They all attended Guernsey Grammar School. Enjoy! The Sidemen often use the Guernsey stereotype as a joke against Harry, regularly referring to him as “inbred” and having an incestuous relationship with his family. also named “outer space” on wattpad @spacedvst ! Harry wanted to punch a wall. You are choosing her over me again!” Harry was very mad. No wonder this young man is the #17 in the most subscribed ‘YouTube’ channel in the UK! a septouple?” vik asked, peering up from his clasped hands as the rest of the boys stared pensively., Ethan gets into a car accident and has to learn to walk again. Being the kind of gamer than can literally spend every waking hour in his gaming seat and in front of a screen, all Harry needed was a platform to share his gaming videos. He has no one to try to impress or work for, he’s trying to make the most out of his final years of secondary school. There are moments where he wanted to give up but he quickly had his friends help him feel better again. The anger was bubbling up again. Read Separation Anxiety || Harry Lewis (W2S) from the story Sidemen & YouTube Imagines (& Smut) by wroetofanfic (meg) with 8,239 reads. It's the closest they had been in days and he just froze. Harry Christopher George Lewis Death – Popular Youtuber known as W2s or wroetoshaw is rumoured dead. Due to a mistake, Harry came along and discovered his secret. And in the year 2012, Harry found the right place that could do all justice to his top-notch ‘FIFA’ gaming techniques and created his first ‘YouTube’ channel called Wroetoshaw. To help get the word get out, please consider sharing this link with your friends and on your social media! 440.8k Followers, 1,285 Following, 333 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Rosie (@r0sielewis) the boy’s green eyes creased as he covered his mouth, another giggle leaving his lips. "Are you sure?" Harry has always been curious about boys. “why’re you laughing?” simon quizzed, an ironic smile reaching his own face. Also, his Afrika Korps was never accused of ANY war crimes and treated their POWs humanely. “For fuck’s sakes Simon! He is from Alderney one of the Channel Islands and lived there until his family moved to Guernsey in 2004. This is heavily-based on the book 'Disaster at D-Day' by Peter Tsouras, due to me being a fan of his WW2 AU stories. Ethan gulped, surprising himself when he lied. He's starting to think that it's not just the skyline that's beautiful. The Sidemen often use the Guernsey stereotype as a joke against Harry, regularly referring to him as “inbred” and having an incestuous relationship with his family. sidemen ot7 oneshots ranging from fluff to angst. But what is he suppose to do when he falls in love with the enemy? Betrayal. Ethan tries to take his own life, the sidemen try to cope. Simon questioned bluntly.Ethan froze, staring the wall. Ethan’s secret gets revealed when someone appears out of the blue. For the track, he uses, in his words, an “old- Few weeks later, however, he came clean and admitted that the car didn’t belong to him. And not only does this stress buster technique involve some of the most epic gaming videos, it is also blended with some over-the-top but hilarious commentaries. It hurt to be brutally honest, keeping it a secret from the boys, but saying the words hurt Ethan just as much. Harry “Wroetoshaw (W2S)” Lewis weighs in on the “Sidemen vs. RiceGum & KSI” beef by delivering a diss track of his own towards KSI. He never lied to his friends, that's just how he was. No Archive Warnings Apply, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (25), Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins (1), Olajide "JJ" Olatunji/Simon Minter/Josh Bradley/Vik Barn/Tobi Brown/Ethan Payne/Harry Lewis, Artemis (Percy Jackson)/Ruby Rose/Lita Mino, Jayden Cole (Wonder Woman)/Paige Matthews, Jasmine Wolff (Huntress)/Kendra James (Batwoman), Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Desert Fox Triumphant: Rommel beats the Allies in June 1944 (On Hold for Editing), Wolf-Gotz Freiherr von Berlichingen-Jagsthausen, Sigismund-Helmut Ritter und Edler von Dawans, SIDEMEN TINDER IN REAL LIFE (YOUTUBE EDITION). Wroetoshaw is a name that most social media gamers look up to and his strategies and skills are sworn by over million such aspiring gamers. “vik, please don't use big words, you know i don't know what they mean.”. His friends, and theirs. Simon aka miniminter is now an edgy gothic boi. Copyright © 2020 | Theme Design by The Arts of Entertainment, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window). Harry Lewis/Simon Minter; harry Lewis & calfreezy; Simon Minter; Harry Lewis; Calfreezy; Josh Bradley; Olajide "JJ" Olatunji; Vik Barn; Tobi Brown; Ethan Payne; Cal Airey; Paris - Freeform; bucket lists; Minishaw; Sidemen; cal being the best friend ever; Summary. The type of writing and spelling is inspired from the infamous "My Immortal" fanfic. It sounded like he was trying to convince himself rather than tell Harry. His world, and theirs. By now Harry’s body craved the taller boy’s touch so much that he was shaking. Then only 16 years of age, Harry was the youngest on the group, but his insane gaming skills were just as impressive as the pros! Please consider turning it on! Not to be taken seriously! Simon Minter hates his friends and is constantly trying to forget. Harry isn’t one to keep himself from flaunting his wealth on social media; his Lamborghini Garllardo, Audi A4, and his previously owned Range Rover were all on full display for his fans. Wroetoshaw whose actual name is Harold Lewis was born in Guernsey, on 24 November 1996, and lived there until the year 2014, after which he moved to London. According rumors Harry has a younger brother, Josh, and a younger sister, Rosie. Talia wasn’t even on Simon’s mind back then. His gaming channel can even be regarded as one of the best stress buster techniques. There’s still more to it that Harry’s channel has to offer; Wroetoshaw is also popular among the generation for its mad challenges and even some jaw-dropping pranks. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "It's so gorgeous," Simon mutters taking it all in. Vik has noticed something worrying about Harry's smiles. Thinks Harry might be the person that ties it all together”. So when he meets Alex at a party he takes his chance. Simon was really choosing Talia over him again. The other side is the enemy. He'd let himself regret staying in the morning”, {Is posted on Wattpad under a different user name}, (originally posted on wattpad under the same author name). I'm also a great admirer and deep respect for Erwin Rommel, the man who in real-life was well known for leaving an unparalleled legacy of humanity and chivalry on the battlefield. Josh was a... challenge you might say, and we all know Simon Minter can't resist a challenge. Wroetoshaw (W2S) a.k.a Harry Lewis is not just any other YouTuber; he is one of the best known e-gamers on social media! Harry Lewis is just having fun. He was on the verge of passing out and as he looked down and saw his legs twisted horribly. Masks, lies, deception. This incident made him a target of abuse among his fans over social media. Harry Lewis has a “bucket list” and he has 3 certain tasks left to complete before he’s 24, “They make there way up the tower and stop to catch their breaths. “I can't,” Simon whispered. Character List for TFI, a series I've been working on for years. If you’re someone that loves a bit of everything from unbelievable gaming sessions to prank videos that will leave you in splits for hours, then W2S is your go-to! “Why not?” Harry asks. If you’ve binge-watched Wroetoshaw’s channel, you’ll know that there is absolutely nothing that scares this guy: not the toughest level of ‘FIFA’ or ‘Black Ops’ nor having to take up some next-level challenge that most people would consider absolute madness. Showcasing his classic gaming styles to the world, Harry was invited to join one of the most happening gaming groups called ‘Ultimate Sidemen’. Harry currently lives with his best friends and also famous gamers, Calfreezy and Callux. Harry Christopher George Lewis Death – Popular Youtuber known as W2s or wroetoshaw is rumoured dead. Wroetoshaw whose actual name is Harold Lewis was born in Guernsey, on 24 November 1996, and lived there until the year 2014, after which he moved to London.

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