Your last sentence, did you mean to write “the day, ‘I’ confronted him”? Not something I’d normally do because I’m allergic to most all sea life so I can’t eat it and don’t enjoy the sport of the catch. Many times they would stay on the branches and I will sit there watching them until they fly off. Thanks in advance. As im typing this I just seen a big hawk being chased by sparrows. However the first this I spoke of was its tallons and how they fish with them. The plumber was in disbelief over what he had seen. This is very cool. Three weeks ago I had six seagulls act like hummingbirds one at a time. i have tried to read everything i can to help me understand, When it came back up, it flew straight back to it’s perch. I was given a talon that was able to be worn as a necklace. My Brother said it had tobe Heaven sent. I have been seeing Red Tail Hawks for the past 10 years, seems like I always notice them when others don’t, often by the highway sitting in trees during winter and enjoying the warm summer winds in summer. Musically or or have some strange story that’s moving? . but i think he was too shocked…. I’ve never seen anything weird or inexplicable, except these hawks. Open, surrendered, power. As soon as it came to mind I looked up and there was a rainbow and underneath the rainbow standing on top of the fence ten feet away was a Hawk. Every aspect of my life is a journey of growing lessons.. Last week, as I was fishing from my dingy, a hawk swooped down into the lake and caught a fish. I see them on the daily when I drive home on the freeway. We looked and it turned out to be a hawk hunting a smaller bird. I feel horrible and I’m racking my mind what spirit is telling me. Although I had seen many hawks before, and certianly many since, nothing has made me feel more certain the red tailed hawk is my spirit animal. Very uncommon. Just came back from a trip that took me to take care of my 90 and 85 year old parents, very stressful not because of them but to see the greed an wrong intentions from some of my brothers and sisters in regards of property and whatever my parents have, We are a Family of 12 very separated as if we come from different worlds, as I am the oldest daughter and very sensitive towards what is going on and have always had a good intuition about things, just the venom that runs through the Family and unable to mediate or at least have some peace before my parents go has left me feeling helpless and with extreme anxiety and depression, also I mention my son is having surgery on Wednesdsy, I was meditating this morning looking for answers when I turn my head to look through the French doors were I was sitting and one of the 2 doves that have been playing in my garden for 2 years crashed on one of the little Windows and behind her a hawk, I got up and open the door, the hawk flew to my tree while the five laid on the hound bleeding from its beak, I put her in my hand and caressed her till it died I didn’t know what to do but The hawk was looking at me during this few minutes, Ibdecided to put her on the ground and wait, in about 10 minutes he picked the dove and flew back to the tree, I look up and on the electrical wire cables above me was the doves partner, I have been crying and I don’t know what is going to happen to the other dove, now I am asking myself the meaning of this, I have always been able to see or feel things that will happen but I am through so much pain and stress right now I am lost, add to that problems with my relationship since I got back just trying right now to let it be! Only to see five red tails in my tree. Every morning for days after the hawk sat on the table on my porch. As well as a red tail hawk, all within a weeks time? just after burying my hawk, at dusk, i come inside my house, What I have written above is the hawks medicine. If this gift is underdeveloped, it is common for people with this power animal to have a tendency of over analysing everything. This has thrilled me but I do not know why. I’m Native and believed it’d bring luck but today I’ve questioned if it might be more than that. Today, one hit my window as I was driving. When the same animal keeps coming to you in real life or in a dream, it is bringing it's medicine to you. I was acutely aware that this is a message from the universe and would like some help to decipher the Hawks visit. We often see signs such as repeating numbers, animals, different events, etc. Well this is my story and it sounds like many others have some of the same experiences. As if they were trying to say something to me. We have had this red tailed hawk come and sit on my balcony twice now (which i think is amazing considering that i live in a condo building and he chooses my balcony out of hundreds). Forgive me for being nosy, but I just felt that I had to ask, it’s none of my business really.

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