow early in the year. The fishing usually won’t disappoint, either. Superior mountain scenery, excellent trout lake, stream fishing, backpacking mecca , nice. The lake is tucked in a small bowl beneath an interesting ridge rimming the eastern edge of the Beartooth Plateau. Continue reading “Lady of the Lake- Beartooth Mountains” ». An easy day hike in the Beartooth Mountains, Lady of the Lake is a great hike for small children or beginners. I, Beartooth Mountains; Hiking and Fishing Paradise, See the geysers in Yellowstone, but if you want to see a more spectacular, less-congested and cooler place, explore the Beartooth Mountains (and Highway Pass) just north of Yellowstone NP. When you drive to the trailhead, you’ll be reminded of this fact. Driving to the trailhead can be considered an adventure itself. The views get more and more spectacular every foot higher. If the blue-green waters, dense lodgepole forests, and jagged granite spires of the East Rosebud Plateau don’t take your breath away, the hike there certainly will.

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