Interpreted this way, the story tells us that though we cannot control the other Fates, we can still have hope contained inside. (That this example of negative hope fits so well within the system of the psychology of hope is one of the reasons I think the psychological understanding doesn’t fully explain hope, helpful as it may be.). Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. In English, we’ve come to use the term “hope” to mean acting courageously to bring about a future we perceive as positive, while in classical Greek the term had not taken on this meaning but was any action taken in order to bring about a future state. The Greeks had ambivalent or even negative feelings about "hope",[10] and the concept was unimportant in the philosophical systems of the Stoics and Epicureans.[11]. Courage is a hallmark of this second kind of hopeful person, since one must realize that one’s goal is not surely obtainable, and realistically take stock of one’s abilities. hope.--Hope, joy, and peace, form a triad which represents the attitude of the Christian in looking towards the future, and so far as that future is reflected on the present. Elpis was the personification of hope in Greek mythology, the daughter of the primordial deity Nyx. [4], A well-documented temple of Spes was built by Aulus Atilius Calatinus[5] along with Fides, as the result of vows (vota) made to these goddesses during the First Punic War. One fears that it is impossible, or at least that one has no pathways, motivation, or agency to get there. Continuing in my study of the term “hope,” I also ran across a really interesting article on Aristotle’s understanding of the term hope: “Aristotle on Hope,” by G. Scott Gravlee, which appeared in the Journal of the History of Philosophy in October 2000. Elpis hung on or was caught in the lip of the jar and did not escape before the lid was replaced. Kratos lain on the ground and dying, found solace in his actions, had finally forgiven himself for the murder of his family, and felt ready to let the Underworld take him. We would rather be apathetic, because feeling hurts too much. [9], The Greek counterpart of Spes was Elpis, who by contrast had no formal cult in Greece. His negative hopes would occur and he would reach his goal, so this fits the definition of hope. Together, my son and I eventually found the missing LEGO piece, and then we talked through the experience later. In ancient Roman religion, Spes was the goddess of hope. At the bottom however, underneath all the evils that poison/influence/corrupt the hearts, minds and souls of the humans, there was hope. We can also actively “hope” in a positive or a negative direction. As I’m working on developing an ecotheology of critical hope, I want to find out what the words we translate as “hope” in the Bible meant within their cultural milieu, how the authors of the Christian Testament received, utilized, and transformed these ideas, and ultimately how these stories and concepts have shaped our present culture. Hope seems to show up most fully in the lives of those who experience suffering and manage to transform it, through meaning-making, into hope. She advised him to seek out Pandora's Box once more, in order to use the power of Hope that she believed it still contained against Zeus. In English we don’t have a specific word for that, although when I was talking to my then-eight-year-old son a few months ago about hope, he expressed this kind of negative hope. 21, 2 [ET]; ad Magn. Kratos releasing the power of Hope to the world. Perhaps Pandora’s box (jar) is simply life itself, that huge, beautiful, uncontrollable and unfathomable mystery we cannot contain, and all we can do is hold tight to the lip of the jar as the Mystery and the Creative Power rushes past, like Moses in the cleft of the rock as the glory of God’s backside passes by (one of my favorite weird Bible passages, Exodus 33). Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In the Legend of Pandora, Pandorasimply could not resist the temptation of what was inside Pandora's Box. Spes - Goddess of hope. It did not abandon humans and, as suc… I really enjoyed reading this! 11 [ET] at the end; ad Philad. ~Gracie K. So glad this was useful for you, Gracie! But I’m not totally happy with this metaphor, because this sounds like we’re grasping and holding tight, we’re keeping the lid on, we’re bottling up whatever good things we can manage to catch hold of. It’s already there; it’s already within us—like when Jesus said that the Kingdom of God isn’t something we can point to as over there or over here, but it’s within us (Luke 17:21). So, the gods created Pandora, and gave her a bunch of “gifts” that led mainly to misery and deceit, but also beauty and hope. Imagining this in light of the present environmental context, however, is hope enough to keep all of the other evils that human beings unleash on the world from overwhelming and destroying us and the world’s ecosystems? (Disclaimer: this is not to say that we should seek out or cause situations where we can experience more suffering. Learn how your comment data is processed. Understanding how Greek culture viewed the concept of “hope” can help us understand the similarities and differences between the Hellenistic (Greek) concept of hope and the way the Greek term is used by first century Christian authors. I previously wrote about hope in Hebrew as well as the Greek goddess Elpis, who appeared in the story of Pandora. God of War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Optimism can be a type of not-quite-hope that does not take any courage. In addition to Elpis not escaping Pandora’s jar, she also cannot escape our solar system; Jean Chacornac discovered his final asteroid in 1860, and named his last discovery Elpis 59. Momigliano, "Religion in Athens, Rome, and Jerusalem," p. 75. After doing research on the concept of hope in psychology, I found this framework of hope useful, but not a sufficient understanding of hope from a faith-based perspective. Also, trying something else if one’s first idea fails is an important piece of hoping (one that Gravlee doesn’t really address here, but is addressed in other places by philosophers and psychologists). 776; Thucydides 3, 57; (cf. This shows a level of defeatism that has given up and doesn’t want to have to move through feeling fear and any other negative emotions, Overall, I find this ambivalence about the direction of hope to be a helpful way to think about our responses to the future. . Hesiod does not specifically say why Elpis remained in the jar. I think what I mean is that hope is something we already contain, something that’s already a part of us, and we don’t have to grasp for it or try to get it back from some ether of escaped dreams and unreachable gifts. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Elpis is the personification and spirit of hope. I’m not exactly sure what this has to do with Pandora, except that the idea of opening “Pandora’s box” usually refers to opening something that is mysterious and dangerous, but potentially alluring—a creative force that is so big and powerful that it can’t be controlled, and therein lies the danger. Due to the lack of reasoning on why she remained in the jar, there are many different interpretations on why Elpis did not escape, and still to this day, there is still great debate on this subject. She joins us today to celebrate the successful harvest and keep our hearts hopeful as the earth's plenty wanes. [4], A well-documented temple of Spes was built by Aulus Atilius Calatinus[5] along with Fides, as the result of vows (vota) made to these goddesses during the First Punic War. I wonder what makes people feel this way. Here are some more facts about Elpis: After Epimetheus accepted Pandora, she opened the jar, and all of the evil spirits (including sickness and death) escaped except Elpis. By metonymy, it denotes a. the author of hope, or he who is its foundation, (often so in Greek authors, as Aeschylus choëph. If we’re feeling fear, we can then choose to act positively or negatively, but if we no longer even feel the fear, that’s when we’ve really moved beyond the category of hope. Hope involves experiencing fear, and our response to that fear determines whether our action is euelpis (courageous good-hope) or self-sabotaging resignation: whether we’ve recognized our fear and decided to move in the direction of our hoped-for future anyway, or whether we’ve remained frozen by fear and intentionally taken actions (or intentionally not acted) to bring about our feared future.

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