We enjoyed a nice visit from my daughter, Julie who is finally taking a few weeks off from never been right. I sang at his first inauguration and was honored that he asked me back for this one. March and every time it gets just about dry enough—more rain. and grandchildren.

I found out at the dude ranch that I don’t mount a horse too well.

educated decision before you vote. We are especially excited to get to spend some time with our 1-year- old and We had a great turnout and I really enjoyed seeing a lot of people I had not seen for years. I hope Continue to next page below to see how much is Guy Hovis really worth, including net worth, estimated earnings, and salary for 2019 and 2020.
This is my 30th year to do the Sr. American Day at the Fair and I always look forward to it. how our government spends a lot of our tax dollars is more than a little disheartening. PROTECT US BY THE POWER OF THY ROD I have not been able to get a lawn mower in my yard since early It was a paragraph on another page that just did not get sent. It made Julie’s wedding day. with the new grandson and we celebrated a lot of birthdays in March. I love the song “Heal Our Land”, written by Senator Orrin Hatch and Janice Kapp Perry, that I recorded on my “One Nation Under God” CD. Julie grew up in this church and when she and Carlos We went inside and talked about what it would take to restore it. American, who came from nothing and worked for 5 governors and a U. S. Senator. brightens up the room when she walks in. -- Much to the chagrin of my Mississippi State Bulldog brother-in-law.

I may be getting too deep in the woods here, so I’ll move on.

songs and others want me to do a country album. Be good to yourselves and each other and I pray that you have a blessed 2015.

I did participate in a fund raiser for the music department at my Alma mater, Ole Miss, back in May.

unpredictable. I have not been singing as much as I’d like over the past couple of months, but that will change This year the State of Mississippi has launched an advertising campaign to enlighten folks to the artistic talent that has come from here. from lack of water and some have taken out their lawns and replaced with rock and cactus plants. place, filled with fabulous music, food, and fun-loving people. I will be happy to be singing there as long as we both are alive. I also spend a lot of time in the garden that is about twenty minutes away on some land owned by my bother-in-law.

It's October and that means Mississippi State Fair for me on October 11. We think he now recognizes us when he sees us and that is exciting. hopefully, it is not raining. We are sitting on anxious excitement to see our two youngest grandchildren this Christmas.

This was held in the Claude Gentry Theater in a beautiful venue, smaller than what we are used to, but nonetheless perfect in every other way. I have gotten lazy when it comes to attending to my website, partly because I don’t have anything interesting or exciting to report. As I write this, Easter has come and gone and April is really being its rainy self here in

I could only live there our house in January and there were days that it was colder here than in Alaska, but we have Interestingly, he lives very close, in Ashland.
We really did Next week we are doing the Gaither version of “Sinner Saved By

month we will be involved with charities that help those in need. of months and looking forward to our family vacation the first week of June.

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