Just go west on Highway 8 (the Tualatin Valley Highway) through Hillsboro until you see the Forest Grove junction with Highway 47. A small hook baited with a worm or other panfish bait and set 12-18 inches below the bobber works well and will keep the hook above any snags. Turn right at the signs and drive straight to the Park entrance (3.7 miles). You can switch back to using small fish and crayfish imitations, but plastic worms will also work well. Minto-Brown Park, in the Minto-Brown Island complex of the Willamette River, is an excellent location to find a great crop of crappie. We're excited to have you join a community of people eager to share their passion for fishing with one another. Another lake favorite is Berkley’s Frenzy crankbaits, particularly in a rainbow trout pattern. Perch are often easily caught from the bank once you find the schools. Fishing Henry Hagg Lake. A second spawning season typically comes in August or early September, drawing fish back to shallow areas. We don't have any guide or fly shop sponsored reviews for Henry Hagg Lake. Most people now are looking for that state record bass - it has been set 5 times from this lake in the last 30 years. Check with ODFW for possible regulation changes. Yet bullheads are fun to catch, good fighters and better eating than you might have been told when they are caught out of relatively clean water like in Hagg Lake. Located near Forest Grove, Hagg Lake is one of Oregon’s premier warmwater fishing locations, with populations of record-class largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie and bullhead. This is another under-appreciated fish at Hagg Lake, where they have been known to run thick but often on the small side. Look for areas where grass, aquatic weeds, root wads and other submerged structures offer fish cover. (We’ll cover more of the panfish opportunities farther down in this article.). Although Henry Hagg Lake is a great destination for beginners, it is popular among more experienced anglers as state record smallmouth bass and brown bullhead catfish have been caught here. Go left (south) on Highway 47 until you see the Scoggins Valley Park/Henry Hagg Lake signs (5.9 miles). Also see:Henry Hagg Lake Rainbow Trout Fishing. Last report on Hagg Lake for Crappie/Bluegill I saw was a number of years ago. 1-2-2020 Berkley’s Gulp Alive spray and Mike’s Lunker Lotion, in bass formulas, not only smell like dinner but help mask an angler’s scent. In fact, Hagg Lake can grow big bullheads and produced the current state record fish, which actually was caught by a crappie angler. Largemouth bass and cutthroat trout also are present. Local (from Hillsboro, OR): All Rights Reserved. Please remember to check with the local Fish and Wildlife department to ensure the stream is open to the public. Neither do we. Once you arrive, ask the attendant at the gate for information. Canoes, kayaks, paddle boats and small boats with electric trolling motors. In fact, Hagg Lake can grow big bullheads and produced the current state record fish, which actually was caught by a crappie angler. We also got help from members of the Oregon Bass & Panfish Club. Holdover hatchery rainbow trout can reach 6 lbs. Can I use a wire welder on an aluminum boat? Henry Hagg Lake, a reservoir used for water supply and flood control in the low foothills a few miles southwest of Forest Grove, has long been a popular rainbow trout-fishing spot close to the Portland area. The trout limit is the usual five per day, with an 8-inch minimum and only one allowed over 20 inches. Anglers will also find largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, and yellow perch. Henry Hagg Lake, 25 miles southwest of Portland, is an artificial lake in northwest Oregonhas a surface area of 1,153 acreas, at 304 feet in elevationand has an average depth of 51 feet with a max depth of 110 ft. Henry Hagg Lake is afully stocked lake for fishing with two boat launching facilities. If you have a blog that covers fishing reports for this please contact us! The sliding sinker allows the catfish to take the bait before feeling the weight of the sinker. 4 Great King Salmon Fishing Spots In Oregon. Located on Old Highway 47 on the way to the reservoir, the store carries bait and tackle for all species of Hagg Lake fish, in addition to food, beverages and other supplies. Kellogg Lake looks like some good float fishing from Google Maps, and I doubt it's closed to the public by looking at the location. These days, however, some of the most serious anglers here are after bass. A free membership gives you access to: Upload your own fishing reports for the community! Try pulling a mid- to deep-diving plug just out from the rocks of Scoggins Dam. The lake is generally closed to public access from late November to early March. For more information on stocking schedules for Oregon rivers and lakes, please visit the ODFW Trout Stocking website. Please note that still-fishing with bait might lead to more fish swallowing your hook and causing fatal injuries, so anglers intent on releasing their catch (including many bass anglers) ought to think twice about fishing with bait. Like other catfish, bullheads are most easily caught on bait including worms, cut fish or prepared baits. Join us as we discuss the Oregon Fishing License options, fishing rules and fishing regulations. Hagg Lake bass, both the smallmouth and the largemouth, tend to gather in the creek arms during the main spawning period in mid-spring and also when some bass return to nesting areas in late summer. Our Henry Hagg Lake fishing maps show areas we love to fish. Bluegill, a very common sunfish, aren’t always the most appreciated fish in Oregon, but they can be a lot of fun because they are willing biters and surprisingly good fighters. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including crappie, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, bream/bluegill, bullhead, perch, rainbow trout and cutthroat trout here. If using a computer/internet based directional program, the physical address of the Park is 50250 SW Scoggins Valley Road, Gaston, OR 97119. I've fished hagg lake for under two years now and its hard for bank anglers if you're aiming for bass and crappie. They are well-dispersed, but the coves are a pretty good starting point. Henry Hagg Lake is a reservoir is a water supply in the foothills a bit southwest of Forest Grove near portland. Try small to mid-sized lures in color patterns with greens, pumpkinseed, rainbow trout and various black and silver shades to mimic the reservoir’s large variety of forage. During a warm spring, the bass fishing can turn on in April, but May is more consistent. For crappie, use light spinning tackle and fish with a bobber and jig as shown in this guide. I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Tie a 12-18 inch length of leader below the swivel and attach a hook baited with worms or other panfish or catfish bait. The best bass fishing begins at Hagg Lake when the water reaches 58 degrees and the bass start going into spawning mode. Tips, tactics, gear reviews for everything from bass and bluegills to stripers and bluefish - if it's fishing related, we cover it. As temperatures warm, the smallmouth bass move to deeper water so fish along areas of riprap and in the south half of the lake near and along Scoggins Dam. These are pics from recent reports. Rapalas are popular for trolling for bass. Where you often will find crappie is around sunken structures. For smallmouth or largemouth, use spinners or other surface lures in the morning and evening, and during mid-day switch to jigs, plastic baits, or other lures that fish deeper. We’ve had a lot of success catching bluegill at Hagg just off the weed lines in several of Hagg Lake’s coves. Take Highway 26 (Sunset Highway) west to the Hillsboro exit at Cornell Road, and follow the road signs to downtown Hillsboro. Crappie are a schooling fish, so where you catch the first one, you have a good chance of catching more. Please call Lunch Express and Boat Rental at 503-927-5489. Henry Hagg Lake is a family friendly reservoir in Scoggins Valley Park in the foothills of Washington County fairly near Portland. A Bureau of Reclamation dam on Scoggins Creek creates the 1100 acre reservoir used to store water for irrigation and municipal use, and provide flood control on the Tualatin River. The long fishing pier located near Boat Ramp C is perfect for younger children. HookandBullet.com, a Montlake Media brand. Many anglers fish bait or even flies under a bobber, because these fish are usually in shallow water and often very close to shore. Keep in mind the daily bag limit on trout over 20 inches in length is one fish. If not, go find them. Don’t be afraid to fish in a spot only 10 minutes or so and then move down the bank if you don’t get a bite. Record-class largemouth bass and brown bullhead can be caught here. Website. During the summer, brown bullhead can be caught using bait fished on the bottom in deeper areas of the lake coves and arms. Bait can be added to the jig hook for additional attraction. They may also hold off docks, rocks and other structures. I..." Mill Creek. Still, there are some perch to filleting size and these are some of the tastiest small fish you can catch. In addition to smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, cutthroat trout, and … Henry Hagg Lake is a reservoir is a water supply in the foothills a bit southwest of Forest Grove near portland. A fish finder can be helpful in finding where fish might hold. Hagg is best known for its popular rainbow trout fishery, propelled by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s stocking program. The lake is now open year-round and is stocked regularly throughout the spring and fall. Try fishing them at different depths until you find them. Though not as plentiful as the smallmouth, largemouth bass can still be caught in the shallow areas during this time of year. Fishing Reports, Catching Photos, Fish Videos, You are hereUS / Oregon / Oregon Lakes / Lake Information for Henry Hagg Lake. This is a great time to take kids fishing as the weather is warm and panfish can still be caught using a bobber and bait fished close to the surface. Though we don’t know why fish hang out in schools, if could be to avoid predators, increase foraging success, or to swim more efficiently. Trollers aren’t just trout fishermen at Hagg. You'll have to search for spots and each spot is different every day. Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Western Oregon, ODFW weekly recreation report and regulation updates. Henry Hagg Lake Fishing Guide highlights the ins-n-out, most popular fish, bait and more at Henry Hagg Lake, Oregon. brand has been a lake favorite for many. If you're seeing reports from local fly shops and guides please take some time to visit their shops or websites! There also are some fallen trees, where crappie will sit in and beneath the branches and trunks. A simple still-fishing rig with a worm on a small hook is usually the ticket for these fish. Angling for bass and crappie is best in mid to late spring when the fish move into shallow areas to spawn. Hagg Lake, in Scoggins Valley Park (managed by Washington County), transitioned to year-round fishing in late 2015. Trout Fishing Tips - In Search of the Trophy Trout, A Few Little Known Secrets About Crappie To Help You Catch Them, How to Catch Trout: Lake and Rainbow Trout. The jig can be set at different depths until you locate the fish. The Oregon Bass & Panfish Club has sunk “spider block” structures in several parts of the lake, at different depths to help provide structure annual water fluctuations.

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