I reassemble the plastic housing and then tested the unit and immediately noticed the air was colder. At first I assumed it was because it leaked coolant over time or some mechanical part wasn't work… I thought about using a hose to wash the unit but it would make a big wet mess. I notice that my portable AC unit wasn't operating quite as well as when I first bought it. Share it with us! At first I assumed it was because it leaked coolant over time or some mechanical part wasn't working right. So to clean it was super easy, grab a respirator and remove the build of the build up by hand then vacuum the aluminium fins. I think i will make sure to clean it every season before use! I notice that my portable AC unit wasn't operating quite as well as when I first bought it. I didn't realize but air conditioners need deep cleaning. I'll show you in this Instructable I'll show you how I cleaned mine, by no means is this the proper way but it was the way I did it. I've had this unit for 11 years and it's been used every summer. Vacuum everywhere there is dust while the unit is apart too. There was a crazy disgusting amount of dust on the condenser, no wonder the unit wasn't working to full efficiency. No doubt that my lungs will thank me too. Thanks technocrat, ur a lifesaver I thought this would make a good video too, so I included it as well. As the average person might not be savvy to DIY the cleaning by themselves. I will be using this method every season for my portable A/C:). will see what happens after i follow the instructions in the video, 4 months ago Idylis portable air conditioner keeps shutting off because drain hose not working The machine reset did the job after the cleaned the coils thoroughly. An air conditioner has two main parts that need cleaning an evaporator and condenser, they will have typically aluminium fins and that is where the dust will build up. red light comes on maybe water needs changing. on Step 1, Thank you so much, that video was simple and direct. The only way to access evaporator and condenser fins is to take the unit apart. The first step is to take the portable AC unit apart, why companies don't make it easier to take apart is beyond me. How to Clean a Portable Air Conditioner: I didn't realize but air conditioners need deep cleaning. After some additional inspecting, I notice that there was dust build up inside the unit on the inside parts. Did you make this project? Also I'm sure mould and other nasty stuff was growing in there that can't be good for me. Every AC unit will be different so just take your time and start removing screws and take note of where they came from.

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