might be worth disconnecting the battery for a bit, reset the ecu (theres a guide for this too) to see if it will let you pull the code for the fault? Therefore, you should try to find out how to reset ABS brake system. When i start the car in the morning sometimes there seems to be no problem with the ABS, as in no lights are on. Yes, sometimes ABS light stays on. The first post says the handbrake light is on all the time mate, and also the abs light meaning there are two separate faults. Another reason causing ABS light stays on is the emergency brake. Both including VSA and power steering light. But for the sake of progress lets think of the ABS problem as a sepparate one. The issues with the handbrake light fault should be easy enough to sort out be process of elimination. It will also come on if there is a VSA problem, a code reader can tell you why they are on. If the indicator(s) of the system stays on, connect the HDS to the data link connector (DLC) (A) located under the driver's side of the dashboard. I declined the service bc it was over $2200 for the part alone.   You cannot paste images directly. The testing/troubleshooting for that specific DTC is pretty straight forward and if they followed the HONDA trouble shooting guide, accurately, then they should have no problem doing so. Check for other unit DTCs which connected via F-CAN, if there are DTCs that are related to F-CAN, the most likely cause was that the ignition switch was turned ON (II) with the VSA modulator-control unit connector disconnected. Do the specified procedures to clear the DTCs. Also, on a couple of instances the lights didn't come on for 2 or 3 minutes. This information is sent to the computer module, which measures all of the data from 4 wheel sensors. Tsukasa Azuma is an awesome car blogger of Car From Japan. The memory can hold all DTCs. If anyone has these issues make sure to go to the dealer and have them call tech line to see if they seen it anywhere else from dealers each car is different. Hello everyone i'm new here, just registered. Anytime a problem occurs in the ABS brake system the warning light gets on. I am the 3rd owner, and I just got the car last week. Did this 'dealership' give you any sort of detailed report of the diagnosis? The indicators stay on until the ignition switch is turned OFF whether or not the system returns to normal. I had lost the bracket for the throttle body while I was installing my P2R spacer. I have a problem with the ABS system apparently. I'm having the same issue right now and currently on hold with honda for them to check if I have a warranty for my ABS system. As in for the codes, as you can see i've read all that can be read and went through all the tutorials about how to get the codes but in my case the ABS and VAS lamps, when they light up at some point they STAY LIGHTED UP whatever you do. When I got the car the warning lights were on but the person I bought it from claimed that it was most likely a sensor bc the warnings turned on and off intermittently. I thought it was pretty clear that the problem is in the ABS and not in the hand break and/or the breaks. To begin with how to fix ABS light, park your car over a stage with the engine off and setting the transmission and the emergency brake. No! Come join the discussion about performance, tuning, engine swaps, turbos, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! the VSA lights and the triangle with the exclamation point came on only during burnouts at first but now they stay on at all times, my car handles fine but it has been this way for a couple weeks. The car will still operate as normal, it will start up just fine, its brakes will work as well and you can drive it as usual. So it sounds like you might have a vacuum leak or even a leak on the intake side of the engine, anywhere after the maf sensor and before the cylinder head. How Long Do CVT Transmissions Last? We have replaced a gas pedal...yes a gas pedal.

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