For You Following. Upload video. w r love u, from Ukraine. Love the bell or chime type sounds that came in in the background towards the end on the verses!! Log in to follow creators, like videos, and view comments. Ghezal Enayat) on TikTok. Include this script into your page along with the iframe for a responsive media embed (thts wht she said). Dear Mr Q. Login. Bot-1da is a incredible producer, This song should’ve made the original version of the album, one of Q’s best, This shit is hard as fuck. Yay Yay Lyrics: Had pistols in my hands, had pockets full of oxies / Whole life I been a G, had bitches on the block / Had strippers on the pole, had cocaine in the pot / Got fiends at the door Ghezal Enayat) | 1 Posts. TikTok i18n title. U r fckng awesome. Essential reading before listening to this song, “Yay Yay” is ScHoolboy Q’s first single from his upcoming LP, “Oxymoron,” produced by Boi-1da and The Maven Boys. Q raps about growing up on Figg Street, similar to past songs like “Nightmare on Figg Street” and “Figg Get the Money.”. Home About Newsroom Careers ByteDance. Login. Whole life I been a G, had bitches on the block, That yay-yay (That yay-yay) That yay-yay (That yay-yay), I'm a drug dealing nigga, 'cause them grades ain't get me paid, See my daughter need some shoes and my mom work overtime, Keep that work, got that Oxy, need that kilo, call that papi, Keep my nina, just might off him, no them boys on Figg don't play, Most my life on 51st, went to school on 52nd, Used to fight on 49th, Grandma said be home by night, Still I love her, R.I.P., when she died, I took her place, I'm a drug dealing nigga, roll my cyc' on Hoover Street, Just a year after Pac died we all bump Suga Free, Didn't know what he was saying 'til them years done jumped to three, Learned the game, slanging hoes and every car door need a key, After crack it's Oxy next, but thank God the yay was yay, Out in Texas, what's the word, keep them packs and that's for sure, Essential reading before listening to this song Singers: Nazir Khara & Ghezal EnayatSong: Hay Yay Yay (Guitar)Music: Khara ProductionDirected by: Arian AfsharPowred by: Khara ProductionCopyright: Khara Produc “Yay Yay” is ScHoolboy Q’s first single from his upcoming LP, “Oxymoron,” produced by Boi-1da and The Maven Boys. Q raps about…. After listening to Q and Kendrick Lamar – Lil Wayne is like evelator music. ♬ Hay Yay Yay Guitar (feat. Watch short videos with music Hay Yay Yay Guitar (feat.

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