Purchase replacement pieces for the parts of the bracelet that are broken. After soldering, you will want to rinse the newly repaired or joined piece in water, then pickle it to clean it if the flux you used wasn’t self-pickling. Other methods, if handy, could be followed in this respect. Keep in mind that if you have a silver ring with a stone in it, some jewelers may tell you it can’t be resized without taking the whole ring apart. If the crack is fairly deep, you may need to cut some small silver pieces and wedge them into the crack before soldering.

If the clasp broke, the clasp might be the only part you will need to replace. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So you may tell the goldsmith about the broken silver necklace, as well as your favorite pattern to be recast. These ingredients are too abrasive and may actually end up damaging the silver. Take a sample bead with you to make sure you purchase the correct size. Open the jump ring by twisting it, not spreading it. In fact, there could be many other better solutions. You do not necessarily to follow our advices.

Read on to learn how to repair a broken tennis bracelet. % of people told us that this article helped them. Every jump ring should be soldered to avoid losing an irreplaceable charm.

As soon as the bracelet breaks, make sure you haven’t lost any of its parts. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. How to Solder Sterling Silver Jewelry ... Learning to solder silver jewelry may seem intimidating at first, because there is the danger of ruining a piece of jewelry by soldering with the wrong technique. One of the charms needed to be attached. The Windex lubricates the knots. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Repairing these sterling silver cuff links included a risk to the stones. Make sure the style and color will match your jewelry. There are several varieties. You can buy clasps and jump rings in all different kinds of material. You can mix together a natural cleaning solution using vinegar, salt, and baking soda to submerge your silver. Turn the soldering torch to a low flame. Liberally spray or pour on Windex, and let it sit a minute or two, then gently begin to unsnarl the chain by using two sturdy pins, such as florist corsage pins or similar.

The most common repair is bending the little wire back into the hoop, when a bad tug pulls it out. You can choose to buy solder wire, or sheets. These heavy-duty cleaners can also cause your jewelry to tarnish more quickly, as they could strip the protective surface off.

Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. Cut a few tiny pieces of silver solder and lay them over the crack, evenly spaced. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Ganoksin: The Complete Gem and Jewelry Making Resource. For most types of clasps, it is an easy matter to replace the broken clasp with a new one. Then use a pair of needle nose pliers to open the jump ring. Many times, a clasp will fall off because the jump ring (a simple metal ring with a small cut on one side) has broken or stretched open. Don’t use toothpaste that is for tartar control or has a whitening agent. Repairing these sterling silver cuff links included a risk to the stones. This will help you see what you’re doing but still keep your hands free to work. STERLING SILVER JEWELRY cuff links Broken REPAIR.
Don't hide it in the closet, have it repaired.

If the string snapped, you will need new elastic or wire. Spreading will weaken the ring.

A Web Experience brought to you by LEAFtv, The Difference Between Lucite, Plastic & Bakelite. Super glue may help re-attach the band, but you may have to take it to a professional jeweler to smolder it together again.

Examine the broken bracelet to determine which part needs to be replaced. Make sure the jump ring is closed tightly, or the clasp may slip off through the gap. wikiHow's.

Paint a tiny amount of flux into the bracelet crack. Lobster Clasp

If the clasp broke, the clasp might be the only part you will need to replace.

We design matches for missing earrings, restring strands of pearls and fix bead bracelets and necklace.

You’d better to have it repaired at the jewelry store where it’s bought. Red Nymph 925 Sterling Silver Creative water drops Opening Ring, Red Nymph Fashion 925 Sterling silver Double Necklace with Round Pendant, Red Nymph 925 Sterling Silver simple H-shape Open Ring, Red Nymph 925 Sterling Silver simple square shape Opening Ring, Red Nymph Fashion 925 Sterling Silver Tassel Necklace with little Bear Pendant. Common Tennis Bracelet Repairs. It’s easy work for them. If you are working with elastic, double-knot the elastic around the fastener and thread the tail of the elastic back through the first few beads on either end of the bracelet. Learning the basic principles of a necklace chain repair will help you progress to some more complex jewelry chain repair techniques such as soldering excellent jewelry chain links together. Make a paste by adding water to your flux. Use the tweezers if necessary. Tennis bracelets are a beautiful addition to anyone’s jewelry box- they look seamless, they showcase gems magnificently, and they’re absolutely classic in terms of style. In contrast, when I am working on your silver jewelry,  it is a one-o-a-kind custom work requiring skill and experience.

Remove any gemstones from the bracelet and clean the surface of the bracelet with a polishing cloth.

But before you toss your broken bracelet into the trash, gather up the pieces and try some of these tips and techniques for repairing it yourself. There are a variety of ways to clean tarnished silver. You’d better to have it repaired at the jewelry store where it’s bought. When they break, however, they become a jewelry lover’s nightmare. Lobster clasps are spring-loaded, but open by pushing down on the clasp.

Polish the bracelet with the polishing cloth. Remove the flame when the solder melts. Although metal jewelry is usually reasonably sturdy, it can sometimes become damaged through regular use or accident.

This silver Native American Indian bracelet with turquoise was inherited by the client, but it was not a style she felt comfortable wearing.

Buy a replacement clasp.

Sometimes, I can come up with innovative solutions to circumvent the problems in repairing sterling silver jewelry. Their shape resembles a lobster claw. Repairing sterling silver jewelry always presents unique challenges.

How to repair broken 925 sterling silver necklace?
If you’re able to solder a broken silver jewelry, just solder it by yourself. It turned out great, but I always need to explain the risks to the customer. STERLING SILVER JEWELRY cuff links Broken REPAIR. Set the chain on a porcelain dish.

My mom read about this trick in Hints from Heloise fifty years ago. If you haven’t made a significant investment in a piece of jewelry, it is probably not worth the cost of having it repaired professionally.

Remove the bracelet from the pickle pot once it is cool enough to touch. Set up a fireproof surface for your soldering workspace.

Lay a large ceramic tile on top of a table and layer fire bricks over it.

The goal was to remove the decorative elements on the side so that this silver bracelet would have a more modern appearance keeping it's sentimental value. When in doubt, seek the advice of a professional jeweler. This vintage sterling silver charm bracelet was a classic mid-20th century fashion accessory.

The center is a fine network of cast silver and filigree wires.

Additionally, if you use too much solder, you can always sand it down.

That fine piece of sterling silver or silver-plate has been damaged, broken or bent.

Dry the bracelet. Most jewelry stores will not even touch silver jewelry. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. I bought one 925 sterling silver necklace several days ago, which is broken due to carelessness, how should I deal with it? Place the bracelet onto your fireproof surface with the cracked side facing upward. The customer said, “And the necklace! If you have questions about your broken beaded jewelry, please email Daphne@SimpleGracesJewelry.com or call 813-503-9863. Learn more... Silver jewelry is a great alternative to gold jewelry. ), This Tibetan necklace arrived with a dark film of grime and tarnish.

To remove the gemstones from a cabochon setting, which is made for flat-backed stones, gently pry the edges of the bezel away from the stone with a pair of pliers and pop the stone out.

Examine the broken bracelet to determine which part needs to be replaced. A split band is a bracelet made of one strip of sterling silver whose mid section has been sliced lengthwise into the desired number of bands so that the bands are open in the center (such as the plain sterling silver cast bracelet below) or can reach out and attach to the centerpiece, usually a nice turquoise stone. A laser welding machine can cost upwards of $20,000, so smaller, independent jewelers might be less likely to own or have access to one.

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