Once the little online light starts beeping it comes right back in and everything is flawless. You almost certainly won’t get security or bug patches unless Spectrum has your modem on their list of priority hardware. When you’ve got the network to yourself, cable service is much faster than DSL. I can connect direct with an ethernet connection and with a old Apple router. If you’re not as lucky, you may get a modem with a PUMA chipset. When you connect directly to the modem with an ethernet cable to a (laptop? Spectrum’s own modem is also your best choice if you are subscribing to telephone service; there are other modems with phone jacks, but none that work at the high-speed tiers. Find the default login, username, password, and ip address for your Hitron router. E31N2V1 has wifi built in. For internet connection speeds, the C7000 is the newest modem/router combo that has been certified by Spectrum for 400 mbps “ultra” service, but the C7800 is a newer non-approved Netgear modem-router combo that supports the more efficient DOCSIS 3.1 protocols. It’s not using the latency-plagued Intel PUMA chipset, and the manufacturer and Spectrum have patched it so it isn’t vulnerable to well-known exploits. He emigrated from Canada to California in 2013, and now writes for Your Best Digs full-time. The hitch with cable internet is that fewer than 200 of those channels are shared among you, your neighbors and the TV and telephone services that your cable company provides. First, modems with Intel PUMA chipsets have consistently delivered inconsistent speed and even dropped packets for many users. The Netgear – Nighthawk C7000 Cable Modem and Wi-Fi Router is the fastest combo box that’s on Spectrum’s approved list, but it’s not future-proof. All the cable modems we tested use as a default address, so if you block traffic on port 8080 (or whatever port your particular modem uses for the “spectrum analyser” tool) you’ll shut down the potential for an exploit through your network. It doesn’t do anything the better Spectrum modems don’t do for free, but if we were stuck with a Hisense Spectrum modem, and they wouldn’t replace it with a different brand, this is what we’d buy. One will need to be configured as an access point. Yes I do not want to have a double NAT. I have an E31T2V1 from Spectrum, which is definitely a modem with telephony. When Spectrum is giving you the modem for free there’s not much reason to even think about this kind of hardware, and at that price all our network administrator friends say they’d look at plugging in separate, more robust Ubiquiti or Cisco Wi-Fi solutions anyhow. At the end of the day, even if you can’t apply a patch there are steps you can take to mitigate this one specific vulnerability. It’s only capable of using 16 channels of downstream data, so it won’t work on Spectrum’s 400 mbps “Ultra” tier, but it doesn’t have any latency or packet-loss issues like some cable-company-provided modems do. Since these less-expensive modems are using older hardware, it looks like Spectrum has just decided to stop providing updates.

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