Although Karasuma does not force Nagisa to fight, Nagisa trusts his teacher's decision and does so, in part due to the fact that Takaoka had injured Maehara and Kanzaki earlier. However, to the horror of Nagisa and everyone else, their classmate was pierced through the chest. Nagisa Shiota (潮田 渚) Age: 14-15 Birthday: July 20 Height: 159 cm Weight: 48 kg Abilities: assassination, people reading Favorite subject: English Least favorite subject: science Favorite food: sushi Hobby: researching Class seat number: 11 This caused to Nagisa believed that Karma simply became tired of "sharing" with him, particularly when Karma became violent, and invitations gradually became rare. However, Nagisa ultimately was the one who killed Korosensei, crying the most when he had to. 2. Top-Strongest Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. He retains his signature uniform waist coat when working as a teacher. Nagisa plainly stated that Kayano wouldn't be fazed by something minor; this disappointed both Kayano and Karma, the latter silently noting Nagisa's denseness to Kayano's feelings for him. Korosensei is the first teacher Nagisa feels sees him head on, as Nagisa himself has had bad experiences with the teacher from his school since they only cared about grades and once he dropped, any respect they had for him was lost. NagiiShio. Korosensei, however, saw through Nagisa and reminds him that his assassination talent has only flourished due to his bravery, which is unfortunately fueled by desperation, noting that Nagisa had no thoughts about what happens to himself. She reveals to have implanted tentacles upon herself and hid her massive bloodlust by making Nagisa more noticeable, as well as stating that she is the sister of Aguri Yukimura (Class E's former teacher). With Okuda's deciphering of the data, the class learned that there is a solution to save Korosensei based on the poison she concocted in the first semester. After one of his days at school, he came back home to find that Aladdin had actually found his mother, and brought her back home. He fought them both for a long while, getting brutally beaten up for the first half of it, but he won the match after making Tirek attack and hurt Gluttony, making them both collapse. Later, while thinking about how the students of Class E are not normal students, Terasaka, Yoshida and Muramatsu approach him about working on an assassination plan, which he agrees to do with them. So, Nagisa and the others started to travel towards their destination. Nagisa Shiota is a student in Korosensei's Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School and the protagonist and main narrator of Assassination Classroom. Nakamura states that the bond that was continually developing between assassin and target is precisely why Korosensei has to be killed while Terasaka's group observes the slim chance of coming up with a solution within two months, time which could be productively used in planning for more assassinations. During this though, he and the rest of the team were ambushed by the Great Tengu again. Once he and the others arrived into Central, he was given the chance to stay at Central until the task was complete, and during this, he took the opportunity to eavesdrop in on a meeting between Bradley and Victoria, under the suspicion that Envy could be in there on the meeting as well, finding out that Victoria knew about Aladdin being a magi. Weaknesses: Nagisa can grow reckless or lack foresight during combat while focusing on his target, and opponents with bloodlust that exceeds Nagisa's own are not affected in the slightest. Nagisa and the rest of the class also saw the separate arrival of three assassins, each failing in their attempt to kill Korosensei. On Valentines' Day, Nagisa attempted to mediate the situation between Okano and Maehara but was knocked out by the former throwing a chair to his face. He arrived back to Central with them, yet after telling his story, he found Tirek waiting for them. His parents decided for Nagisa change his surname when he wants to, should he run into trouble and gain public attention. He walks up to her calmly and negates her bloodlust with his own by kissing her. They also knew that Korosensei could not reach his full potential while the class was present; hence they were his critical weakness. Sakura is a young girl Nagisa sometimes teaches at Wakaba Park's Nursery, eventually becoming her personal tutor. When Hellgar did show up, he tired to fight them off, but when Hellgar split them up, Nagisa quickly came up with a plan to use one of the pillars as a escape route for those trapped in the fire. Karasuma later met the students and stated that there was nothing he could do to free them when the class should have waited. Shiro then orders No.2 to attack the students, forcing Korosensei to take the full brunt of the attack to protect them. One night on their way up, Nagisa had his first true encounter with Lugia, and the revelation that it was him who gave Nagisa and Twilight the Future Sight visions. Korosensei, in turn, particularly focuses on Nagisa's development and watches out for him, especially since he can sense Nagisa's hidden bloodlust and low self-esteem. Nagisa didn't blame Lugia though, saying how no one's perfect. The teachers and the class are stunned at this result, with Karasuma realising that Nagisa does indeed have the talent and ability to hide his bloodlust for assassination. On the way back, he encountered Sombra in his following dream. He was too late to stop Sombra from taking control of Lugia, and his group tried to stop him but to no avail. Nagisa ponders over this. He had Pinkie and Blair stay in the surface world whenever any demons slip up there during the attack, and for ciel to stay close to Lugia. Takaoka led Nagisa and the class to the helipad and beckoned Nagisa to fight him again. He was openly mocked for his lack of involvement, and upon waking up, and after another encounter with the demon king, decided to go back to Gaara and got him to start training him. It wasn't until after the rest of Team Harmony appeared did Lugia believe Nagisa, but still hadn't found out where Lugia was located. Afterwards, he tried finding Lugia again in Synapse, but instead getting a more detailed version of Envy's capture. Once Gakuho arrived to finish Heine off, Nagisa tried his hardest to deter him, only to have the gun turned on him, yet he was saved when Ciel entered the scene and convinced him to stop. He found Gakuho had been possessed by Sombra, and actually tried to attack him when Sombra threatened Karma's life. The security perimeter was well guarded until the fifth day when the soldiers become laxer but the area between the perimeter and the school would be guarded by the mercenary group led by the legendary soldier Craig Houjou named Wolfpack. Though initially, it began with Irina's ruse to get information on Korosensei with a 'Kiss of Death "30 hits"' and timidity on the part of Nagisa, the two eventually become good allies with the good bonds of teacher and student. When both sides are down to the last few, Nagisa comes out of hiding and ambushes Nakamura, Terasaka, Muramatsu and Yoshida as they head for the blue team's flag, completely obliterating Red team's attack strategy. When Nagisa returns home, his mother Hiromi speaks about her plan to have Nagisa return to the main campus as soon as possible. After a school assembly, Nagisa hangs back from the class, wanting to get a drink. Info may change from canon information). Class E's Hannibal-like tactics and Isogai's leadership were able to outwit Asano's command despite the backing of four physically intimidating Western students and their goal of crushing their opponents instead, and this allowed Class E to gain the win. Still reeling from listening about Korosensei's past, the class returned to school with very little enthusiasm and with two months before the March deadline. However, after being surprised by Nagisa in a fast food outlet with what felt as though Karma had been stabbed in the back, he did not know how to respond to the mysterious feeling hiding within his friend. Seeing how fast the hit man is and with victory highly unlikely, Nagisa attempted the clap stun technique. While the florist charms everyone, Nagisa feels oddly at ease with him. When the class confronted him after the end of the first day, Takebayashi cited personal reasons despite the bounty to kill Korosensei rising to thirty billion yen if a group took him down. Assassination: Korosensei describes Nagisa as a "pure assassin." 08.01.2017 - On of my favorite characters from my favorite anime x3 You should know what is coming now Right I just love him x3!. His Neg… Relatives. After a total of seven years after Korosensei's assassination he became a student teacher at Paradise High School as the Homeroom Teacher of Class 3-5, a class that was disorderly and full of male delinquents. Houjou, however, put up more resistance but the class adopted a hit and run strategy they had settled on during their confinement. He went out the next day with Blair and Aladdin, and first discovered the happenings of Korosensei, and the assassination attempts being practiced there, only to be found out when he looked around in 3-E's weapon shed.

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