I left my ticket information and within a week I had a date for the pre-hearing. Ask if you can pay the fine and take a non moving violation -this way there are no points on your record and they get the money they wanted. In that case, I actually went to the court. This is almost always the case in places like California. - Good luck. It was stressful for me to do, but I wasn't about to get points on my almost cleared record. Then you have to appear, and depending on the 'judge' that day, you will probably have a good chance of just paying the fine. Best of luck to you! Generally when you plead with explanation your fine will be reduced, but not your points and you don't have a good explanation here. However, in another case, I was involved in an accident that was my fault and I just wrote a letter pleading guilty with explanation, and they took off my points as well, and might have reduced the fine, but I can't remember. the ticket immediately goes on your driving record, the conviction is available to your insurance company, the police officer doesn’t have to appear. You have to be good now for several years. Pleading "not guilty" is not an option to me. K. ~ I am a former personal auto insurance underwriter. The benefit of pleading guilty with an explanation is that you may avoid punishment, or at least be handed a less severe penalty, for what you’ve been accused of doing. Tickets for bylaw infractions are issued by Bylaw enforcement and peace officers. These companies are seeking to mislead the public by trading on our good name – we have no affiliation whatsoever with any such Firm and they do not represent Ticket Defenders®. Just be certain that your record really is clean before you try this argument in court. Also with this option is it possible they could put it back up to the 31over. Thirdly, the insurance co. isn't going to know (right away) unless you tell them. by Ticket Defenders | Apr 14, 2011 | Traffic Ticket Defence Advice, Inquiry:  hi i am wondering if it is worth going to the justtice of the peace with a plead guilty with explanation. In that case, I actually went to the court. I was doing 60 in a 45 and the police officer (who was a cordial and decent man) wrote me up for the whole amount. Or lower my fine which is almost 400 dollars! _erq.push( I know this sounds really mean but how many times have you sped and NOT gotten stopped. Concerned, Am I Too Worried About Traffic Ticket. If you pay extra, they take it off of your record. Also, they won't charge you if they don't find it. If you have a clean record, all you do is go for the court date, not really pleading guilty or not, just asking for it to be "reduced" - about 99% of the time they will drop it to "impeding traffic" which is NO POINTS on your record, but is more expensive than a speeding ticket. There may well be a defence to your charge, but to determine if there is one we would have to set the option to a tentative trial date and request disclosure of the Prosecutor’s evidence. Pleading guilty with an explanation will not allow the Prosecutor to seek to have your charge ammended back up to the original rate of speed (although that could be done if the matter went to a trial).

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