118 February 24, 1974. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. The technology involved is far more advanced than many of us can imagine, or want to believe. It’s like shining a torch around, looking for writing on a wall”, the scientists were reported as saying. This information is fed back to you by reoccurring identical events/persons, email messages, zaps on your body, etc. The surveillance technology of today is the surveillance of the human mind and, through access to the brain and nervous system, the control of behaviour and the body’s functions. It seems humans’ assumption of the mind as a private place has been so secured by evolution that it will take a sustained battle to convince the public that, through events of which we are not yet fully informed, such former innocence has been lost. While the neuroscientists report their discovery (without even so much as the specific frequency of the light employed by this scanner/torch), issuing ethical warnings while incongruously continuing with their mind-blowing work, the government which sponsors them, remains absolutely mute. http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/antenna/neurobotics/private/121.asp, www.guardian.co.uk/frontpage/story/0,2009229,00.html, http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/14.01/lying_pr.html, http://www.btinternet.com/~psycho_social/Vol3/V3.html, http://www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/vistas/vistas.htm, GlobalResearch Center for Research on Globalization. By Shilo Rea Carnegie Mellon University scientists can now use brain activation patterns to identify complex thoughts, such as, "The witness shouted during the trial." Notre site en Français: mondialisation.ca, “Carole Smith describes claims that neuroscientists are developing brain scans that can read people’s intentions in the absence of serious discussions about the ethical issues this raises, despite the fact that the research has been backed by government in the UK and US.”. Writing in Wired[6] contributing editor Steve Silberman points out that the lie-detection capability of fMRI is ‘poised to transform the security system, the judicial system, and our fundamental notions of privacy’. In 2008 I wrote an article Secret service: fear for the truth to be revealed! For real, STOPEG.COM - STOP ELECTRONIC WEAPENS AND GANG STALKING (Stopeg foundation), Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, Secret service: fear for the truth to be revealed! This lacks historical perspective. How many are they in number? Already a number of experiments are known where thinking of e.g. I have experienced (many times): In the 2009 film Avatar by James Cameron, real human beings use their brain to control animals and 'constructed' Na'vis, i.e. [2] The ingress into the mind as a private place was primarily an event to be enjoyed with the family on an afternoon out: Imagine being able to control a computer with only the power of your mind. It is salutary to bear in mind that government intelligence research is at least ten years ahead of any public disclosure. But, says Farahany, we might never get there. Using machine learning, researchers have been able to read more complex thoughts from brain scans, After being trained on 239 sentences and their accompanying brain activation patterns, the algorithm was able to accurately predict the activation pattern of the last sentence. This way we are activating brain functions using external equipment, in other words, we are controlling the mind. ‘These semiconductor devices have output powers which previously could only be obtained by molecular gas lasers occupying cubic meters and weighing more than 100kg, or free electron lasers weighing tons and occupying buildings.’ As far back as 1996 the US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board predicted that the development of electromagnetic energy sources would ‘open the door for the development of some novel capabilities that can be used in armed conflict, in terrorist/hostage situations, and in training’ and ‘new weapons that offer the opportunity of control of an adversary … can be developed around this concept’.[18]. Each of these different kinds of information are processed in different parts of the brain, so CMU's system can pick out the general category of what's on a person's mind. This requires getting it through wider government and legal bodies, and for that, it must be seen to spring from the unbiased scientific investigations into the workings of the brain, in the best tradition of the leading universities. Or read people’s thoughts and know if they’re lying. Silberman also quotes Paul Root Wolpe, a senior fellow at the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, who describes the accelerated advances in fMRI as ‘ a textbook example of how something can be pushed forward by the convergence of basic science, the government directing research through funding, and special interests who desire a particular technology’. Or to force a thought into the brain. The implantation of silent messages, experienced as thoughts arising in the mind, is  now possible. Where is the owner of that consciousness – and unconsciousness? A true mind-reading device that can decode what you’re literally thinking and feeling with noninvasive technology is about 10 to 15 years away. Efforts to alert human rights’ groups about the loss of the mind as a place to call your own, have met with little discernible reaction, in spite of reports about over decades of the dangers of remote manipulation using technology to access the mind[13], Dr Nick Begich’s book, Controlling the human mind[14], being an important recent contribution. RNM works remotely to control the brain in order to read and detect any criminal thought taking place inside the mind of a possible perpetrator. To achieve this electronic weapons and gang stalking must be taken out of secrecy and openness and transparency is necessary - Peter Mooring, Electonic Torture (www.electronictorture.com), FBI and NSA PSYCHOPATHS are conducting these NON-CONSENSUAL SECRET, ILLEGAL, SADISTIC, PERVERTED and PSYCHOPATHIC SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY EXPERIMENTS and PSYCHO-ELECTRONIC WEAPON ATTACKS on hundreds of thousands of innocent american citizens, THE ULTIMATE BLASPHEMY: THE MECHANISMS OF COVERT MIND. Later go on and discover what it’s like to be spied upon. But there was no-one representing Her Majesty’s government to demonstrate how these very same devices[3] can be used quite freely, and with relative ease, in our wireless age[4], to conduct experiments on free-ranging civilians tracked anywhere in the world, and using an infinitely extendable form of electrode which doesn’t require visible contact with the scalp at all. The purpose is physical control of the mind. By using brain-imaging technology he’s beginning to decode thought and explore the difference between the conscious and unconscious mind. These basic details of the faces can be gleaned from mind reading." A different approach did in fact, elicit a response. [15] If the reading of the mind met with no protest, seeing through one’s clothes certainly did. Once you have identified the area in the brain and analyzed its activity you can try to stimulate this area using signals you previously recorded. works remotely (ever wondered why have we all been driven … [7] I say, ‘influencing’, advisedly since the technology that enables thoughts to be accessed, certainly also allows for the dulling of mental processes, the interference of memory, the excitation of mental or bodily processes, the infliction of pain on any organ or nerve, the increase of blood pressure, breathing or the slowing down of these, as well as the activation of rage, sadness, hysteria, or inappropriate behaviour. One gets the distinct impression that we are being softened up for the introduction of radical new technology which will, perhaps, make the mind a communal pool rather than an individual possession. (9) – use of electronic weapons (including mind invasive technology) to suggest psychiatric problems, schizophrenia, Timeline: Electromagnetic Weapons, by Judy Wall, Brain Zapping Electronic Mind Control, by Jason Jeffery, Flight of pigeons remote controlled by chinese scientists using microelectrodes, STOPEG foundation - STOP Electronic weapons and Gang stalking: http://www.STOPEG.com, Stichting STOPEG - STOP Electronische wapens en Groepstalking: http://www.STOPEG.nl, Click here for a summary including videos, Drive a person into schizophrenic behaviour, Steal by mind reading: bank accounts, pin codes, innovative ideas, Blackmail a person by obtaining secrets by mind reading, Mark a person dangerous, based on some thought (many people people have some times), Use a random person as a spy, by hearing through his ears and seeing through the eyes, Create terrorists by feeding their minds with terrorist ideas, Birds that can be turned on and off (instantly) to produce sounds, e.g. It is given over to Dr Rees and his colleague, Professor Haynes, endowed with the disclosure for weightier Guardian readers, to carry the torch for the government. Dr José Delgado.Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School Congressional Record, No. Michael has always been fascinated by space, technology, dinosaurs, and the weirder mysteries of the universe. Terahertz has the ability to penetrate deep into organic materials, without (it is said) the damage associated with ionising radiation such as x-rays. Mind reading technologies A team of world-leading neuroscientists has developed a powerful technique that allowed them to look deep inside a person’s brain, and to read … Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. This technology is called Remote Neural Monitoring (R.N.M.) Exactly as any other […] It can distinguish between materials with varying water content – for example fat versus lean meat. We must electronically control the brain. The development of the terahertz technologies has illuminated the workings of the brain, facilitated the capture of emitted photons which are derived from the visual cortex which processes picture formation in the brain, and enabled the microelectronic receiver which has, in turn, been developed by growing unique semi-conductor crystals. One of the most popular exhibits was the ‘Mindball’ game, which required two players to go literally head-to-head in a battle for brainpower, and used ‘brainpower’ alone.

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