if some bosses are bugged, you have to run tempest for their elite - rebound, it skips some wipes since it'll convert those deadly damage into healing. Really good groups don't even need the healing, and just take the Druid for the reliable might stacking. Finnkitkit.8304 Member Juli 6, 2018 Antwort Ich kann dir jetzt schon sagen, Open-World … The raid hp above 90% all time, faster and easy to use. and also very expensive to gear. Tempest Raid Healer- A build that makes raid bosses stupidly easy [VoD] Link to video guide. this had lots of mobility and mainly reactive, burst heals with a decent aoe heal ability. Create a shockwave that bleeds and immobilizes your target. The Tempest will put out a number of offensive additions to whatever it does passively as it attempts to heal. -Glenn Gynnafante. I do like the 1500 range of tempest, and rebound is great if your team knows to play around it. permanent Might, Fury, Regeneration, Protection and Vigor.You can combo field fire and blast for Might to great uptime. This said this build is still formidable and will suit to fill any main healer spot in raids. A build that i use since the beginning of HoT and Raid. But it is still easier to use than that. Strategy with Chronomancer don't use Tempest have to increase boons uptime.. If your group starts taking a lot of damage you can additionally switch to. i think when it comes to support, it varies from people to people, esp depend on their own experience and how well they run/know their contents. Opted to use Sigil of Water and Accuracy for the time being. Your most reliable CC comes from Deep Freeze and Gust. Use while attuned to earth for an AOE blind. For raw healing output, it's the only thing that can compensate for lazy pugs. lol. How rude! The Official API is experiencing issues; skill, trait and item data cannot be loaded at the moment. It keeps a good DPS (frost fan, ice storm abilities; percing shard masterie) by staying in the water stance and also can heal (soothing mist, water arrow...) , apply CC (deep freeze) and some conditions. Gain Condition Damage equal to 3% of your Precision, Gain Expertise equal to 3% of your Precision, https://metabattle.com/wiki/index.php?title=Build:Tempest_-_Auramancer_Raid_Healer&oldid=70104, All other armor, weapons, and trinkets are. Heals for a large amount, applies regen, and removes condis. If your group is not taking much damage, using all your utility shouts, aura skills and heal skill on cooldown should be enough to sustain everyone. A low-cooldown targeted AOE heal. Soothing Mist and regeneration tick for a lot of healing and, when combined, provide very strong group sustain. any ideas? Been using this build for a week now without the suggested sigils and love it. Overview This build for main healer it give auras for resistance mobs and boss mechanics.

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