6- Location hypothesis of Atlantis. History wars (Australia) The main purpose of this theory was to restore Indian chronology into Vedic-Puranic chronology and prove that Aryans were Indigenous to India (Link23). Page A2 Heckling Further information of how Irving was discredited as a historian: "In 1969, after David Irving's support for Rolf Hochhuth, the German playwright who accused Winston Churchill of murdering the Polish wartime leader General Sikorski, The Daily Telegraph issued a memo to all its correspondents. Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text Pricing Ku Klux Klan Host desecration Articles with ibid from January 2013 Moreover, when the discredited author David Irving[note 3] lost his English libel case against Deborah Lipstadt, and her publisher, Penguin Books, and thus was publicly identified as a Holocaust denier,[59] the trial judge, Justice Charles Gray, concluded that: Many Holocaust deniers reject "denier" as an accurate description of their point of view, preferring, instead, the term "Holocaust revisionist";[57] nonetheless, scholars prefer "Holocaust denier" to differentiate deniers from legitimate historical revisionists, whose goal is to accurately analyze historical evidence with established methods. 4- Vietnam Conflict. Truth about events and happenings of the past get so distorted, that it becomes hard to validate the facts put forth by different trusted sources. Link 36:http://www.pacificwar.org.au/JapWarCrimes/TenWarCrimes/Rape_Nanking.html Retrieved 12 October 2011). Irving vs. (1) Lipstadt and (2) Penguin Books, Expert Witness Report by Richard J. Evans FBA, Professor of Modern History, University of Cambridge, 2000, Chapter 6. Canvassing ^ Matthew d'Ancona; History men battle over Britain's future. The doubt about his authorship did not rise during his time and not even century or two after it but during late 1840’s. On 13 December 2014, China held its first Nanjing Memorial Day on which the President Xi Jinping said that the massacre is undeniable (Link39). Although there are numerous theories, it appears as if this question will never be solved. ^ a b Gordana Katana (a correspondent with Voice of America in Banja Luka). Also known as Second Indo-China War, it lasted for almost two decades and left almost 3 million people dead. Marketing ^ U.S. order to start Korean War, Korean Central News Agency, 12 June 2000. "Deborah Lipstadt is Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies and director of The Rabbi Donald A. Tam Institute for Jewish Studies at Emory University. Political Retrieved 25 October 2009, "Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Newsline, 02-09-03". 154. July/August 2009. TV Nazi Germany and the Holocaust "The two leading critical exposés of Holocaust denial in the United States were written by historians Deborah Lipstadt (1993) and Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman (2000).

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