i don't know how people are doing 30k dps if they are doing it fairly. It all equates to party survivability and longer durations of time in shroud. This is the effect that puts elite parties off to Power Reapers. you seriously waiting? in that case start on shroud, spear for combo and go trident. ; Marjory Delaqua is likely the first Reaper. Careful not to overcap too much. it is criminal that at this point in time there are still power classes doing less than 31-30k dps. Air sigil only goes off once every 3s, regardless of quick buffs. In other threads they say they do it by not using axe, but just camping gs/shroud. Overview. A lot of the newer fractals are introducing ridiculously large amounts of mob action. for molten furnace - it's possible to destroy the fire aoe projectile with shroud2 necrocopter, but it's much harder now since they fixed the trick where you do it without moving when facing camera down. This is useful if your group struggles to stay above 90% health to maintain bonus or a lot of res power is needed. As of this writing (January 2020) GW2 Necro is not the strongest class overall. You can facetank anything enemies try to hit you with while topping damage charts against groups of enemies or single targets. It is also capable of stripping boons if needed. anyway glanced over on the metabattle tips and tricks for fractals and I see some room for improvement: I've also heard people playing with Viper gear with a more condition/hybrid based build how does that compare? If you run with a pug in t4s, I'd highly suggest blood magic trait line for awesome rez support and some party heals. On Discord just after the buff people were pulling around 28-30k dps just in sitting in GS. actually i am bored and want to discuss things that have been discussed for forever ... ok then my most recent riper thought - would be cool to have elite skill and 2nd utility that is a good dps choice, instead of having to use minions. Perma quickness and 40% critical damage???? Scourge does all this much better. Many of the reaper’s traits gain benefits from chill or chill effects in some way. I've also heard people playing with Viper gear with a more condition/hybrid based build how does that compare? This is actually such a disgustingly good build. This buuld does not have a great deal of initial damage, but it maintains an excellent frequency of DPS through the fight, and as a necromancer, it has a great facility to survive, making life easier for the supports. © 2020 ArenaNet, LLC. Besides Shroud Knight, here are the other two reaper minor traits: condi reaper has objectively worse survivability unless you take parasitic contagion (huge dps loss). [&DQg1KzIlIj6iAKIAQAF0AYEAcwF1AXUBlQCVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=], https://metabattle.com/wiki/index.php?title=Build:Reaper_-_Power_Greatsword&oldid=106590, Offhand Dagger: For extra condition cleanse, Staff: Use when Zerging (see equipment section notes), In the event you need to swap utilities, trade out, If you need to trade out a utility, it should be. You should use weapon stow to reduce the aftercast of . Drawing on the themes of horror monsters, we wanted to express a sense of dread and weight behind each blow. 6 - Consume Conditions "Pretty much your only condi clear.".

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