A custom level must be at least 10 seconds long or it will be deleted. It would help to have a bass drop + buildup (but it's not a necessity). The difficulty rating icons are based off of the NewGrounds emoticons. But that begs the question: what exactly do I do to get more sends, if I've gone to every mod's level request discord? More posts from the geometrydash community. This is because a single win on Demon level earns you 500 orbs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The gameplay inconsistency was kinda intentional. The most liked and unrated level is Fernanfloo 3, with a Harder difficulty. User Levels are unofficial Geometry Dash levels created by players using the level editor. Diamonds will be made available if the level is a part of a gauntlet or the daily level/weekly demon. User Levels are unofficial Geometry Dash levels created by players using the level editor. Feature rated levels possess a yellow glow around the level's difficulty icon, while Epic rated levels also add a flame outside the glow. I know, was just wondering why my level wasn't rated by RobTop yet given how many sends it had, but now I know it's because of an increase in moderators/competition. First, the level has to be of good quality. A copying feature is also available which allows players to save a copy of an online level (if enabled by the creator of the level) and edit it in the level editor. Preferably use a Boomkitty/Bossfight/Lockyn song. By clicking this button, the player could view a list of the creator's levels. Post your videos, levels, clips, or ask questions here! Go to GD Forums and put your level in the level suggestions. Post your videos, levels, clips, or ask questions here! Players have the ability to like or dislike other users' levels, give a star difficulty, and comment on them (if the player has a registered account). Also a bunch of moderators do Level request streams on … Most of them are on the Geometry Dash Discord server, where you can DM them and some of them have made their own Discord servers where you can submit your level for them to play, and possibly send. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Yeah I explained already somewhere the gameplay was inconsistent for a reason, and the gameplay is kind of a memorization thing, it's not meant to be done on the first try, or without a bit of practice, otherwise it probs wouldnt be demon difficulty. Another note: robtop almost never reviews levels sent for star rate. Good quality, original level, etc.). ID is 62649516. Also, the original ID will sit next to the copy of the level’s ID. How Can I Get My Level Featured please help me. For all fans of the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Steam game, Geometry Dash. never ever Ever EVER EVER use a song that has not already been used in GD. Download Geometry Dash to show your skills, and you fly and jump to maneuver your way through Danger. As of 11 June 2020, the level ID 63400000 has been surpassed, or there have been 63.4 million levels on the server. That way, the level's ID will be preserved, however the copied level's ID will not be reset. Update 2.0 introduced this renaming as well as a previously missing filter to search for XL levels. A description of the level can be left blank, as this is optional. If the title is left blank, then it will be automatically named ". The looks nice but this is some aful gameplay I've seen. Most of these levels have been deleted for various reasons, including user-requested, moderator-requested or automatic server deletion. When inputting a name for a user level, some vulgar swears (with some exclusions) will convert into a hyphen. Add videos to all level advertisements. Geometry Dash is a music, runner, and platformer video game. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Really you just gotta play it in practice mode for like a minute or two and you'll get used to it, i played the level and it looks nice, but the gameplay difficulty is very inconsistent. The creator can request the rating and the star value. Press J to jump to the feed. Hello and welcome to the up to date 2.1 guide to getting your level featured! Never harass or abuse other users. The most downloaded Auto level is "Auto play area", with 23.9 million downloads and 2.3 million likes as of now. In the beginning of 2.1, even though the demon rating categories were available to select, all of the demon levels were rated Hard Demon. Honestly the easiest way to get one of your Levels rated is to contact a Geometry Dash moderator who can send it to Robtop. How To Get Keys To Treasure Room. You can edit it in order to achieve a higher standard. Let's get right into it: Song: Use a song that doesn't require much sync, you want this to be an easy job . A user seeking a level must first locate the search screen. Players have the ability to like or dislike other users' levels, give a star difficulty, and comment on them (if the player has a registered account). There might be other nuances but I can't remember them off the top of my head. If it's good enough, a level judge can move it to Feature-Worthy, which will attract lots of views. However, they cannot request a sub-difficulty for Demon levels. share . Featuring is a tricky procees, and nonpopular players can have a tough time doing it. Super inconsistent and impossible to singhtread. When a player opened the comment section of a level, prior to Update 2.0 there was a button next to the creator's username labelled "More". Also, I'm pretty surprised you need 10 sends for a level now, almost seems like mods' power has depreciated substantially since 2016, considering the fact I managed to get a feature back then with only a single send. you need at least like 10+. Shitposting is allowed as long as it follows the rules and is not spam or being spammed. I'm relatively unknown and without connections to the vast majority of mods, and thus I'd get ignored if I tried to contact any of the other mods directly... is it simply impossible for an unknown creator like me, and is there no other option than to give up on my GD creating career? When a custom level has been verified, the following steps must be taken in order for the custom level to be uploaded. If a wrong password is entered while trying to copy a level then another error message will appear that says "Error: Incorrect password!". Press J to jump to the feed. A rated level can also have its rating removed if the level's song was originally available, but later gets banned. 4 comments. Levels have the ability to receive rates, depending on the level's difficulty and on its quality. 100% Upvoted. This feature was removed in Update 2.0 due to RobTop encouraging the creation of registered user accounts.. It can also be changed, unlike the title name. The Treasure Room is a secret feature that was recently added to Geometry Dash World and Geometry Dash. The significantly easier segment of the level give the player a break from the previous section of the level and also served as prelude or "build up" to the final drop. A rated level can have its rating removed if it is later discovered that the verification was not legitimate or if the level contains a secret way. The custom level must have a name (it cannot be changed once it has been submitted). Your account must be older than one week and have 50+ post karma to advertise Youtube videos. Based on user ratings and suggested star/difficulty ratings from level moderators, the level may receive a rating or featured with no stars (1 creator point), a feature (2 creator points), or an epic rating (3 creator points). Prior to Update 2.11, an exploit allowed levels which had. Robert Topala, a Sweden-based game developer, developed this game. The creator can copy their level even if it's not copyable. Mana orbs are also awarded for progression. Probs gonna quit tho, sucks that I'm not famous enough to be recognised... had a lot of good and unique level ideas planned for the future which'll go in the trash, sadly. There are, however, plenty of secret way levels as well as other hacked levels that are still rated. also 5 sends are not enough to get a level rated. The XL length was originally named "Extra-Long." If user coins are added, collecting them will not add to the player's user coin count unless they are verified by RobTop— unverified user coins appear brown while verified user coins appear silver.

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