The top of the head is a vulnerable place for any punch, but because the top ofthe headis the last area of the skull to form after we are born, any hard blows to this area can cause irreparable harm. This runs up the front side of the neck and pressure is normally applied with some form of “choke hold” (you don’t actually compress the airway and choke someone out) : If the aorta is ruptured, the result can be fatal. Position the person on his or her back, and raise the legs above hear level. You will then lift the knee forward targeting the jaw or chin, while keeping the shin and foot hanging freely or pulled towards the hip. On the mid-line of the sternum, between the 1st and 2nd ribs, there is the branch of the 1st intercostal nerve, along with the branches of the internal mammary arteries and veins, and the arch of the aorta from which blood pumps out of the heart. We also offer popular instructional video content as mobile apps and feature some of our legacy video titles on our, 5 Mistakes You Should Never Make in a Fight, Deliver a shock to the brain (example: strike the jaw or temple), Choke off the blood flow to the brain (example: constrict the carotid artery), Restrict breathing, limiting oxygen to the brain (example: constrict the windpipe). 3. When you are ready to deliver the punch, in one swift motion bring your right arm to your side while twisting at your waist. The Okinawan slap is a formidable self defense technique. We also offer popular instructional video content as mobile apps and feature some of our legacy video titles on our YouTube channel. Thank you for all the great material about karate. Doctors will label it a concussion; however, for everyone else a knockout punch is a hard punch that renders your opponent unable to continue fighting. Looking for Turtle Press videos or DVDs? The 5 knockout techniques described in this article target vital points on the body, including the sternum, back, jaw, carotid artery and brachial plexus. As far as I’m aware the only “pressure point” that causes someone to pass out is the carotid artery. I would definitely not recommend deliberately inducing loss of consciousness in your training partner. Fainting and a stroke are totally different things. Deliver the blow by thrusting the leg in a straight up motion in front of you, and strike the target area. I would not practice carotid slaps “for real” any more than I would practice eye gouges “for real.”, Here is a video of an especially egregious case of a dumb instructor repeatedly causing their student to faint using the carotid slap. In a life-threatening self-defense situation, if the opportunity arises, strike the carotid artery and/or the vertically flowing nerves in the neck with horizontal knifehand strike. I appreciate it for your efforts. Note that the carotid sinus is located a forward from the side of the neck, ahead of the neck’s sternomastoid muscle (imagine about half the distance between the muscles on the side of the neck, and Adam’s Apple on the front of the neck). Our complete line of instructional video content is now available on streaming video from (Amazon Prime members watch free). The anatomy of a knockout punch is a baffling, and incredibly quick series of actions and decisions made by a fighter's mind and body. This causes a dilation of blood vessels which, in turn, causes a drop in blood pressure. Memory usage: 1508.61KB, 10 Best Methods to Get Rid of Smell from Your Shoes. Martial Arts and Self Defense for Adults & Teenagers | San Diego - Carmel Valley. A sudden powerful strike to this area can cause excruciating pain in the chest and damage the heart. By the way, if someone faints during training, immediately tend to them with first aid. The carotid sinus slap is an awesome self defense technique. Second, when one faints, there is no telling what they will hit as they go down. If you pull fast enough and your strike is powerful enough, there is a significant chance that you will knock him out. A knockout from a blow to the head generally occurs in two ways: by the powerful blow to the head which is the primary shock and by the concussion of the brain against the skull wall when the head suddenly rotates. Copyright WWW.NEWHEALTHADVISOR.ORG © 2020, All rights Reserved. A vertical downward elbow strike to the upper back impacts the lungs, heart, diaphragm, and spinal cord. That, in turn, leads to a sudden drop in blood pressure, as the body attempts to rectify the “high blood pressure”. on Twitter Even a moderately hard elbow strike can cause dizziness and unconsciousness. Check for ABCs — Airway clear, Breathing, heart Circulating blood. Bend your right knee, (left knee if left handed), slightly as you keep it behind you. Here is the result on a Thai pad: And here is a result in real life — a strike to the carotid sinus, which causes immediate loss of consciousness, and a lingering effect that ends the fight right there: (Please don’t try this at home — the partner in the video could have easily hit his head on a piece of furniture while collapsing, sustaining serious injuries.). Turtle Press is a leading producer of books and videos for martial arts students and instructors as well as law enforcement personnel and those interested in self-defense and personal protection.

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