Because of this, the Great Retriever does not do well being left alone for long periods of time and the Great Dane, in particular, is prone to separation anxiety. How about this beaut? You’ll need to brush your Chow Shepherd regularly, especially when they’re shedding during the summer and winter. This imposing canine can weigh up to 190 pounds and is considered a high-energy dog. Any potential American Bull Dane should be aware of these risks. The Chow Chow has deep-set eyes and its face is covered by folds of skin, which can cause eye problems. Featured Labrador Mix Article. This pup does exceptionally well in families of all types, even those with children and other animals due to their patient and tolerant nature. To find your perfect puppy, navigate our Lab Mix puppies page below! This doesn’t mean they’re known for snapping at people, as they love everyone they meet. There are multiple considerations you’ll need to think through if you intend to adopt one of these gentle giants! The Great Dane American Bulldog Mix grow to 27 – 35 inches in height and weighs between 100 to 200 pounds on average. With two giant breed parents, this hybrid can reach can impressive sizes, generally falling between 110 to 230 pounds! The Great Dane is popular for having a good temperament. Their instincts drive them to be wary of strangers and may alert owners by barking. These pups are protective like a German Shepherd, but friendlier with strangers than a purebred. However, given proper attention and playtime, this mix makes a wonderful companion who is loving and gentle towards children and other animals. They are protectors, and extremely loyal to their families. painstaking to feed one’s mixed dog. Dachshund Great Dane Mix = Great Dachshund, This combination of a gentle Great Dane meets, and a feisty Dachshund makes a. Mixing Doberman genes with the Great Dane produces the Doberdane. . Generally, these dogs are very healthy, with a life expectancy of around 12 years. This is a pretty common mix Pitbull mix, but not as popular as some others. Please drop us a comment on what you think of our combinations and remember to send us a photo of your pride and joy Great Dane cross-breed. , but with proper obedience training can help. But this habit does not inhibit it to be a great watchdog. They are not considered a loud breed and in fact, rarely barks. They are intelligent, devoted, extremely friendly, and very affectionate. The GSD is fiercely loyal and highly trainable. Huskies are known to be stubborn and a challenge to train. Great Dane Poodle Mix, as most fondly call them as Great Danoodle or Great Danepoo, doesn’t like to be left alone. If you have the budget and room for this giant-size breed, they will reward you endlessly with the devotion, love, and gentleness this hybrid is known for. A properly trained and socialized Doberdane will be gentle, affectionate and very loyal. 1:08. A mix between an Anatolian Shepherd and a Great Dane is known as a Plush Danois. It dislikes being left alone for long periods of time. Catahoula Great Dane Mix = Great Catahoula, The Catahoula Great Dane Mix are great family dogs that. Like many others we’ve highlighted, the Irish Dane is a gentle giant and is both devoted and affectionate with their family. Combining bloodlines of the Great Dane with the American Bulldog can result in this adorably relaxed creature called the American Bull Dane. Unlike most mixed breeds they, unfortunately, have a lot of health issues, and that is one of the reasons they are short-lived. Due to the Bloodhound’s deeply ingrained hunting instincts and strong prey drive, you should never let a Great Hound outside off-leash.

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